Want to change the world — start with yourself!

Welcome, Friends! I want to tell to you important information … I have to say that my opinion may differ from yours and there is nothing "bad", just that you perceive the world differently, and I — in their own way … In short, each of us lives in his own reality that is different from how the world sees every other man and it is wonderful!

So, I think "society" conditionally! divided into two types of people:

1) There are those who are dissatisfied with their lives, those who are dissatisfied with government, politicians, the people around and many unhappy that happens. These people live and unconsciously setting yourself up for a "negative" perception of what is going on, they look at the world from the perspective of the victim … Supposedly they can not change anything, for it is something someone decides someone something they "should "or something to someone they" should. " They love to feel sorry for themselves and others, they like to blame others. They love to watch TV and believe everything they show say. These people have forgotten a lot and have forgotten how to heal itself without the help of "medicine." They believe that the "work" to "sweat of the brow" in order to "survive" and "make money." For them, one of the main goals in life — money at any cost. These people want to take, but less willing to give. These people do not look after his speech and often fighting. Such people often wear themselves "mask." These people drink alcohol, smoke, eat meat fish and stuffed products chemistry. These people do not love themselves, others and the world around. These people think that the cause of all the outside. Such people is driven by fear, habit, ignorance and stereotypes. There are many people around, especially among the older generation.

2) There are those who are satisfied with life and realize that everything depends on them. These people know and realize that your thoughts, words, emotions and actions, they create their own reality (his world!). These people live and perceive everything that happens, from the position of the master of my life. They take responsibility for themselves. They are aware that any negative thought or negative word to someone's address back to them much more uneasy consequences. These people are in the world of goodness, love, warmth, soul and world responds to them in return. They talk and think about the "power" state and the "politics" only good, bright and gracious, as realize that they themselves their thoughts and words give the "politicians" and any others by certain qualities, habits and traits which means waking up every morning to a new reality, these people will know that every day in the state more honest, fair, good and wise "politicians." Such people do not blame anyone, and do not regret, because it makes no sense. Such people like yourself, and love yourself, they become endless source of love for all life. Love yourself these people start to care about their health and body, they all refuse to alcohol, cigarettes, meat, fish, and foods with chemical additives. Such people heal themselves and do not need to "care." These people realize that before anything to get something to give. These people work hard and work for the benefit of all living beings, not for money, but because it is a joy. These people are successful, confident, happy and successful, because their way of life, thought and speech attracted to them all that they desire. Their words, thoughts and deeds — tools to transform and improve the world. These people watch his speech and thoughts, knowing that every word and thought of changing realities. These people realize that the cause of all their thinking and attitude to his people World. These people all incoming information is sifted filtered through their intuition and make informed decisions. These people have awakened his mind and spirit, they know who they are and why they came into this world …

Especially worth mentioning is that people unknowingly collectively against certain people send negative thoughts images words and in the end, in their reality, all this is happening .. For example, if a lot of people will think that "politics" — "bad", unfair and so on, the reality of these people are just such policies. This is — a very simple truth. Remember: "According to your faith, it shall be given unto you." What do you believe the thoughts, words, send in space is what you get in return … Each one of you — the creator of your reality! It's time to wake up and realize a lot!

We are born into this world … we learn here, World — a great university, and if anything happened in your life, then it is good for you, it helps you grow! Because how you pulled this event a situation in your life your thoughts, words and actions to realize something and be wise!

?There are no "bad" and "good", not those who are "worse" or "better" is a choice and every one of you depends on what kind of life you live and what kind of life your children will live.
Wake up, people! We live in a beautiful and harmonious world! We live in a beautiful and prosperous country! Each of us his thoughts, words and actions affect what happens … Remember that! Live consciously, live in Grace and Joy!

I give the benefit for your attention! Be healthy and wealthy!

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