Vaccinated filed

32 million people — A number of Russians vaccinated against influenza this season. This is an absolute record! Judge for yourself: the flu each season suffer 10-20 percent of the world population. WHO recommends a vaccination about every fifth person in the world. This usually vaccinated less — only 5 to 14 percent of the population. However, the Russian 32 million were vaccinated against influenza to date is 22.7 percent of the population. Perhaps never before mass vaccination in the absence of the epidemic was not carried out in our country with such a large scale. This state of affairs experts explain the fact that people ran vaccinated because fear had suffered in the past year, the outbreak of the swine flu pandemic H1N1.

Should, however, be noted that the Russians are not vaccinated at their own expense. 28 million doses have been paid out of the federal budget — for children, the elderly, patients suffering from diseases that increase the likelihood of complications, and those sort of activity has a high risk of infection. The remaining 4 million doses made by corporate and regional budgets. Vaccination in the country — a very expensive campaign. According to the "Summary", she could not do the federal, regional and corporate budgets for a total of approximately 8 billion rubles at the average price of an influenza vaccine in 250. It is known that in the framework of the national project "Health" influenza vaccine production in the country is engaged in a limited number of organizations. And the more the Russians will be grafted, the better is the producer and overhead budgets. However, officials say that the epidemic will cost the country more expensive. Ten regions epidporog already exceeded, even in the eleven on the verge of a critical situation. Chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko was not scared, "flu not give turn by vaccination, because it treated more responsibly than usual." Wait till the end of the season, dangerous to compare how effective were the measures taken and did not record a vaccination only a good way to earn money for the generating companies.

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