Walpurgis Night or Zhivin day?

Like going to the Witch Coven of different films have an idea many because at the Sabbath will not be mentioned.
I talk a little about Zhivinom day, the celebration of which I once had the opportunity to participate. Unforgettable beautiful! Unfortunately, I have not kept a video from the festivities, but never anything more beautiful, I was not involved, either before or after.
So Zhivin day.

It is always celebrated on the night of 30 Kvetnaya (April 30) at 1 herb (01 May). Alive or Zhivena — the goddess of spring, fertility, birth, and grain. She — the daughter of the daughter of Lada, spouses Dazhbog. She, the patroness of girls and young women, it went to pay homage to complain about infidelity or other unkind old mother in law, which is alive quickly put in place. To her there were asked to send the baby, and if a woman is not pregnant for a long time, all schiteali that angered it is something I live, and we have to wait for her Zhivinoy night and express themselves, to appease the Goddess, which, however, was kind and could have been forgiven for beautiful song.

Songs Alive loved, that she returned to Yugov songbirds because work to revive the earth after the winter cold was much, and no songs Hurry do not work, do not practice witchcraft. Yes, yes! Alive and was also the patron of the Slavic practice witchcraft, those who used enchantments for good or fun. And I was very strict with those who sinned in fortunetelling to damage the economy or, even more health. Celebrating Zhivina day began at midnight, but before all the girls and young women involved in the preparation of dishes, festive clearing dressed up and decorated their hair.
They worked hard on the eve, because 1-herb (what a beautiful and poetic name of the month!) Had to rest. Ahead of planting, hay, etc., had to be forward naplyasatsya, work up. And now, with the onset of midnight, the ritual clearing, separately, from different directions, leaving the boys and young men and women dressed.

Wander on the men's side boundaries of the field, playing the flute and the harp, and the women, armed with brooms ritual performed folk songs and dance around the fire. The field of ritual purification by fire places cleaned and warmed the frozen body of a long winter of the soul, of course, jumping over the fire. Well, then, wandered through the woods, went to the river, ask cherished. And so in whose guise it was a cherished, well, it is the will was alive …. However, it is usually listened to the requests … if, again, asked correctly.

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