Was the war with the aliens?

Recently, the Russian press, and not only in Russia, increasingly there are publications in which it is in all seriousness that the soldiers defense of some countries had to engage in combat fight with unidentified flying objects with aliens from other worlds .

Are these claims without foundation?

So, about the most intriguing — the facts, when the "aliens from other planets," opened fire on earthlings. Here — the story of Hanoi.

The end of the 60s. The capital of North Vietnam from air attack by U.S. aircraft defends the body defense — nine anti-aircraft missile brigades, equipped with missile complex "Cube". In the body, from the commander to the soldier — the Soviet military. Divisions are located at a distance of 25 — 30kilometrov from the city. July evening over the position of one of the units hung a huge disc-shaped craft. Its diameter was more than 300 meters, at least, that determined the missile crews.

UFO appeared suddenly and completely silent at an altitude of about 10 kilometers. According to the system of identification "friend or foe" immediately request was sent. However, the object does not react to it. Brigade Commander immediately contacted the command center of the body and reported the unusual aerial target — like the Americans did not have combat aircraft. From there, after a few minutes (probably among the officers held a short meeting), he entered the order: open fire. Of the five battalions of the brigade, the gripping area which was a space alien, opened fire three, firing ten missiles. However, much to the chagrin and surprise of all military personnel they exploded with a large undershoot. Missile overcome by a feeling of anxiety, worry. At this time the silver disk sent by one of the gunmen divisions as thin as a needle, a blue ray. And the whole division — three launchers, radar tracking, missile guidance station — was turned into a pile of melted metal. Killed almost all staff — about two hundred people. Any more missiles, of course, by the terrible stranger was not released. He silently and quickly as it had appeared, disappeared into space.

So, or something like rocket scientists described the battle with UFOs near Hanoi. This story is considered the most accurate descriptions of the other numerous fights and fighters with rocket unidentified flying objects.

Born this story appeared a few years ago. Was the primary source of its New York-based newspaper "New Russian Word". It has provided its pages "to immigrate to the United States to the former Soviet officer Mark Steinberg, has long had access to classified documents defense."

Mark Steinberg notes that the incident near Hanoi in detail described in the three-volume work of former Chief of General Staff of the Soviet Armed Forces Marshal Matvei Zakharov "The war in Southeast Asia." Allegedly, the book is fitted with a high security classification, describes in detail all aspects of the war in Vietnam. There, according to Steinberg, is mentioned on the special directive Commander of Air Defense Forces, is strictly forbidden to conduct military operations against the unidentified spacecraft, published after the Hanoi emergency.

Overexposure — the mass. But at the beginning of the author. Steinberg in 1945, resigned from his post as commander of the platoon 280th anti-aircraft artillery battalion. Understandable to any documents of the secret nature of the post-war period, he did not have access. He could hear something? Yes, perhaps, but no more. Even more difficult it was to get acquainted with the work of the Chief of General Staff. However, none of them are not even the slightest hint of antiaircraft battle with UFOs.

I have talked with dozens of rocket that was part of a group of Soviet military specialists in Vietnam from 1965 to 1970. History, Present Steinberg, to put it mildly amused them. Lt. Gen. Boris Stolnikov retired, who served as a senior group of Soviet military specialists from December 1968 to December 1970, said in an interview with me:

— Nothing like that happened to me in the battle with UFOs would remember for a lifetime, and in the details. If the story would have taken place earlier, I also would have known about it, because it is out of the ordinary. Besides the loss of life of about two hundred people … In Vietnam, in an amount Soviet soldiers and officers did not die. Real UFO — an invention of pure water.

Said Stolnikova confirm the data presented in the book "Grief secrecy lifted. The loss of the Armed Forces in wars, hostilities and armed conflicts ", published by Military in 1993. In Vietnam from July 1965 to December 1974 the number of Soviet soldiers killed 16 people directly combat losses amounted to 13 people.

And how is it that the story was born with a UFO near Hanoi? I think somewhere heard by Mark Steinberg bike seemed credible, and he decided to predatoglaske information about the "actions of the Soviet Armed Forces in the interplanetary front" of the "secret Soviet archives."

The reason for the birth of a sensational story is an example of the numerous military clashes with the United States Air Force Air Defense. As you know, in Vietnam the Americans are actively used radar interference. There were frequent cases where the operators on the indicators radar interference received a mark of the mark from the goal, and then firing rocket men produced. Shelling "lozhnyakov" they were called "flying saucers."

For example, in April 1967, one battalion in Haiphong twice fired a decoy. The screen display station missile guidance only observed a mark of interference, and the purpose is not. April 24th Division carried out the launch of a single missile at a distance of 15 km. After meeting with the "purpose" it self-destructed. At that time, the group went to the aircraft object and inflicted blow on it.

Perhaps closer to the truth, Mark Steinberg, only to the extent he launched stories that mention the special directive of the Commander of Air Defense Forces, is strictly forbidden to conduct military operations against the unidentified spacecraft. No special directive has not been published. But all the policy documents of the Soviet Air Defense Forces unequivocally prohibited to open fire on the target, if it is not recognized. This is logical: what if civilian aircraft in the air. Target, regardless of its shape, the first required to identify, to establish its identity, intent, and only then make a decision.

Now an analysis of combat encounters — real. The appearance of many of the "hard facts" of fights with the "alien" is due, in my opinion, to unfolded after the Second World War, the military rivalry between the two major powers — the USSR and the USA. Americans believed that a UFO — it's the secret weapon of Russian in the Soviet Union, such suspicions were put forward against the Americans. This conclusion is very serious.

January 7, 1948 ground services Defence Air Force took the unusual report of Captain Thomas Mantell, who took off from an airfield in Kentucky to intercept an unidentified target. "I see some object. It seems as if it is made of metal, it is huge, starts to move up. He is home-based. I went up to a height of six and a half thousand. If I can not come closer to him, I will stop the persecution … "Soon, the line went dead. Fighter, attacking an unidentified flying object, went into a tailspin, the pilot was killed.

However, Soviet high-altitude aircraft of the time are not the cause of the death of Captain Mantell. In another case. In those years, one of the U.S. intelligence programs — "Moby-Dick" included the launch of high-altitude balloons, equipped with automatic cameras, the other spy equipment. Later these cylinders flew dozens of Soviet airspace. So, January 7, 1948 in the U.S. intelligence agencies and tested in strict secrecy high-altitude balloons, intended for infiltrating into the distant Russia. Mantell met one of these "gifts" for Russia. Of course, the operation of "Moby-Dick" Air Force Captain knew nothing and took the balloon for an unidentified object. Pursuing him, he rose to great heights, and having no oxygen mask, lost consciousness.

Several similar attacks carried out in the fifties and Soviet fighter pilots. Anti-aircraft gunners opened fire, as it was in July 1957 in the Kuril Islands. The result? Objectives left intact. Soviet military experts also believed that dealt with unidentified flying objects. But only until such time as the press is not leaked information that the American intelligence services produced aircraft "ghost" and are exploring all over the world. Yes, we are on the U-2 plane "Lockheed." Only in the last two or three years, the Russian general public became aware that the aircraft less reflective surface to reach for anti-aircraft artillery and fighter committed with impunity altitude flights over the Soviet Union. He plied with the same success as the heavens are the Baltic States, and Siberia, and the Far East. Black monoplane was the "ghost" up to 8 hours 53 minutes 1 maya1960 years, until he was shot down by Soviet anti-aircraft missile system S-75 near Sverdlovsk.

The reader may ask: is the day before the May 1960 "visual image" of the U-2 did not say that in front of the soldiers defense aircraft? Said, but not always. By the way, test the latest equipment, aerial reconnaissance operations were often accompanied by bursts of information about UFOs. So it was with the operations and the use of U-2 "Lockheed." They were held in the strictest confidence.

Ask to speak to Colonel-General Yuri retired Votintseva:

— In 1955, after graduating from the Military Academy of the General Staff I was appointed Deputy Commander of the Army Air Defense. Parts of it were equipped with anti-aircraft missile system S-25, now removed from service. In addition to her association comprised of early warning radars, for the time committed. They were then 200 kilometers from the capital. And in August 1957, one of the nodes in the far east of Minsk detection at an altitude of about 20 thousand meters mark gave the target. The purpose of moving through Minsk to Moscow. A few tens of kilometers to the affected area air defense missile systems, it turned around and went to the west.

The specialists faced a difficult task — to identify the target. The amazing thing is that it seems to be "sinking" — disappeared at times when it is not to disappear, as they say, out of the blue. Embarrassed and speed, which in some areas differed sharply from the plane and reaches a cruising speed of up to bird flight. Experts believe that if the plane, then it should fall at this point. However, the purpose could not be a flock of birds-birds at a height not fly. A natural phenomenon? Sounding balloon, which at the time are often run by Western intelligence agencies? But how then to understand that the mark has reached a certain point and then began to move in the opposite direction — to the west? There are more questions than answers. In short, the goal is "invisible." Aviation or the Air Force or the Navy, capable of operating at an altitude of 20 thousand feet, there was no check for "battle" is not up to snuff.

However, with the "invisible" I still had to meet. In May 1959 I headed a separate Turkestan Corps Air Defense — Defense Corps subsequently Turk VO. And then, when acquainted with parts of the body, one aviation regiment commander Lt. Col. Gorunov told a mysterious story. For 3 — 4mesyatsa before my appointment at the time the modern station F-30, the only way, in part, found aerial target at an altitude of about 20 thousand. meters. The squadron commander, an experienced pilot, was raised to its interception on the MiG-19 — the ceiling of the car was 15, 5 thousand meters. He managed to disperse the MiG-19 and at the expense of dynamic slides out to a height of about 17, 5 thousand meters. He reported that he saw on a higher plane in the 3-4 thousand. But at the height of 17, 5 thousand meters, he lasted a few seconds and began toppling. It is understood to have lost sight of the goal. And soon lost her radar. When the pilot landed, reported the results of their observations. He painted the plane, the one that saw: cross, large wings, small flaps. Reported to Moscow, the General Staff of Air Defense Forces. From there, soon arrived with a team of fighter aircraft commander Colonel-General Yevgeny Savitsky. Arriving a long conversation with the pilot, analyzed the data obtained. The result of the commission has puzzled the whole band — monitoring the pilot, which rose to intercept the target, "stealth", were taken into question. Sawicki said the pilot invented that watched the goal, he says, wanted to excel, to earn the award. The impression was that the commission was a strong belief — not yet established such aircraft that could hold a few hours at an altitude of 20 thousand meters.

So, in the sky TurkVO "ghost"? No wonder-plane, the product of the mind and hands of a man of the company "Lockheed." U-2 began to fly over the USSR with 1956goda. The first was carried out on the aircraft factory 56-6680 series. Starting in Dasbadene (Germany) July 4, 1956, the pilot was over Moscow and Leningrad, "over two seriously the defending parts of the world," and through the Baltic states returned to their base. The pilot reported that part of the Soviet air defense system did not open fire. A total of four years (from 1956 to 1960-D) over the Soviet Union carried out about 30 flights.

So why does almost to May 1, 1960, when he was hit near Sverdlovsk, the U-2 was a "stealth"? There are several reasons, but the high-performance characteristics of the aircraft, ahead of time.

First of all military personnel hit the mountain. Already in the first hour of the U-2 flight was climbing 68,000 feet (about 20,000 meters), and on the seventh — 74,000 feet (25,000 meters). If locators at such heights could still detect it, then steadily follow — no. But only if accompanied by a steady performance targets can be set and determine that it is an airplane, not a natural phenomenon, not sounding balloon. In short, to the conclusion that there are aircraft flying well above 20 kilometers, never came.

April 9, 1960 U.S. intelligence agencies carry out regular reconnaissance operation. 6:00 48 minutes was the U-2 in Soviet airspace, with a height of 20 thousand feet he "looked" at the top-secret facility — the Semipalatinsk nuclear testing ground, ground air defense forces near the Sary Shagan missile test site Tyr-Tam (Baikonur Cosmodrome). Air defense radar spotted it, identified as the target plane (knock it failed). And even then, our experts have a lot of ambiguities.

At a meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party in April 1960, using data wiring, chairman of the State Minister of the USSR aircraft technician Peter Dementev and general designer Artem Mikoyan stated, there is no aircraft in the world who could 6:00 to go 48 minutes at an altitude of 20 thousand meters and above . They did not rule out that the aircraft was climbing periodically, but then he would surely decreased. So those air defenses that were in the south of the country, it had to be destroyed.

From then proceeded Dementev and Mikoyan, making such a statement? You can only make a guess. Referring, for example, on the particular set of NAU-2 turbofan engine company "Pratt & Whitney," which could operate in the stratosphere, where there is virtually oxygen at low speed monoplane. By the time our aircraft Pavel Sukhoi also climbed above 20 thousand feet, but their engines worked by the influx of oxygen delivered by the tremendous speed. Engine as in U-2 can operate not only at a low speed, and low-limit of 150 km per hour (airspeed), while minimum cruising speed of the aircraft, it was thought to be not less than 400 miles per hour. Immediately affected not only excellent performance characteristics of the engine of the company, "Pratt & Whitney," but the fact that the designer Clarence Johnson performed the plane like a glider with an unusually large wingspan — 30 meters, 15 meters length of the aircraft. Affected excellent quality plating, slicked-shaped fuselage.

All taken together, allowed the U-2 is almost "invisible" surf the Soviet sky, flying over the top secret objects. Invaded the Soviet Union, he said, the analysis shows that in areas where there was a continuous radar field, and where it was — under the guise of other aircraft. Therefore, in the future, in case of its radar, no longer qualifies as an infiltrator, as well as an unidentified target (this experience, by the way, used the Rust). Moreover, falling in an atmosphere of the U-2 could fly with the engine turned off, as a glider. At the moment he is not perceived as a plane — a small mark, flying at a speed of a flock of birds in a spiral, a fast climb.

Contributed to the emergence of "battles with aliens" and include anti-secrecy. Is it the same Captain Mantell in January 1948, would have taken the attack, had he known about the secret program with balls "Moby-Dick"? Or here is another typical example. In printing, a message appears repeatedly, that, say, the Soviet fighter planes attacked the UFO. They were based on hearsay, and the soil was for them. Our pilots occasionally had to catch balloons that are run by U.S. intelligence agencies, which have already been mentioned. Information about the same before the media was brought not always, and flying "duck." Once the imaginary secrets refused, sensational wave on newspaper pages stopped to turn into a storm.

We now turn to the facts that can not be explained, as they say, unequivocally. One of them dates back to World War II, and was considered by ufologists first encounter with a UFO.

February 25, 1942 the residents of American towns near Los Angeles shook with volleys of anti-aircraft guns. Panic. The output was quite certain — the North American continent came the war. Only the next day, the radio and the newspapers reported: cannon roar meant no offense troops in Japan and Germany to the United States, it was an undeclared war aliens. Armada of flying saucers appeared in 120 kilometers from the city. Observers recorded 20-25 aircraft oddly shaped. Anti-aircraft artillery units stationed in California, opened fire on the uninvited guests. However, disk-like devices left intact.

What could it be? Some experts believe that the U.S. air defense systems are faced with the phenomenon of radar mirage. It is appropriate to refer to the study by the American astrophysicist Menzel. About 80 percent of reported UFOs due to the observation aircraft, balloons, kites, bright fireballs. The remaining observations are explained by the various phenomena of atmospheric optics.

Thus, the radar deception? But there were versions and such: Attack of the flying saucers can be attributed to the fantastic, is not yet known project opponents — Japan, for example. Not excluded and then Germany. Referred to the fact that the "father" of the V-1 missile and V-2 Werner von Braun suggested Fuhrer new missile system (modification A9/A10) for shooting in New York.

Ambiguously interpreted and some of the facts of today. The cases to be discussed, occurred almost simultaneously, but in different parts of the world — of Moscow, near the Yaroslavl highway, and in Belgium. First, an "attack" on UFOs, held Soviet fighter-interceptor.

March 21, 1990 in the evening from the monitoring stations air defense units began receiving signals about UFO sightings, more precisely, the object with white lights, moving at a rate far exceeding the speed of the aircraft. Raised the interceptor. Of the explanatory memorandum of Lieutenant Colonel A. Semenchenko:

"At 21.38 has been commanded to take off. The air got a problem: in Pereslavl detect and identify the target at an altitude of two thousand meters. V22.05 … visually detect the target, indicated by two white flashing lights. The goal changed the height in the range of 1000 meters and the direction of flight. Manual included with the permission of sight to radiation, checking off the weapons. Watched the target on the screen. At the request of "I own," the goal is not answered. KP carried out by the team turn. Observed in the north and north-west of the light phenomenon, reminiscent of the northern lights of low intensity. Finished target approach to the range of about 500-600 meters. Was above the target, trying to determine its nature. Saw only two bright white flashing light. Against the backdrop of the illuminated city briefly saw the silhouette target. The nature and identity because of the limited light conditions difficult to determine. Team-KP stopped job. "

Why the pilot did not go on further convergence, asks a reader? In the Main Staff of the Air Defense Forces officials to journalists, including the author of these notes, gave the following answer: safety regulations do not allow the suit to another object closer than a kilometer.

So, Colonel Semenchenko watched "the end" on the screen, but at the same time, on-board recording equipment did not record the presence of the object. How to respond to the UFO other technical means? On the radar screens of several object was observed, one locator is not fixed target, although the calculation was alerted number one for the detection and identification of the object.

Analyzing the behavior of the object when approaching it from the fighter, the data obtained from the calculations of ground radar, visual observation (were collected dozens of eyewitness testimony from the army of the Moscow Air Defense District), experts from the Chief of Staff of the Air Defense Forces came to the following conclusion. UFO is a disk with a diameter of 100-200 meters with two pulsating lights. The flight speed depended on the blinking side lights: the more lights were flashing, the higher the speed. Moreover, it is several times greater than the speed of a modern fighter. UFO movement was not accompanied by any sound. And the conclusion: the world famous aircraft such features do not yet have, so it was a natural phenomenon. Intercept a natural phenomenon of the defense did not intend to.

And now that has happened in Belgium. Since November 1989 the Air Force of the country, responsible for air defense, felt uncomfortable with the private communications of unidentified flying objects. On the night of March 30, 1990 the military decided to thoroughly check the incoming signals. Locator NATO Glonse (south-east of Brussels) and a locator Semerzakb (south-west of the capital), which control the civilian and military air traffic across Belgium, "caught" the reflected signal from the UFO.

Orders require the Air Force rescue forces to intercept all unidentified flying objects within the country. Therefore 00.05 two F-16 aircraft were ordered to take off and chase "stranger." The pilots could not take their eyes off their radar. Suddenly, on the radar screens of both planes unknown object appeared in the form of a moving point. He was immediately taken to the auto tracking. Locators kept goal 6 seconds.

Means of objective control revealed the following: the object, which went at a speed of 280 km / h, reached one second of 1800 km / h and will use a height of 3000 meters by 1700 meters. Such a fantastic acceleration could not withstand any fighter pilot. What has surprised experts? With a height of 1700 meters to promptly went on the decline, and at an altitude of less than 200 meters disappeared from radar F-16.

The impression was that the crew knew the combat capabilities of the UFO F-16 and played the show in the sky. So, he went down sharply to a height where the F-16 from the — for the density of the air can not fly at the speed limit for yourself, and then abruptly soared into the air. Then left in the direction of the twinkling lights of the suburbs of Brussels, merging with them.

Clearly, questions have been raised: whether UFOs are not U.S. aircraft such as "Stealth" do not go to their test flights? However, the U.S. Embassy in Brussels, immediately made it clear that the Belgian authorities that "your UFO — it's not our planes."

Experts addressed the possibility of a U.S. stealth aircraft F-117A ("Stealth"). Its minimum speed — 287 km / h, while the speed of the UFO dropped to 40 km / h. F-117A does not have the towing jet engines that would allow him to fly so slowly. Also, no plane can not fly at a speed of 1,800 km / h so low to the ground and thus no sonic boom.

Of course, it was assumed: possible electromagnetic interference (wave amplification in some points of space and relaxation in others, and depending on the phase difference between the interfering waves). But it can be on the radar of a flying airplane instead of two. especially since the F-16 went a few kilometers away from each other. We add that at the same time, ground radar NATO reacted much the same. It is believed that the three immediately radar can not become victim to the same interference. So, still in the air was a real earthly object?

Agree with this conclusion Belgian specialists, like the Soviets, did not allow the following circumstances. Describe the characteristics of the object does not match the earthly notions of propellers, on the lifting force. The object (the funds objective monitoring and eyewitness testimony) does not have wings — such as in aircraft, no nozzles, screws, they are silent, or almost silent, moving with great speed.

At the time, both the Belgian and Soviet specialists are making assumptions about what earthly aircraft with such capabilities yet, the press began to get information about the new generation of aerospace technology. It appears, type aircraft F-1 17A ("Stealth") — is the day yesterday.

At the end of 1990, with reference to specific witnesses authoritative magazine "Aviation Week and Space Technology" reported that, in the vicinity of a number of secret U.S. military facilities in the deserts of Nevada and the Mojave aircraft appeared unusual configuration. It is suggested that the generation of new prototypes seating military aircraft are capable of speeds of at least 10 times the speed of sound. In their tactical and technical data, far exceed created using the latest technology of "stealth" aircraft "invisible» F-117A.

As described by witnesses, strange and mysterious aircraft? They have a flat triangular shape and more like a "flying saucer". Mesmerizing everyone and that they are, first, to "move almost silently in the air", and secondly, they have a "very high ceiling flight." The magazine had been given and other evidence of the existence of a series of devices with unusual engines and aerodynamic shape, which is currently not fully understand. This recognition was forced to make the magazine, which, apparently, not an unusual surprise in the aircraft and rocket. According to the magazine, the testimony of the witnesses testify, perhaps, on the implementation of the private aviation project under the code name "Aurora" — it was mentioned in a number of lists of the Pentagon budget.

In short, both Russian and Belgian cases can probably also explain the affairs "of human hands." Years later, we may learn that conducted operations similar to "Moby-Dick." In the meantime, a lot of puzzles, including specialists. It is no accident, for example, in the preparation of dogovorovOSV-1, according to reports in the Western press, the Americans suggested the inclusion of a paragraph on the exchange of data on UFOs. The desire of specialists understand. Numerous appearances in the air UFOs are in our troubled world lead to irreparable consequences. Well, when the combat readiness of air defense units are on duty. And if the unidentified objects zasekut radar systems means the missile warning?

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