U.S. intelligence services: the outcome of the Israelites. By 2025, the government will fall …

U.S. intelligence services: the outcome of the Israelites. By 2025, the government will fall ...
(‘Watan’, USA)
According to research by the Department of Near East Intelligence Service, placed in these days are, in 2025 the Government of Israel will cease to exist.
The process of final Israelis from their historical homeland and return to their former places irreversible habitat: above half a million fallashey and other African Jews want to go back to the Dark Continent in the coming 10 years. Ready for re-emigration over a million Russians and 10’s of thousands of Europeans.
The document states that the growth of the nationalist wave in adjacent countries with Israel, first a powerful surge of Islamism in Egypt, the Israelites cause anxiety and fear for their lives, their future, the future of kids and families. Israelis pulled to his native land where they were born and raised. Final not yet become impressively visible and confrontation Jewish state political Islam gains strength will last for many more years here.

Frighten the Israeli public and pathetic characteristics of fertility and population growth, not reaching to any comparison with the population explosion in the Palestinian lands.

According to U.S. intelligence, half a million Israelis have South American passports. Those who have neither European nor American travel documents, they somehow manage to razdobyvat.

Many people prefer to go to the country’s multi-confessional, with a mixed composition of the population state, where you can say goodbye to the idea of ​​the purity of the Jewish race, which was erected and Israel. But its founders failed to create public education, based on Jewish exclusivity. Next favorites did not succeed neither in the past nor in the real.

There are a lot of exercises, studies, political and religious qualities, pushing the concept of imminent end of Israel as a country. And there they are not now. There in the midst of their work featured many years ago.

Recognizable English historian Arnold Toynbee in 1967, after the disastrous Arab defeat that ended Israel’s occupation of Arab territories large, wrote: «Despite the victory, Israel will not last long. Abnormal society, alien … Tiny government on foreign soil, it rejects. As countless people that live around it. «

But no Arab land, or the Middle East have not rejected the Israelis: they themselves rejected, prompting the Arab region and the world beyond join together today or tomorrow to expel Jewish government.

And if it will disappear from the face of the earth, the Arab world is not guilty of this, and the government itself Israel.

Israel calls on the national army of Arabs

Party «Likud», which controls the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, supported the new bill to be inducted into the national army, according to which military service in the Jewish state will have to bear the Arabs and ultra-Orthodox. It is reported by the BBC BBC.

In February 2012. Supreme Tribunal of Justice did not extend the law, which releases the Arabs and Orthodox Jews from conscription into the IDF (IDF). The question of changing the legislation in favor of unification call caused violent disputes in the Israeli government.

Opponents of an old law which releases part of the inhabitants of the Middle East country of service army conducted several multi-million protests.

After the members of the party «Likud» came to the same beliefs about the need to make configurations in this document, arranged with Netanyahu coalition partner — the favorite of the party «Kadima» Shaul Mofaz — to develop a working group to prepare a preliminary version of the new law on conscription.

Currently, all Israeli citizens, including those with dual citizenship and live in another country, and all are constantly living in the area of ​​the country, by the age of 18 are drafted to serve in the IDF. The law applies to Jews, Druze and Israeli Circassians. Muslims, Christian Arabs and Bedouins can serve as volunteers.

Israel Defense Forces differs from the armed forces of other countries is that there are ladies — according to the law, they are flush with the men liable for military service. Term of military service in the IDF for boys is 36 months, for the ladies — 24 months. Men enrolled in Jewish religious schools (yeshivot), obtained a reprieve for the duration of their studies, which can last a lifetime.

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