We bought a new paddy


"Fashion Capital"

Journalistic eye so configured that reacts to every bit of news in the city. The latest, perhaps — Grodno "rich" to "paddy". There was one, became two. At the last mass event they were solidly there, for me it was completely unexpected that recalled the rather inappropriate sayings — "two of a kind — a pair" and "One head is good, two or much better," guys. However, sayings about increasing fleet of lattice vans still does not come up. Although the topic is simple. "Will you, brother, rebel —

Will you, brother, rebel — "paddy wagon" you can not escape

"Paddy wagon," you can not escape. "Or -" the larger the city, the better to "paddy wagon."

In late May, came to us a very big chief metropolitan, security measures have been extraordinary, but the "paddy wagon" is the only one on duty, our old. Surely, after the authorities decided that the gray-haired royal city is undignified, do not correspond to the regional status. I do not know whose oversight was before — or a former "governor" who was fired rather abruptly, or a former police chief, against whom criminal proceedings have printed? I remember the scene: he is giving instructions on this site — in the Soviet area, and nearby dark green "paddy wagon" in pleasant anticipation.

You know, for those elections, when there was no edict "of the three terms," our city looked like, perhaps, quite a provincially: there was not one available, "paddy", only in the capital's stories could see powerful MAZ vans, obviously — fresh produce automobile capital. Oh, and later we have identified some of the limited funds, only one otzhaleli, but he is — that football that pop singing in the square, the Vatican's representative that will come into the department — always on duty in the city streets.

Cow's milk

And how can you not say more about our brave black beretav? "Gone crazy, gone crazy at all! .." — Solid chunky guy with a package of milk, which is not passed through the Soviet area, raced from one checkpoint to another, but he had no chance of fatal directly hit home, since he had in his hands liter carton of milk. What is, perhaps, the pleasure felt nimble armed men, not allowing the passage of an elderly man who was sorry to throw a "dangerous" milk. A friend "PPC" I counted about twenty people were checking people, bags or simply showed himself — cap badges, chevrons and everything else. They looked quite opinionated.

Well, here at least expect the concert is free: if you want a freebie — be patient. And I'll tell you another recent example. My buddy and his wife bought tickets to a concert under the roof, but they waited a whole squad of armed men, one of whom znyachevku commanded: "Hands up!" My friend that it is very annoyed. Imagine: decent people come to listen to a concert, a ticket is no hint of people with handcuffs and rubber clubs that you begin to humiliate? You get out of his own pocket pay not only musicians, but also of armed men, who did not order. It is unhealthy, though almost forgotten, the Soviet custom of selling goods "laden" — to impose something decent to you on top of any improper conduct that no one voluntarily wants to buy.

Suppose, my buddy got them in the end to ask for forgiveness, the case is, of course, rare. But what kind of fruit? Spoiled the mood, the time stolen:

They increasingly see themselves as the masters of life, no attendants, who lives on the money the residents of the city, which is to protect them from bullies and various troubles, and those who reigns over us.

through police checks concert began at forty minutes later. "Where is the book of complaints?" — I would like to ask rhetorically. Thus, the citizens — people naive, they think that the police should respond to instances that look a little different — in the scars, "headscarves", drunk, in chains, furiously, for example. But in our reality differently. I remember: my colleagues and I once could not get into the court building, the desk sergeant persistently referred to a decree of his platoon commander, who, like, forbidden entry to journalists. We explained to him that do not serve in their platoon sergeant and orders do not apply to us. In response, he argued that in the barracks there is no such constitution and a fortiori press law and order from the commander believes it your best, because for him this dayhy pay …

Yes, we do not agree with them, they increasingly feel themselves masters of life, without attendants, who lives on the money the residents of the city, which is to protect them from bullies and various troubles, and those who reigns over us. It does not matter that we do not serve them in the same platoon and vsporvaemsya for signal "up!" In their barracks. For us they are "knocked out" extra "paddy" and probably not the last, "Gros-election" is again in the lead. So temporarily "paddy wagons" for export will not go, you need to provide yourself first, "self comes first."

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