Vitebsk journalist Sergei Silver was not allowed to photograph the parade for Independence Day


The police stopped him at four different checkpoints when he tried to get into the city center with a camera.

Sergei Silver, the reasons for the ban called different. At one point, he was told that he had too big a camera. Like, "with such a large place can not be." Although published in the local media about the list of prohibited items cameras nothing says reported only that will not be allowed through the checkpoint with guns and drink in an opaque container, as well as unregistered symbols.

At another checkpoint Sergei Silver said that he had no accreditation. What really surprised me: which accreditation is needed just to get out of Lenin? The journalist was not allowed even after, he showed identification photojournalist BelaPAN.

At the last checkpoint police said bluntly: "Sergey, you are told not to miss."

Sergei Silver know in primarily as the editor of the independent website "Popular News Vitebsk", where there are photos periodically opposition rallies. Why did the police against the fact that the site covered by public holidays, Sergei Silver does not understand.


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