Vitim bolide: Scientists have uncovered the secrets of his fall after 10 years

September 28, 2012 14:55

Vitim bolide: Scientists have uncovered the secrets of his fall after 10 years

On expeditions and interesting findings, they told reporters

Tuesday, September 25, scientists celebrated the unusual anniversary — 10 years ago, in the Irkutsk region fell one of the largest asteroids. He was subsequently named the Vitim bolide. The fall of meteorites always reserves the many secrets. However, to solve them is not easy, it takes years. A decade later, the puzzle Vitim bolide almost solved. Well, it turns out one secret in the world has become less …

 — Unfortunately, in the first expedition, we did not find anything interesting — says Director of the Astronomical Observatory of ISU Sergei Yazev. — Only the tops of the trees broken and fallen branches.
But scientists do not despair. They figured out how to detect extraterrestrial particles. In theory, everything was simple: meteoric dust was scattered for hundreds of miles around and settled on the char, which at that time was lying snow. But in the spring, it is crazy! And this is where scientists have had a second chance.
— In April 2003, we went to the second expedition, — says the Senior Institute of Earth Crust Alexei Ivanov. — Under the proposed trajectory of the fall of the snow dug about 2 meters deep, took samples of about 10 kg. Then melted the snow drifts and drove melt water through the filter — and found the same space-minerals.
On the study of particles took years.
Now scientists announce the results:
— This dust is of extraterrestrial origin, because on Earth such compounds are not met — they insist. — But do not be afraid — no harm to the biosphere outer body to no avail. It just gave us a ground to unlocking new secrets of the planet.

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