Voyenkomat UKAP pillar of shame for recruits in the official gazette

The names of Mogilev recruits who evade conscription for military service, started printing a newspaper Mogilev City Executive Committee, "Journal of Mogilev." The other day, an official publication under the heading "Shame" has published a list of 28 such recruits.

As follows from the publication, only four of them are punished. Materials on other recruits still pending. Anyone considering the material — the court or the draft board — not reported. The publication is not called and the reasons why guys refuse to serve in the army.

"Everyone has their own reasons to refuse to serve in the army. Recruits have the right to defend its position. Publication of their names violated their right to the presumption of innocence, so possible accuse people of a crime without an order of the competent authority on the admission of guilt? "- says the publication of the Mogilev rights activist Alexei Kolchin.

Information about the recruits gave dodgers official publication urban military commissariat. As for sentence of four inductees, their fined. At forty-two base units, two more — at seventy.


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