Tunnel Syndrome

Tunnel Syndrome

What is it?

Tunnel syndrome— It's a pain in the hands, especially in the right hand due to the long monotonous work. This syndrome acquired the status of occupational disease among workers on the computer drivers.

Why did this happen and what is happening?

The cause of the pain is a pinched nerve in the carpal tunnel. Trapping may be caused by thickening of the tendon extending in close proximity to the nerve, and a thickening or swelling of the nerve. This occurs as a result of constant pressure on the same muscles which may be caused by a large number of repetitive movements (for example, when working with a mouse) or a hand uncomfortable position during work with the keyboard, wherein wrist is in constant tension. All this can lead to a permanent sensation of pain or discomfort in your hands, weakening and numbness of hands, especially the palms.


Diagnosis is made by clinical examination neurologist. Of instrumental methods used electromyography, which can be used to establish the degree of damage to the muscles of the forearm.


Medication treatment comprises administering to the wrist corticosteroid use circulation improvers (vasoactive) drugs, anti-inflammatory agents, wearing special supporting band. If there is no effect of drug therapy resorting to surgery.

For the prevention and treatment of tunnel syndrome should make sure that the workplace is comfortable, as often as possible to interrupt the work and carry a small set of exercises for the hands.

  • When using the keyboard, the angle of the bend your elbows should be straight (90 degrees).
  • When working with a mouse brush should be straight, and lie on the table as far as possible from the edge.
  • Stool or chair with armrests should be, it is also desirable to have special support for the wrist (mouse pad, keyboard or a specially shaped computer desk with special silicone pads, etc.).
  • If you have a lot of monotonous work and wrist, buy and wear a supportive wrist bandage.

The more often you will be interrupted to perform the following simple exercises, the more they will use:

  1. Shake hands.
  2. Squeeze your fingers into fists (10).
  3. Rotate fists around its axis.
  4. While pushing the fingers of one hand on the other arm of the palm, as if turning out his hand and wrist outwardly.

With these exercises you will improve blood circulation in the muscles and stretch out their and razomnetsya other hand muscles.

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