U.S. told about the construction of aircraft carriers

U.S. told about the construction of aircraft carriers
U.S. Congressional Research Service has produced a new report on the construction of the first 3 languid nuclear aircraft carriers (AVT) type Gerald R.Ford — CVN-78, CVN-79 and CVN-80
First AVT CVN-78 was purchased by the U.S. Defense Department in fiscal 2008. According to estimates of the U.S. Navy in 2014 FY purchase price of the lead ship will be 12.829 billion dollars at current prices. Construction AVT CVN-78 was one hundred percent funded in 2008-2011 f.gg. taking into account the additional investment over this four-year period. Navy did not request any additional appropriations for CVN-78 program from the 2012 fiscal year and in FY 2013

For 2014 fiscal year Navy requested an additional 588.1 million dollars and plan to make another request for this program from 729 million dollars in the Article on arms purchases in 2015 fiscal year to cover the increase in the price of construction.

Second AVT CVN-79 to be procured under appropriations for FY 2013 Advance construction of the ship was carried out in 2007-2012 f.gg and full funding is planned for 2013-2018 f.gg under 6-year plan of additional funding approved by the U.S. Congress.

Navy estimated in the budget of FY 2014, the purchase price CVN-79 is 11.338 billion dollars at current prices. This AVT in FY 2014 will be asked to 944.9 million dollars.

Third AVT CVN-80 is planned to purchase in FY 2018 At current prices, the price of this ship will be 13.874 billion dollars. Prepayments on the third ship

planned under the 2016-2017 budgets f.gg., and full funding for 2018-2023 will go on f.gg.

AVT type Gerald R.Ford created for superiority at sea and in the air in areas act naval forces; air strikes against the sea, the principal factory and military installations to undermine the military and economic potential; support ground troops fighting in continental theaters of operations; providing large landing of amphibious assault and other combat missions solutions.

Construction is carried out at the shipyard Newport News Shipbuilding in Newport News. While meant to build 3 AVT (CVN-78-80). Head ship — Gerald R.Ford (CVN-78) laid in 2009, renting — in 2015, renting CVN-79 — in 2020, renting CVN-80 — 2025
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