What after all is beriberi

What is a deficiency diseases

Sufficiently often we write off our malaise, constant fatigue, deterioration of the hair, teeth, eyes, nails or skin beriberi, even without knowing a clear definition of the term. We are trying to cope with sleepiness cup of coffee, but with many neuvvyazkami mouth, only a doctor can understand. With all this destruction of their system can only improve prosthetics.

Information about what vitamins do not have enough body, fit to fill the gap allows the necessary substances and avoid the harsh consequences, including emergency dental prosthetics. Information on how to perform this operation you can read here http://www.dentaclass.ru/prosthesis/prosthetics.htm. In most cases, we are faced with the scarcity of seasonal vitamin and deficiency diseases — quite severe human disease, healing, which should be kept under the control of only a dentist.

Long a lack of vitamin C causes scurvy as a disease. This languid disease can develop in just 1-3 months and lead to a languid effects, such as bleeding gums, tooth loss, and anemia.

Beri-beri or polyneuritis — consequence Shortcomings in food vitamin B1, which is found in rye and wheat bread, cereals. The disease is accompanied by lesions of the peripheral nervous and cardiovascular system.

When the body is missing vitamin E, developed pellagra — characterized by weakness, insomnia, diarrhea, excessive irritability, as well as the paralysis of the limbs. If you ignore the healing defect this vitamin and as a consequence disease, can lead to the death of a person for 2-years.

Sufficiently often in children from birth to 5 years old with symptoms of rickets. Provokes them defect vitamin D, which are rich in seafood, liver, milk food.

Simultaneous multiple vitamin deficiency leads to poliavitaminozu. His healing is best done with the help encompassing vitamins, designed for the specific age and a variety of food.

In our time, to ensure the receipt of all necessary vitamins in the body quite easily. Equilibrium and varied diet, the constant use of dairy products, fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals — will allow for you to keep forever vigor and health. But do not get carried away by excessive consumption of any vitamin or mineral, because their surplus as defect, provokes a more severe consequences.

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