Vladimir Ryzhkov: It is obvious that the Kremlin has a plan '

Well-known Russian politician Vladimir Ryzhkov did not rule out that the show on NTV antilukashenkovskogo film may be continued in the form of other "fighting" against the Kremlin Alexander Lukashenko.

"Over likely that in the information war will resume milk and others. Russia has proven technologies, there Gennady Onishchenko, which at the right moment to find Koch's bacillus, or even some kind of crap. There are State Standard, which also finds anything anywhere. In general, experience shows that the Kremlin starts such information wars, having a plan of action that goes far beyond the display of a single film. It is therefore plausible that this will be more and some economic measures. "

Comments Belarusian and Russian politicians later in the air and on the website of "Freedom."


Ryzhkov, NTV film

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