UFO in the sky, Ukraine. September 30, 2012. A photo of the

34-year-old Energodar (Zaporozhye region) Alex Arakelian, walking 30 September 2012 in the fresh air, accidentally shot soaring in the sky Unidentified flying disc. Almost everything is standard, as in similar situations UFO: did not see anything, only saw the footage browsing pictures. But there is a very rare feature — UFO picture quality is quite high.

"On September 30 I was with a friend and the dog went into the woods to photograph nature — says the author of the photographs. — Sometimes we make such attacks. The conversation turned briefly about himtreylah who unexpectedly showed up at the sky, I say, being well aware of the true nature of a long time to keep the contrails from aircraft turbine engines, joined with a friend in a light humorous dispute.

After that we decided to do a photo shoot of the bands. At the time of shooting was nothing, no noise, no hint that anything was at this time to fly across the sky. However, when we got rid of the computer images, seen in the picture is clearly a foreign object … At the time I did 2 shots of different parts of the sky with a difference of 10 seconds (according to the data source photos). The first of these was nothing, and the second made in time to 13.06 in the right corner of the Lambent in the sun disc-shaped UFO. "

Also the author of the photograph said that this is not his first encounter with a UFO. In 2010, he took a photo of a bright point, which flew over the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant in broad daylight, was moving to a certain place, and then just went out.



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