Traditional Russian culture. Family, child

Family, childAccording to Fr. Alexander (Head of Old Church Slavic Orthodox — Old Believers), before giving birth in the water bath at home. He was considered the husband responsible to come from, who fathered nine children. Father took birth, in the font. Next, the child presented with the sun at dawn, put in the cradle. Placenta is not cut. Overtighten the umbilical cord of male, female hair and linen, then cut (after showing the sun).

Conception of a husband and wife were engaged in the daytime and not at night to a great force, going from Yarily — Sun (The name of God the sun — Yarila) highlights the mutual feelings and give strength to conceive a child of light and welcome. Present spiritual approach to the extension of his ancient family, the beautiful and the good health of their children. Boys and girls, parents brought up by a special system in accordance with the foundations of Roda.

The girls said, "Boy — is the future man, a warrior, master, head of the family, the father of future children, God — the defender Rod." Therefore, it should be treated with love and respect, as to God. The boy says: "The girl — the future of Lada, the future owner of the Goddess — homemaker, mother of future children, so it is to love, to respect and honor the goddess."

Family Union was set as follows: Matchmakers first went, looking for a bride groom on cities and villages. The word "bride" means "girl from nowhere taken, ie betrothed to another Vesey (State or Province). Girl from childhood endowed with the ability to vestovat, ie perceive news Gods patronizing this genus.

When she was growing up and it started to make a match, she stopped vestovat ie Parents Bring to the attention of the gods of some sort. Knowing the mission, she was getting ready to put into the world of the gods Reveal Rhoda her future husband, that is, To prolong the other Slavic-Aryan Rod. Matchmakers agreed on the bride and groom along with him came to the bride's house. During the meal, the bride dish up all sorts of dishes, and, now and then, glancing at the groom, who treated her.

If they like each other, then the suit was considered valid. In the chamber, the bride sent to the woman and asked, "At the heart of it came to you?" If she says "yes" — then took the bride. If "No", then — no. The groom asked the same thing. If the girl liked, and the guy does not, then it is better advised to look out for. There could be additional bride. The groom is not just looking at the bride face scythe, body and soul. He judged, whether it is worthy to be the mother of his children? If both liked each other, they anoint the bride and groom.

Guests gave gifts girl's parents and left. Successful courtship ended with an engagement, the term Wedding Parents of young coordinated with the priests, but this term is not less than two months Slavic (40 +41 = 81 days). During this period, the bride and groom finally determined in their choice studying spiritual qualities of each other.

Before consecrated Family Union, are two kinds of men gathered in front of towers and the groom's father put another tower with all the master's buildings to the young couple from the beginning of their life together had their housing and facilities. Housing father and son stood — face to face. Therefore, there was the well-known concept — street ("vulitsa). In the face of his father. "B" has disappeared, but the Ukrainian left. Constructed so that the young live in front of parents, adjusting their lives to the life of the older relatives.

At the wedding (Rune "Swa" — means heaven here — Wedding, more precisely, the NEA DE BO — NEA (heavenly) DE (act) BO (Gods)), after meeting and treats guests, young bedchamber sent to their new mansion, closed and do not disturb the night. Newlyweds in the day conceiving her first child.

At the first sexual intercourse, the husband of a wife endowed with five gifts:

1. Way of the Spirit and the blood of his race;
2. Energy of 1 year of life (energy 3 months was at conception, and energy 9 months nurturing the baby);
3. Gift of motherhood;
4. Women's share;
5. Love and protection of her and his family.

After the disclosure of generic memory in young wife wakes up the wisdom of her mother, grandmother, great-grandmother it.d. Up the family tree, until the upward call of the Goddess — the patroness of Roda.

In the Slavic-Aryan women after the birth of each child's body is rejuvenated for three years, so they can give birth safely and easily and stay young.

When a woman is pregnant, her husband could only kiss, and he was not supposed to touch the other woman, even the handle can not be touched. Wife gets energy from her husband, and if he talks to other females, then in his hands is the energy of this woman. The energy of the other woman goes to the wife and making unwanted changes to her body. You can apply only to daughters. Small child up to a year, other than close relatives did not show.

The ancient Slavs believed that the education of children should be engaged in it is the father. Education was not conducted in the negative form: "do not go", "do not", "do not need." Children up to 12 years called one word "child." Before the ceremony at 12 years of age, with children bathed, dressed — there was no difference by sex. At this age, the child reaches seven spans in the forehead (1.24 m) passed a rite of passage into adulthood, and is responsible for his actions, he was given a secret name. And if he did not pass such a rite, for all his work no matter if the person is 50 years old, still meet my father and mother.

The ancients attached great importance to the purity of blood. If the child is not born of pure communication, the purification rites were also the priests. The children wore wreaths of flowers, gave the sleep-grass, they fell asleep. Then they put on a shovel (accent on the first syllable). Shovel thrust into something like a cave which had two parts, one was the straw, the other the children. Between children and the straw was a stone wall. Straw burned. Then he gave the children and grown old. Hence went tale about Baba Yaga.

In dealing with the child's father, under the influence of spiritual forces of the child, opening up additional areas of awareness of the world. Father receives from the gods and ancestors of the more spiritual power. This power does not receive from the Father of the child, and through him. Child in it opens the channels of communication with the spiritual power of family, and the father regains its vitality, gave birth to a child. Therefore it is said: "Sixteen children bear, sixteen additional channels of communication open with Rod."

According to the Laws RITA (procreation), if the husband died in the war, that his brother should take care of the widow with children. The youngest son in the family is always with parents and "holds them in old age, they kept him in the days of Mladost". All that is acquired in this genus, all remains the youngest. After birth (which are attended by the older children), the woman becomes "sissy." Baba — means the Gate of Life.

Energy of the three years of his life after the birth of a child a woman receives through Cosma, so they can not cut it (no matter what color, even white). Paint could not even eyebrows and eyelashes. If the hair, eyebrows and eyelashes fall out, then the body is released from the alien energy absorbed dyed hair. The ancients believed that when a person has a touch of gray, it is a gray hair gets clean, heavenly strength, support of the Gods. There is a saying: "He Ubel wisdom of the ancestors."

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