UFOs are attacking the Earth




This "ball" flew in the skies over America.

Anomalous phenomena are increasingly observed in the sky above the Earth

This fall, the news about UFOs regularly get news agencies. This is not some nonsense, and mysterious objects that are seen by thousands of people, fixed radars and shot pictures and videos of honorable citizens. There is an obvious and far from the first splash of some celestial activity. In the twentieth century, there have been several similar periods when the "flying saucers" and other like hell to "break loose." If the aliens began the holiday season, and all of them have decided to "blow away the cobwebs" on planet Earth.

Mexico — Pacific Ocean — then everywhere

The wife is reading my books as an investigator

Telekadry "flying saucer" with a diameter of about 100 meters, committing strange maneuvers over the terminal a local oil company, in early September, attracted the attention of the whole of Mexico. A few nights in a row all the channels were trying to determine what it was. And it is not specified, but came to the conclusion that the speed and angles of movement of the UFO is so sudden and unexpected that repeat their earthly technology can not.

Around the same time, strange objects seen in the skies over Brazil, where a UFO like even crashed. Of course, in a remote and inaccessible area, where it is impossible to organize an expedition.

In September the "newcomers" rushed into the Pacific Ocean. On our Far East, Japan and China for several nights in a row have seen flashing across the sky bright balloons, and the Philippines, New Zealand and Australia are the same balls flew through the three, as it were, forming the top of an equilateral triangle. In early October, the sky UFO occupied Europe, including Russia.

The mysterious triangle in the sky over Australia. Right — the reconstruction of the "American" triangular UFO.

"Black triangles" of the U.S.

Now Russia 'UFO problem "occupied only small groups of enthusiasts who have neither sufficient resources nor the education to even properly assess what they see. But perhaps, in time, we, as in the U.S., there will be rich sponsors who will pay for the work of specialists. For example, in the private Institute of the U.S. National Open sociologists, mathematicians, physicists and meteorologists have tried and have made a map of UFO sightings over America — they take into account only those cases in which there was no reasonable explanation. During those four years was about 400. And last year a UFO flown almost as much as the previous three. It turned out that most people today see some triangles — by the way, the same were filmed in September of this year in Australia. Devices are brightly lit at night and during the day it is clear that they are black.

The most popular are two versions: the "black triangle" — a ship of aliens or super-secret development of the Pentagon. But, as admitted Colm Keller, a member of the Institute for National discoveries, "they are not like the secret aircraft like the F-117 and B-2, that people have seen before the official confirmation of their existence. Triangles fly open, even brazen. "

Climbers from Ulyanovsk UFO filmed from the top of Mount Elbrus.

Science does not deal with nonsense

Even orthodox ufologists agree that 95 percent of all abnormal phenomena in the sky have a reasonable explanation — the spotlight, atmospheric electricity, weather balloons, spent rocket stages. But all this "junk" does not attract mass attention. We are talking about the remaining 5 percent — the facilities, the nature of which is not clear.

In Soviet times, the abnormal phenomena in the atmosphere by the Commission of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. But 10 years ago it was dissolved. Not much to "Skeet" addicted to serious scientists in other countries — "respected" experts refuse to even comment. The military is at times open secret archives. The show documents that clearly only one thing: the army was interested in UFOs. But what exactly? Declassified data does not contain any conclusions, but the description of the observations.

Bottom line: the very mysterious 5 percent remain unexplained.

And this "triangle" seen recently in Omsk.

Invasion of Russia

Eyewitnesses who observed a UFO in September — October


Vladimir Markin: — First I made the object of the lunar disk. The ball was indeed very similar, but the move. Barely had time to drop into the room behind the camera. A moment later a ball of bright light flashed and disappeared.


Pensioner Lyudmila Krivonos: — Above the roof of the house next door hung large bright star, three times more than usual! There were 15 pieces, and in the center of a large glowing object. Not ball rather oval … He came from a very bright metallic shine.


The physician of the city hospital Hope Kupriyanovich: — In the tenth hour of the evening came running up to me and told patients that we have the windows UFO. I looked out: over the maternity hospital, which is located next door to the hospital, at an altitude of 7 — 10 meters above the roof hung a giant plate of about 120 meters in diameter. The device was similar to the two stacked plates with round portholes.


Victor Rogozhin, director of "Ennio": — Three glowing, as if the plasma, frozen circle at an altitude of about 50 kilometers. We calculated this by comparing the size of the UFO the size of the jet, which is just at this time was flying over the city. The video managed to shoot burning point, they do not stand still, and all the while spinning on its axis. It lasted about 20 minutes action.


Work Car Valentin Pavlenko: — The sky shone a big white spot. It was moving, leaving a whitish tail. Then dissolved. I photographed the phenomenon on video recording and looked only at night. Eightfold increase in the chamber allowed to make out all the minute details of spots.

It was a reddish ball that sometimes cast a blueness. From the middle of the ball seemed to be shining white spotlight, and on the edges of strobe lights flashed.


Soviet rocket men looked after by aliens Yuri Markov, test engineer, rocket and space technology NPO. Lavochkin:

— In 1961, my supervisor advised him to take material about UFOs … in our library. The book was a vulture "With businesses not to make!". It witnesses told of encounters with UFOs, there were drawings and a recommendation to make the issue more closely.

Mainstream science is not always eschewed UFO. For example, in March 1980, astronomers spotted the approaching point of light. We immediately launched a "Venus-12" and "hit" on the mysterious object all appliances. As a result discovered comet Bradfield. Similarly, the Mission Control Center was startled when Klymuk and Sevastiyanov with "Salute" was told that they are haunted by the "flying saucer". A few days experts examined photographs and calculated the trajectory of the UFO. Finally decided that the station was flying over a container of waste. I myself in the company of a dozen employees NPO. Lavochkin seen a UFO. In 1992, straight from the roof of the Institute for half an hour you can see a disk in the sky. Calculations showed that it hung at a height of about 20 kilometers and had a diameter of 300 meters.


Whether aliens, or dust

The current, fruitful to the "flying saucer" is not the first autumn. With similar mass invasion of ufology has faced in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's, when the UFO seen almost every day. Why is that? Skeptics allude to solar radiation, which increases approximately every 12 years. In fact bursts of UFO sightings falls on the years of solar activity, and that this fall is very restless. Naturally, the storm it affect our environment — prevent radio northern lights are lit. But perhaps intensified solar wind "blew up" and some plasma clots or even cosmic dust.

— And, both quite capable of taking strange shapes, which, in turn, can be uglyadet something mysterious. That is a UFO. And do not understand what the heck was — told us at the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism and Radio Wave Propagation, Russian Academy of Sciences.

There is no other reasonable hypothesis. That, to put it mildly, strange. In terms of persistent reluctance of scientists to understand the mysteries of one of the most popular events in the world. Just a lack of respect for the people who see all this.

Andrei Egorov, Alexander Grishay ("KP" — Lipetsk "), Veronica Rozhkovsky (" KP "- Samara"), Inna FEDOTOVA, Alexander Litvinov ("KP" — Volgograd "), Olga čepurnyj (" KP "- Rostov-on- Don "), Karina PRONINA (" KP "- Vladivostok").

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