UFO suspended the international airport in Tel — Aviv

October 10, 2012 23:06

International Airport in Tel Aviv, "Ben-Gurion" suspended operations early Wednesday due to the detection on the radar screens of an unidentified flying object. The alarm had been raised to the sky, Israeli fighter jets. Departure of all flights were delayed, and the plane, ready to land, were ordered to enter the waiting area, reports The Jewish Press.com.

Within minutes of the airport resumed as usual. No details about UFOs is not given. ITAR-TASS news agency said that the object was observed near the air borders of the country. During the flyby fighter revealed that he is not an enemy or a drone aircraft and is not a threat to Israel's security.

Israelis caution is justified. Last Saturday, for example, in the air space of the country was recorded enemy drone. To knock it down, the fighter F-16 fired two missiles. Following this incident, a number of units of the security forces of the country were put on high alert.

Earlier this week, flew fighter jets on alert in the town of Beit Shemesh, but there are no dangerous flying objects were found.

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