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November 14, 2011 0:09

Each person in a sense, his own doctor, the psychologist Anisa ZANEEVA. Developed intuition helps us to correctly assess the state of their health. Some doctors believe that the trust should only diagnostic equipment. But after the time of Avicenna, and especially Hippocrates never heard of ultrasound and computed tomography, and in the definition of the disease is not wrong …

— Anisa Maratovna what actually is intuition and the medical intuition different from the patient's intuition?

— Doctors mostly rational people, and the basis of intuition, they are usually referred to as knowledge and experience. Academician I. Pavlov explained the nature of their own scientific insights like this: chain of logic that led to a particular conclusion was forgotten, and the result of it remains in the memory. Many cases in other areas of knowledge, the scholar racked his brains for a long time, trying to learn a phenomenon, and the required response was in the form of an image rather than verbal language. A textbook example — Mendeleev, who saw in a dream his table of chemical elements. A similar situation with Einstein's theory of relativity which was as light circles. The doctor also tend to know the symptoms of the disease, its mode of treatment in different cases and for some, maybe not even aware of his own parts, put an accurate diagnosis and treatment is prescribed. I've been out, despite the seemingly obvious — data analysis, ultrasound, while the council was inclined to the nature of the disease of cancer, the old doctor insisted on an alternative diagnosis, and in the end he was right. And there are dozens of cases …

The patients the picture is somewhat different. As a rule, they are not very well versed in the disease and is unable to determine what kind of ailment attached to them. But many are far from medical people have learned to "hear" and understand your body, and feel so abnormal. One of my patient tortured dreams in which it presses the heavy plate. Local doctor could not find a problem with your heart, but the patient insisted on a survey in the clinic, where he was diagnosed with heart disease. Early treatment possible to avoid complications.

Another patient capital inexplicable prejudice against one of the recommended products. "Do not lay my soul to this drug, and all", — she said. In the end it turned out that she had on this drug idiosyncrasy, which was not previously known. In this case, intuition may save her life, warning allergic shock.

— With me was a similar story. I have one and a half months have been treated for bronchitis and advised not to take medicine for allergies that I was "prescribed" herself, the doctor thought it useless. As a result, they took me to the "fast" with an attack of asthma. But what of all this? Recheck the prescription, focusing on our own feelings?

— In any case, to dismiss should not be. Doctor should certainly talk about their concerns. Good specialist they nastorozhat and he either scatter them, or change the destination. It is necessary to pay attention to the signals that the body sends us. He loves us, and he is not to be sneezed at. Unfortunately, many of us begin to take care of your health when it's already compromised. But to preserve the health, nature has given us at birth, is not too difficult. More traffic, simple food with no frills and in small amounts, avoiding harmful habits. That in this complex? But how many people follow this advice as well known? And — take care of the stress. It is also not difficult. Just look for the positive in every event of the charge. And again: listen to the voice of your body. It is often enough to change its relationship with the world to get rid of the sores.

— What are the signals the body gives us?

— Such a common disease such as arthritis, often means that you take on the pile of other people's problems. Trying to help in the work of colleagues in the office to handle problems neighbors porch and cottage, complete all the requests of relatives and friends. Your body tells you to slow down a bit. Let each one carries its own suitcase. Help only in cases where, without you really can not do without. And help others you should be a joy, not a boring load. You'll see, arthritis recede.

Liver disease shows its hidden resentments. You do not realize this, and yet pokopaytes in memory and release negative emotions into space. You immediately feel better.

If you have a back problem — then it bent the problem. No need to tackle the daunting task. Do not seek to change the world or everyone happy. Nobody has succeeded.

Kidney disease appear on a succession of disappointments. Psychology and physiology are closely intertwined, and the depressed state of mind leads to changes in the internal organs.

— What prevents perceive these signals?

— Education, in my opinion. We grew up on the fact that from all the diseases will find a cure, is to get to the doctor, especially as television advertising promoting new drugs. But the nature of his own body, and have forgotten how to trust. The idea is that our ailments — a consequence of wrong thoughts, and did many scares. Yes, yes, it is scary! And not only from the fact that it stems from the conclusion that everything is much more complex structure than the dictates materialism. And yet, and what is necessary to change the usual way of thinking, respectively, and a way of life, and it is very difficult. It is easier to write off their illnesses to genetics, environment, age, or other reasons.

Yet through intuition and the "right" ideas to get rid of many diseases. We need only to want. Our body has served us for many years, it deserves our care and with gratitude for her respond.

Author: Sofia SAYGANOVA

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