USA: different doses of alcohol act on different areas of the brain




It turns out that a variety of different doses of alcohol act on different areas of the brain. American doctors conducted a special study on the subject.

The researchers gave the subjects various doses of alcohol, and then asked them to pass on the trainers test that simulates driving a car. During training on simulators for the test was carried out by the brain electroencephalographic monitoring. It appeared that small doses of alcohol affects mainly AZ regulating motor activity. In this state, people realize that they are not in good shape, and try to drive carefully to compensate for "loss" in their actions and reactions which are the consequences of drinking alcohol. Large doses of alcohol affect the areas responsible for working memory and decision making. In this state, people already struggling to build your itinerary, as is having difficulty removing it from memory "of the road to the house," and takes the illogical solutions — for example, increases the speed of the turn, rather than to reduce it.

Battery News, 23.11.2004 15:06

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