What about tomorrow?

What about tomorrow?They say that what does not kill you makes stronger. But you must admit that what kills us, is us.

Will not talking about vodka. Say about it quite thoroughly. And, many of us are completely normal without it.

I should like to say a few words about the world in which we live. The virtual world. Which from year to year is becoming more varied and affordable. And without which it would be a shame as it may sound, no way. I'm on the current information space.

Yes, I sadly An old shit that does not live on the Web. I use it, yes. I shake my movies, books and music. I allow myself to speak from time to time the outlook for the public. We somehow learned to coexist information space. I do not about these, quite right components of our being. I'm on the placebo.

Let for themselves throw a glance back, that way for 20 years. When there was no web, mobile phones, and was listed as a computer game console that connects to a TV set or a pandora size of KamAZ.

I can not say that it was exciting. No, at the moment a lot more fun, of course. More opportunities to entertain yourself, sweetheart. And then had to develop a mind of its own and it was a little more complicated than develop muscles, despite the absence of rocking and Kettler. Nothing managed. Who wanted — developed brains who wish — developed a body who wished to cooperate — tried to cooperate. It was very simply and practically with style.

Progress at the end of the last millennium was similar collapse. There was a huge amount of available goodies that are not slow to affect the ordinary Bourgeois. Web has become a boon for the poor spirit and mind. Still, obmaterit, pour mucky companion, knowing that for you for it will not be completely nothing. Freedom! And the phrase "I'll break the scoreboard for you" and the meaning of the upcoming acts slowly replaced by the danger of "I'm your ip-address calculate" … Yeah, in a way! From Khabarovsk in Novgorod? Come on …

Well rudeness. It always has been, and apparently, will continue. Previously could only be rude confident in their own individual strength, then at least for the moment what with dynamic ip. God is with them, impudent, that he may abide with force register. But we went on. At the time, reading the works of Lukyanenko "Labyrinth of Reflections" and "False Mirror", I looked at them as funny fantastic creations. But … what a shame it did not sound. Lukyanenko was a genius. Which foresaw almost everything. For that he can forgive even the "Watch". Take off my hat, but not with awe, and with awareness, in which we were shit.

We come. We — as it is we who live on the same planet malehankih. Konyashek grow, build Small Farmhouse, milking virtual cows … Indeed, soon to virtual'll get hamburgers. This is not a degradation? And to take over real money for virtual pribambashki game? And then brag about that (now overheard on the bus) "Tanyuha, I address you to throw, there are ladybugs, milk yield — get! I bought 3, just 300 rubles … "

About stately web! You're in kind our Lord, which giving to each his own. And everyone enjoys it for the benefit of for themselves. But what we come?

I will allow myself to another retreat. Why do I share these ideas here? A very simple. There seems to be a thinking people. Yes, there were people with whom I was arguing. With someone does not agree, someone brought their reasons. But every time I had to strain their brains, rummaged in the same ternetu in search of sources, so as a "wiki" is not the channel. And thank him found. And learned a lot. And thank you, and allies and opponents. In particular, so as specifically due to our own brain and his work for the sake of their own feelings of grandeur, I'll never be longer even office and pet, poke a mouse in virtual peace and muttering, "Yeah, cows to milk, cabbage drive to the store to fix the drill …".

In short, thank you all!

Annoying thing: we have characterized like to divide the world on a dark and snowy, on their own and others'. So now, I hope that in another 10 years I will not have problems with the adoption of a job because of the fact that I do not have a profile in the "Classmates" and there is no farm. What we did not squeegee the reservation unwilling to raise konyashek. That the questionnaires did not appear until "how many friends you have in contact? '. And so on. After all, what is the most rotten — all can be. For it seems to me that here this internet mediocrity has taken over the world. I really hope that I, unlike Lukyanenko, not a seer.

But live the world's fascination with virtual twin … just do not want to.

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