Trauma and emergency conditions

Trauma and emergency conditions.  Introduction.

Among the injuries otolaryngology first place belongs to damage the nose. Injuries of the nose — broken bones and septum deviated septum — most often occur in children. In such cases, surgical intervention is often required. It is not necessary to abandon the operation: modern techniques (in particular endoscopic) enough less traumatic and let you align the partition without damaging the mucosa. At the same time, poorly healed injury the nose is fraught with not only a cosmetic defect, but also the development of persistent vasomotor rhinitis.

With epistaxis encountered, probably everyone. In such a situation, the main thing — do not get confused, and rightly administer first aid. In most cases, epistaxis enough harmless and easy to stop. However, if bleeding massive (leaking blood stream, without clots), does not stop within 20 minutes, or renewed, or general condition is deteriorating — the urgent need to call the "first aid"

With frequent re-bleeding, bleeding from injury, disorders of blood clotting is required emergency hospitalization in the ENT department.

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