Trails in the past

Our memories, like the forest trails in the dark, we go through it, and if you have the courage to go through them to the end, you will see the desired result. Stopped, turning back to wander forever in the convolutions of the past.

After what happened to me, and something happened with the country, the restructuring. I lost my job, housing. In one of the wandering, settled in the temple of obedience. In it, I worked and lived. Fasting, prayer, holidays, life itself was filled with wonder. But one day! The night I was guarding. The temple began to build up. Building materials, construction landlady.

By making regular rounds, I went into a wooden bathhouse, located on the edge, on the shaded area of the temple. It was warm, and I was worn out. It is reasonable judging that in the dressing room, on a narrow wooden bench, more than half do not stay in bed, lay down on this bench, after closing the door to the hallway on the hook. And then he fell asleep.

I woke up from an obscure movement in the street. Shook the door, heard the voice, he's here, I heard. Well, I'll get out. Gently went into the hallway and pressed his face against the glass, trying to search out in the darkness came. And suddenly saw a movement on the opposite side of the window from the street, clung to the glass face. Between our faces were centimeters.

What was this person? Very dark gray skin, on the face of horizontal folds — wrinkles. Small nose and eyes bulging. He immediately backed away from the window. He was wearing army-cap and military uniform. Before I jumped from the window in time to see two more, also in the military. Terrified, I jumped into a waiting room. He lay down on the bench, like hiding. In the dark before the waiting room, there was light. It flowed out of cracks, where there was no tow. There were many gaps in the dressing room and soon became so light that I saw in this ray of light swirling smoke or steam. I was very worried, but no more thought. Because I fell asleep. Immediately.

I woke up with a feeling of horror of what is happening. Right there in the hallway. The street was light. The door was locked from the inside of the hook. Sobravshish with the spirit, threw the hook and run. The street was empty. Early morning. Everyone was asleep. I'm the only one, and the fountain of adrenaline. This is the story I told no one. And as this is understood in the temple?

But that's not all. Next, I shall add …

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