Typical complaints of pregnant

Typical complaints of pregnant women.  Photo from www.veer.com

Everyone knows that pregnancy not a disease, but one of the normal physiological conditions in women. And to treat pregnancy not necessary, you only need to watch carefully. However, almost no woman in the position is not comfortable for nine months. As well as the sick, pregnant women often complainstate their health. And no significant hormonal changes, the growing belly, a noticeable weight gain, changes in the psyche can not help but reflect on the state of health of the expectant mother.

The most common complaints of pregnancy — nausea and vomiting, constipation, back pain, insomnia, cramps, stretching, increased vaginal discharge, etc. In this situation it is important to understand, what the symptoms of pregnancy can handle yourself, and which require a doctor's attention.

If you are watching your gynecologist does not consider the complaint or symptom of pregnancy complications a pathological condition, you can safely begin "self." However, in no case, do not resort to drugs, there are many simple and harmless means capable of significantly ease your state. Change diet, walking, gymnastics, massage, wearing special clothing (varicose tights, bandage), and other similar methods can have a significant therapeutic effect and make your pregnancy for a truly happy.

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