Transsexualism (sex change)

Transsexualism (sex change)

The desire to change their sex is called transsexualism. It is important to distinguish transsexualism from transvestism (the desire to dress in clothes of the opposite sex without wanting to change physiologically). When transsexualism men and women from childhood feel that they belong to the opposite sex. Therefore, they are considered quite natural constant wearing of the sex that matches their sense of self. Along with the quick change transsexuals are always eager to be modified accordingly, and their appearance, and social roles. According to available data, Transsexualism is more common in men. Women wanting to become men among transsexuals only about 30%.


The cause of transsexualism is still not completely elucidated. It is known that Transsexualism not associated with radiation or with stress, or with the wrong education. The true transsexualism to be distinguished from symptoms of various mental disorders in which there is no actual infringement of identity.

What's going on?

Transsexualism is the first time consciously manifest in a child 3-5 years (in fact, since the emergence of behavioral sex differences). The child wants to dress up in clothes of the opposite sex, calls himself a different name in a different way. Typically, such a child is difficult to find a common language with their peers, he withdraws into himself, he develops psychological problems. At puberty, he often appears to hate their genitals, the teen finally realizes the discrepancy between their internal feelings and external manifestations of the same sex. Since then, transsexual begins to look for ways to change their sex.

Diagnosis and treatment

The diagnosis is a doctor-sexologist in a conversation with a patient who comes to him. Typically, transgender people do go to the doctor for the purpose of gender reassignment surgery.

According to the Russian practice medicine, surgery sex change is not carried out:

  • Intransgender at the age of 21.
  • In transgender, have their own children.
  • Do transsexuals who are married at the time of surgery.

Before surgery transsexual has to go through a special commission consisting of psychologists, physicians (sexologists, psychiatrists) and representatives of the Ministry of Justice (to change the entries in the registry office), the Ministry of Education (to change the educational documents: from matriculation to the institute's diploma), the ministry of defense ( to resolve the issue with the army) and the Ministry of the Interior (for the change of passport). After that the medication (with hormones) and psychological preparation of the patient to the new role.

Operation change male to female is reduced to the removal of the external genitalia and the surgical creation of an artificial vagina (from a fragment of intestine).

Operation reassignment of female to male is carried out in several stages:

  • First, remove the breasts, excess skin and subcutaneous tissue.
  • Then performed the amputation of uterus and vagina and create a cover for the penis and testicles, using the labia. To use a prosthetic silicone testicles. Sexual member is formed of a muscular flap.

It is important to understand that Transsexualism can not be cured by any means other than SRS. Only operation can result in the patient's inner world into harmony with his body.


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