Warsaw Bridge: New customs rules do not know each

On July 6, in Belarus there are new customs regulations and tariffs, provided by the Customs Code of the Customs Union. As discovered by our correspondent at the border crossing at Brest, many carriers at the border do not yet know about the changes, as well as individuals are not familiar with the new rules transportation of goods across the border.

At the transition, "Warsaw Bridge" as a week ago, a small but persistent queue. In order to cross the border at this border crossing, take about three hours. Employees Brest customs report that they have learned the new Customs Code and explain the innovations citizens at the border:

If you need a bike, washing machine — now it will be more expensive …

"If you need a bike, washing machine — now it will be more expensive. Example, if someone wants to carry a TV that weighs less than 50 pounds or microwave, but now it's not over it will be necessary pay. But as for the washing machine, the will need to pay rate, which is approximately 15% of the value of the goods plus 20% value added tax. "

That Now that Customs is working on the new rules, they know not all carriers:

"And what is this innovation? Turns out that even once a month, you can not carry anything? Half crossing does not know about it. Unless get into trouble when they go across the border. But it seems to me that it is not visible changes: all, as usual. "

Another carrier said that the new rules will affect both the carrier and the consumer. Carriers suspend their work to adapt. But consumers should expect prices to increase:

"For example, the prices of washing machines, refrigerators, much older. However, it concerns foreign-made goods. Fact that we collect will cost the same, but the imported goods will become more expensive."

As for passenger cars, the tariff rates will remain at current levels until the first of July 2011a.


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