Universities raise tuition fees

From today, applicants can obtain certificates with the results of centralized testing and prepare documents for submission to the universities. Approximately 15% may qualify for low, then there are free places. Other interested persons for higher education will have to pay. How much will it cost in higher education This year,?

At the prestigious specialties relationship between the budget and pay office can reach 1:17. On a specialty "communication design" humanitarian BSU for free education of students gaining 5 on pay — 85. The economics department at BSU — 50 of 185 for the budget and paid. As far as this is consistent with the Constitution, which guarantees access to free education, says analyst Vladimir Mackiewicz:

Vladimir Mackiewicz

"There is no contradiction with the Constitution. Paid higher education — it is quite possible and permissible according to the Belarusian legislation thing. Another thing is that the state's interest in updating personnel not combined, say, with market conditions. Market conditions dictate how much they will cost or other educational services. Unfortunately, we have far too much of it is paid places. And it indicates, that the government either does not have the funds to finance the necessary and desired degree or seeks to make it. "

Belarusian State University, Linguistic University, the University of Informatics and Radio Electronics new rates until you have put forward. In BSU told us:

"I will not even tell you because we do not know. All prices are still at the Ministry of Education for approval. While the Ministry of us will not give up, we will not register prices, while prices will not. "

But the fact that prices will rise, financial experts predict BSU:

"No, a little, perhaps, grow up. Because the increased tariff rate first class — was 90,000. Accordingly, the prices will go up. "

On the websites of some universities already have the new prices. It seems that the leaders of prices will remain relatively Medical University: tuition fees for Dental School — 6,540,000 (540 thousand more than last year). Approximately 400,000 risen payment and Economics University, the Academy of Management — up to 3 million 900 thousand.

At private universities prices are slightly lower than in the state. And not so fast they grow. Chief Accountant of the Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship said:

"Do not raise prices, remained the same as last year. Full-time students — 3200000, by correspondence — 1.4 million, with about half, even a little less. "

Prices for training related to market conditions, demand and competition.

According to the explanations of officials of the Ministry of Education, school fees directly related to the cost — the equipment and so on. However, while not entirely clear why training on paid departments Department of Physics, Chemistry Faculty, where the equipment, reagents are quite expensive, almost twice cheaper than, for example, on the faculties of the humanities, such as philology, philosophy, journalism.

Political scientist Vladimir Mackiewicz:

"It's all for ignorant people — talk about the price of education are associated with costs. No, it's not. They are related to market conditions, demand and competition. Another thing is, again, the — I do not understand how this happens in government, where there is a monopoly, the market is limited. So where do they find price — quite unknown. "

We only know that this year, prices will rise again as grow each year. By the way, in many Western countries, prices are fixed learning: the student all 4 or 5 years of study pay the same amount.



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