Volgograd orphan raised injections of chlorpromazine

New methods of education that used Volgograd educators interested prosecutor. For faults — shoots, smoking, alcohol use — the orphans were sent to drug treatment clinic, or worse, to a psychiatric hospital. And there were treated rebels — who last month, and who is six months.

As found Konstantin Krylov, psychotropic substances and naughty stabbed in the orphanage.

Today Volgograd orphanage is open to the press. Journalists were allowed to look for any door, give freely talk with their children. Those who agreed to speak on camera, they say that they like it here. Director Alevtina Krapivina said that he did not understand what caused such media attention to its establishment.

Alevtina Krapivina, Director of the Volgograd orphanage"Unauthorized treatment to no one applied. Treatment applies only legally by doctors. If we speak of psychiatry, psychiatrists. "

The fact that the children of the children's home for bad behavior in droves sent for treatment in the "loony bin" and narkolechebnitsu, was announced during the inspection that the regional prosecutor's office conducted jointly with the FSB.

Rusiaev Alexander, the deputy prosecutor of the Volgograd region"It is established that the director of the orphanage sent unwanted personnel inmates in state health institutions Volgograd Regional Drug Treatment Hospital and the Volgograd Regional Psychiatric Hospital № 5, where they were subjected to compulsory treatment in the absence of legal grounds. The reason for the hospitalization of adolescents is usually voluntary departure and other ordinary breach of discipline the children's home. "

It turned out that the right to health center orphanage most "unruly" children injections of chlorpromazine — a potent antipsychotic which is used in psychiatry. For misconduct inmates to medical isolation.

Faina Romanenko, Head of Department for Supervision over the implementation of laws on minors and young Volgograd regional prosecutor"At the direction of the director of children's home for hospitalization sent pupils accompanied nurse orphanage, which is not their legal representative."

Such cases the inspectors counted more than ten. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, I'm sure the journalist Catherine Malinin. Six months ago, she worked for two weeks in a children's home under the guise of an educator.

Catherine Malinin, a correspondent of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda""Children are very complex. They come from the streets. There are certain rules. They are used to communicate in the language. "

After lunch, the school returned to the orphanage older girls. And they could tell what were afraid or did not want to say the rest. But in the presence of teachers do not want, and to communicate one on one with the journalists were not allowed.

Testing, which should confirm or deny the facts of child abuse, this will not only affect children's home, but all such institutions Volgograd region.


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