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January 29, 1946 were killed by villagers Zaleshany. But who killed and killed as impossible to understand. Let's go to a neighboring yard, where smoking is a tired old farmer.

Peter Lukashuk soon 80 years. But memory failed him.

Reporter"What's happened in the 46th year? What kind of band is this? "

Peter"Gang of Craiova, AK."

Reporter"And they gathered the people in the house?"

Peter"At the meeting. I went, I had to find my. I go, and the people there on the floor. Cry, say goodbye. It was already known. "

Reporter"So they gathered the whole village?"

Peter"My father was not. For he hid himself. "

On the porch out Peter's wife, Claudia. Short, talkative woman in glasses.

Claudia"On that day, January 29, who went to Zaleshan, all allowed. And do not let anyone Zaleshan. Man rode here on his boots, he admitted here. Also died here. People admit — admitted. And the issue — not released. Innocent people. "

Claudia"Closed the house, and at the entrance there are those bandits watchman. But of these people were good. "People say, ''re burning, what is being done!'re Burning! Knock the door!" And my brother — sniff. And the poor kid running. And women — "In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, the will of God! Not kill all of us." Who killed, then kill him. Someone is still alive. And let's run. And I was little, growing up without a mother. Aunts raised . And I cried: "Although I did not leave." My sister pulled me. And we ran gardens and met up with our grandmother. "Kids, go to the Falcon." So we went to the Falcon. Took us here. Already a woman gives birth scorched. Zaleshanah In pregnant was. padushylisya Her boys, because she did not go to the meeting. was sitting on the porch. And those kids padushylisya smoke. "

Claudia is always trying to hold back the tears. But it's not impossible.

Claudia"Since the bandits were good people, God's people. They were given the order that they pavystralyali. One chief, Brown went to the forest. Standing on a hill. And abservavav. Since the bandits were good. Given the boom in the ground. Pooh, pooh, all shot in the ground. Each house have made straw. They wanted to destroy us. "

Looking at the pastoral scenery around Zaleshan on old ground goodies that are hidden in the dense forest on the old wooden crosses at intersections, it is difficult to imagine the hatred shaft that struck the land of the postwar 46th year. Even more difficult to understand — why? To join the conversation old Vasily.

Vasily"So paid, they were Orthodox."

Reporter"People do pay for their faith?"

Vasily"That was a gang. How have won, the Russian army was made to Poland and not as they would like. And they, that Brown, Home Army, wanted to turn the Communists to make such a Poland, as it once was. "

Reporter"What does the civilian population?"

Vasily"We were called Russian. Russian kill. "

Reporter"Ordinary Fascism".

Vasily"In-in. They were standing all day. Before the evening. In the evening had already left. Zaleshanah gave orders to burn the village, all the people shot. They lived together, neighbor to neighbor. Poles and Orthodox constantly. Accustomed. "

Still remember Mrs. Claudia.

Claudia"And then, the next day, we all paskhodilisya. At that fire. All the other says, "Are you staying?" — "I live." — "You live?" At the site of the house for lost. It was the hut of the two brothers.

Usyutkih driven. And they say: "Peter Demyanyuk, please exit." Someone says, "Peter, come out." And he was crying — I will not.

My uncle loved ones. Usyutkih driven. And they say: "Peter Demyanyuk, please exit." Someone says, "Peter, come out." And he was crying — I will not. "Peter, get out." "Please exit, so go with vshysttsy dymem." The guy came out and shot him dead in front of windows. Yet his uncle was shot. In which language was unreasonable, doo-doo-doo. He was shot. "

Reporter"For what they were burning people?"

Claudia"In Orthodoxy."

And then gets involved with a mound husband of Claudia, an old Peter. And he says that the villagers were worthy of that fate.

Petro"Dima, we were worthy. We had three fools. One does not know how to read and write, and the two were formal fools. They carry any Polish people in Siberia. "

Reporter"It was a punishment for the 39th year?"


The old Maria, a neighbor Lukashuk, survived the massacre also because humanity Polish partisans who are not complied with the order of the commander and did not shoot at children.

Maria"Then I was little. 33rd year. My mother died four of us left. Those partisans as come and say, 'All by myashkanya. " From Russia to carry any Zaleshan my godfather. And they say, allegedly for. And set fire to the whole village. The next day we came. Oh, here pazharysko! Cows and pigs. Horror Dywity. But, thank God, lined up. This tragedy was. Was that by Rosii exported. "

Reporter"This is the fortieth year?"

Maria"So. Brown said: "Why did not you shoot?" And there was a partisan good as someone walked by, he shot into the ground. He did not shoot a man. "

Reporter"And people were killed by bullets or in the fire?"

Maria"In the fire. Fear Dywity. The next day the charred corpses vsyutka. We lived in a Catholic. That good people are. Wood coached, lined up. The oil was given, the fact that cross.

Reporter"After the war, in the 47th, in the 48th year you had some kind of grudge against the Poles?"

Claudia"We were burned and have no roof over their head. And we took the Catholics. We, the four orphans, the woman, grandfather and us. They say: "Zmyastsimsya. Bendemy dobzhe." And we slept on straw. And so we hand people have filed Catholics. And they do this to us zdruzhylisya. As the holiday comes first, they call us. We were their names. And we had such a friendship! The people were nice. January 29 we order liturgy. We go to confession. We pray about all the people that cross the dead. The priest goes from house to house krashchenskayu water. We then remember and cry. "

The tragedy in Zaleshanah was not the only one on these spaces. Akovtsy terrorizing the local population to the 50s. And to this day remains unknown number of people killed. By the way, not only Bel
arusians, but also Poles. According to the newspaper "Field", by the hands only on the order of Brown Podlasie killed about 700 civilians. More than 350 orphaned children. And the fact that after the war in these spaces is not a religious conflict broke out, tells me one thing. That there are people of the same blood and the same faith …


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