Virtual Map: Cleanup — on the white spots of Belarus

Take a trip on the spot? Nothing could be more simple. However, for this you need to have on hand a computer with an internet connection. But experts warn that if other countries from the height of the orbit revealed at its best, in Belarus is still a lot of "white spots". And this, of course, does not decorate the center of Europe.

Until last year, Belarus on computer maps were presented mainly in the form of satellite images without detailed and specific designations of objects. However, progress has come slowly and in virtual space: Now online map can be considered as a region of peace, and for individual country, city, street, house.

In August last year, the Internet giant Google has pleased twice the Belarusians launched the Belarusian "cartographers» (Google Mapmaker), And among the languages of the online translator (Google Translate) There Belarus. Contoured goal — to improve the performance of free service cards for the people of Belarus. Software Engineer Igor Makhanek, working in the Swiss office of Google, through her blog encourages users to massively participate in the elimination of "white spots" on their home, giving specific recommendations volunteer. Is Belarus in comparison with other countries, not the "sanitized"?

— European countries have also different. But against the background of the neighbors noticed that indeed there is less activity on the Internet. In the first place — globally. As a result of this — maps on the internet, we are not as developed.

— Amateur means you can make a perfect job?

— It is possible. It all depends on the number of people who will participate in it. There are numerous examples of countries where the number of times. For example, if you go there and you will find Romania, you can verify this. Romania has been opened, so that participants can edit the same day as Belarus. That is one and the same day it was as empty, absolutely, the same was the starting beginning. But now, if you look naBuharest, then there is almost everything is perfect! Also, more or less represented the other cities of Romania. In general, it appears that local Internet users have solved the problem almost completely. If you see, for example, India (Although India was open a little earlier, but it's a big country in size), so there's card is also ideal. She also set up primarily by volunteers on the Internet.

— That is, have someone to navigate in this case …

— Have. Only do this in the first place, so that more people use the Internet in Belarus.

Unfortunately, that not everyone has constant access to the network.

Unfortunately, that not everyone has constant access to the network.

After starting the "cartographer" Belarusian users were able to not only look globally, but lyakalizovvats — add streets and buildings with satellite images. At least Minsk on Google Maps already has most of the streets and cultural sites, and their number has increased in other regions. The country no longer looks like an abandoned area, they are a major settlements and roads. Daily updated information base: now every man can specify a house or street, and after checking it appears in the public domain. Some nick made over a thousand edits.

Programmer Alexei Sokolov tells the story of the most popular, from his point of view, the resources with the function of a computer card, assimilated by Belarus

« Nothing special, all limited to the names of cities, countries, streets. (If ru — Russian-language interface, som — English). This, however, no longer even Google does, and users. The information is constantly added — is a function of editing, with which you can add titles. repeats technology Google, but so far only covers the map of Minsk. There is a pretty good card As I understand it, they add a lot. There's more than just the streets, even house numbers, transport, etc. You can call twice, zoom in, see. More or less information is available, the only thing the map covers only Minsk and Grodno. Still — A lot of maps of different countries, there is a large city in Belarus with streets and houses. In part, by saturation, it looks like a ».

However, Alexei Sokolov believes that in an impromptu Google ranking still inferior competitors:

"I would be distributed as: — in the first place, — second, Google — the third, and on the following positions and Yandex — more than usual. I think that in the near future will be very significant progress on Google. Personally, I have many friends who are themselves almost daily added information. A little more — and Google will be all that we need. All the more so what they came up with this technology — two garments you click, a map. It is definitely a Google first started. "

Interested in one of the participants in the project Eugene Khoruzhey: What prevents a perfect virtual map of Belarus?

— Generally preclude legislation on copyright.

All our activities are illegal in almost — I mean even the possibility of creating an "alternative" cards.

That is, we have no right to use the cartographic materials that we have. Moreover, almost all of our activities is illegal — I mean in general the possibility of creating an "alternative" cards. Also, probably, not enough participants. Because OpenStreetMap very few services that would be useful to the average user. Just have a card, but if you want something to show on this map which route to paint some objects to place and then throw a link to someone, then it is not available. There is something on one site that uses OpenStreetMap, then on the second, but there is no such that all at once. But OpenStreetMap can be used in a variety of GPS-navigators, and it is a very big plus.

And not afraid of computer invasion of representatives of the official cartography? Or will move to stock paper card, if in the foreseeable future, everyone will be able to find a much more mobile version of the online guide? I asked about it at the head of a unitary enterprise "Belgeodesy" Vladimir Hrustaleva:

"You mean the analog cards? Well of course they will! Not everywhere is the same with the monitor and the computer take, right? A map of the analog can be used anywhere. So naturally, the usual card will remain. Yes, and I do not think that's our competition, they have several other purposes. In addition, it must be noted that many of the computer cards still quite crude, because it needs a lot of work. As long as that is to say, the various sectors of development. Our objectives and goals are that different from them. It's ours, so to speak, a by-product. "


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