UFO riddle: what is it?

Mysteries of UFOs: Myth, a natural phenomenon or the extraterrestrial civilization?

June 24, 1947, in the United States (Washington) was recorded in the first UFO UFO reports. Since then, the world has been simmering unspoken debate about what is the UFO myth, a natural phenomenon or is it a proof of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Ufologists, researchers unidentified flying objects, called a few arguments in favor of the UFO — it's not a myth and fiction.

Well-known UFO researcher Joseph Allen Hynek as evidence cites the fact that "the most sensible and clear messages come from eyewitnesses, … are not aware of the problem, but quite frankly puzzled by what he saw. A UFO fanatics and mystics and occultists rarely send their descriptions. In addition, these incoherent texts easily identified and sorted out. " In addition, the appearance of UFOs often confirmed by several witnesses.

UFO witnesses often become the objects of ridicule and risk their own careers, but still agree to promote the investigation of the case. Sometimes witnesses agree to take a lie detector test. UFO reports come from and scientists. Even the skeptical researcher Donald Menzel wrote that he personally observed the glow in the sky and was forced to admit that UFOs do exist.

Another argument in favor of the existence of UFOs is the similarity of the symptoms observed in medical witnesses phenomenon. Typically, the fixed temperature, headache, and nausea. Doctors believe that this may be a consequence of exposure. At the same time, there is evidence that people get better from incurable diseases after a meeting with UFOs. And the 73-year-old Argentine Ventura Maceiras that December 30, 1972 saw a UFO over his house, he said, even grown new teeth.

The head of the clinical department of the Moscow Institute of Psychiatry Yuri Polishchuk wrote in the newspaper "Arguments and Facts" about the cases of recovery of people: "Every time when serious scientists have tried to understand the phenomena of this kind, it appeared that either the result of illusion, or the result of distorted judgment, or — auto-suggestion, which really heals, it may lead to resorption of benign tumor or some of the scar.

This can be explained scientifically. For example, a person had a cyst on some internal organ. He thought that the village "plate" … it was operated, removed the cyst stitches left. When he started doing ultrasound, it turned out that the cyst is not. "

At the same time, there are a lot of photos and videotapes, which depicted the unidentified objects. Examination confirmed the authenticity of the images, but the image is rarely distinct and qualitative, since the appearance of UFOs always happen unexpectedly. Allen Hynek lists several criteria are used to determine the authenticity of UFO photographs made during the daytime. First of all, there must be "confirmed the reliability of the photographer, who had seen a UFO in person at the time of shooting."

Second, the witness should provide researchers with the originals and negatives of the camera itself, which the pictures were taken. And third, you need to get "asseveration Photographer of the authenticity of photographs and images of belonging is a UFO, and not to something else. The latter condition is not necessary if the photographic material presented is accompanied by several independent pictures taken preferably from different points. "

An important point in the study of UFOs is the ratio of UFOs and science. On the one hand, many prominent scholars, such as Allen Hynek and Donald Menzel — Professor of Astrophysics. On the other hand, most scientists still do not recognize the possibility of the existence of UFOs as extraterrestrial representative. Hynek wrote: "One summer evening in 1968 in Victoria (British Columbia) held a reception to celebrate the astronomical symposium.

The large restaurant has gathered more than one hundred astronomers from different countries. Suddenly a man came into the room and announced that he appeared in the sky UFOs. Easy to laugh was on the tables, but quickly died down and people went back to their conversations. None of the scientists did not come out to the streets to witness the mysterious phenomenon of nature! "

Hynek said that "there are two types of scientists who deny the UFO. The first type are scoffers who do not even try to deal with some specific case of observation of the phenomenon. The second type are the scientists who are inclined to accept the reality check after a UFO, but only as a purely psychological phenomenon. The position of the second group of scientists still deserves attention, as they have the material for discussion. The views of the first group, in contrast, do not stimulate discussion, because, in its view, since there is no phenomenon, there is no discussion of the subject. "

In our country, UFO research has become one of the special programs of the Ministry of Defence. This was told a senior fellow of the Polar Geophysical Institute KSC RAS Sergei Chernous, once a member of the Commission on anomalous phenomena Division of General Physics and Astronomy of the USSR

The surge of interest in UFOs in the Soviet Union took place in the 70s. Then were extremely popular lectures on UFOs, which were read in the institutions, enterprises and even in the army. After the September 20, 1977 there was a "miracle Petrozavodsk" (at the end of the night people in the northwestern region of the USSR for a few minutes watching the development of large-scale phenomena of light, "a star with rays of light", "jellyfish", "heavenly spotlights," and so etc.), the working group has been formed with the assistance of various scientists.

So started working program, which operated 13 years — until 1991. Then the three priorities were formulated versions of the possible origin of UFOs: UFO — a product of human activity, UFOs — a manifestation of natural processes on Earth, in the atmosphere and in space, UFO — a manifestation of extraterrestrial civilizations.

The latest version was adopted only after much debate and solely for the correctness of the approach. The research was conducted on two fronts: military and scientific. Interested in the influence of military technology on UFOs and the military. Scientists have focused on the nature of the phenomenon and the possible impact of a UFO on the environment.

The program, launched by the Soviet Union was the biggest study in the world. Data come from both casual witnesses, and from meteorologists. Observations were carried out on the entire territory of the USSR and the oceans. Sergei Chernous says that "the most surprising and interesting was the fact that, despite the Bank of experimental data collected from thousands of observations of the army and civil society organizations have been received no reports of UFO landing, no contacts with the" UFO pilots' nor One of UFO abductions. Apparently, for a period of thirteen years of the project declared a moratorium on aliens visiting Earth.

More serious conclusions from this fact — the failure of the hypothesis extraterrestrial origin of UFOs. The vast majority of the phenomena perceived by witnesses as UFOs due to the technical work of various natural and human events. More than 90% of cases caused by aircraft, high-altitude balloons, launching and maneuvering space rocketry and similar experiments. About 9% are glow: on observable astronomical objects to rare optical phenomena in the atmosphere. "

One theory put forward in the time leading specialist MOD anomalous aerospace phenomena Plaksina colonel, was that a UFO — a new weapon the United States. Sergei Chernous, however, believes that the USSR could not "miss" the creation of a new American weapons. But he did not rule out that some samples of contemporary American achievements could be born in laboratories studying UFOs.

An important issue in the study of the UFO phenomenon was the relationship of researchers with the press. Sometimes the papers fell into information that could cause resonance in the world. For example Chernous lead article by Vostrukhin "Exactly at 4.10" in the newspaper "Trud" in 1985. "It describes the event that the crews airliner" Tbilisi — Rostov — Tallinn "on the road in the area of Minsk.

"Looking at his eyes of the sky, the co-pilot noticed the top right unblinking big star .. There was a speck of thin-thin ray of light and fell steeply down to the ground. A ray of light grew, becoming a bright cone of light, there was a second cone, wider, but paler than the first one, then the third — a wide and very bright … What power should be this spotlight? .. Now they saw a blinding white dot surrounded by concentric circles of color … white dot broke out, and in its place arose a green cloud … "

After the article the editor threw letters, and European countries through diplomatic channels made inquiries about the testing of new weapons in the USSR. In the end it turned out that what he had seen the crew really was associated with the testing of weapons, but not in the Minsk area, and farther north, on the White Sea, where the tests were carried out sea-based ballistic missiles. This phenomenon was observed in many places in the north-west of the country and even in Finland.

Thus, according to. Sergei Charnavus, currently there is no reliable evidence of the existence of a fact or extraterrestrial UFOs. It is true that if there was such a fact, in his study would have been thrown into a large research teams.

Back in 2000, the British Ministry of Defence also made a secret report on UFOs, which conclusively proved that earthlings have absolutely nothing to fear. The report is the result of four years of research, called "unidentified aerial phenomena of the UK" and designed to give an answer to the eternal question of ufologists, "Is Anybody There?"

The report of the British Ministry of Defense said that those unidentified phenomena that are observed by witnesses, may be the effects of meteors.

"A significant body of evidence supports the idea that the events (UFOs) is almost certainly caused by, physical, electrical and magnetic phenomena in the atmosphere, mesosphere and ionosphere. They appear when certain weather conditions and the electrical charge and can be observed very rarely, allowing observers to talk about their unique "- the document says.

As for the statements of people that they come into contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, the report is explained as follows: "The proximity to the plasma field can have a detrimental effect on the mechanisms and even people. Medicine proved that the local fields of this type can cause a reaction in the temporal lobe of the human brain. As a result, the person creating quite a clear picture of the events that actually did not take place. "

Other causes of a UFO, the report says, are the lights of the aircraft, balloons of unusual shapes and even a flock of birds.

However, ufologists claim that all phenomena in the sky, the report does not explain the Defense Ministry. Moreover, ufologists believe that the government will always be hidden from the citizens of the real facts about UFOs, because they are afraid to acknowledge the existence of what is not subject to them.

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