What and why retrieves Our homeland on the Black continent

What and why Russia is looking for on the continentPhoto report about the last month back in Pretoria, at an air base Waterkloof, international arms exhibition Africa Aerospace and Defence 2012 (AA & D) «NWO" published as early as the 34th edition of the newspaper. But the sense of a left unsaid. All the more so that the creator has promised to return to this subject in the next publications.

Unfortunately, captured and diverted from the hidden ordinary newsprint turnover. But to think about what we are going back to Africa, for example, why "Uralvagonzavod" Unlike other companies, and from previous years decided to invest in such harsh action, as far as delivery of natural samples Mainland combat upgraded T-72 tanks and tank support combat vehicle — BMPT, to analyze these and other actions, including those associated with our government and its army, to get an answer from competent professionals, which is all done, in our opinion, though worth it. Suppose a small delay. The main thing is not the time.


So why do we need this Africa? What we're lost and looking for? Not if we were late with their return to the mainland after a very tight here is based China? These questions are the responsible editor of "NVO" said in an exclusive interview for the newspaper's head of delegation of "Rosoboronexport" — Deputy CEO Alexander Mikheyev.

— In fact, we have not lost anything here, — said Alexander, — we just go back to this market. In 90 years the majority of Russian companies working here in the arms market without the help of others. And if we take sub-Saharan Africa, we see: Russian Alliance has laid a very strong foundation here in the state armies, and today in view of the situation, which here has developed in the last two years, I am referring to North Africa, many countries are concerned about their own safety, the fight against terrorism, exhibit very high enthusiasm to develop their own defense.

Over the past 5 years, we have a lot of what happened on this continent, explains sovereign Mikheev. We develop business with Angola, we are developing the case of Uganda, with Namibia. From these and other countries shows a lot of enthusiasm to our all-encompassing weapons systems. Here and modernization of tanks, helicopter facilities, purchase of small arms, anti-aircraft systems. Show enthusiasm and to the elements of weapon systems. Combat platforms are created here with the role of European companies, and the more advanced systems with the role of Russian companies.

"Rosoboronexport" is interested in the presence at this show, I said deputy general director of the company. It's very exciting. We have focused on products that can intrigue our African colleagues. But apart from the African here are our classic partners from Malaysia, Indonesia, India and China. Because this is a very good platform for various meetings, exchange of views, advice.

And I would put it this way: if Le Bourget or Farnborough — is a review of the leading technologies, the place to discuss prospects of cooperation development paths of aircraft, in Pretoria has already held consultations with the commercial enthusiasm with the next sale. Or are we here to compare notes, and write contracts, or run across in the business talk about the promising agreements.

— Do not you worrying whether the competitiveness of the Chinese, who have worked very hard in these countries and sells them, throwing off the dumping an old Soviet military equipment and promoting his? And also, as they say specialists, often at lower prices?

— This lightweight awareness of the situation — says the emperor Mikheev. — We are used to working in a competitive environment. China is now, more tomorrow any country. By the way, South Africa is very intense experience in military equipment, first on the African market, but its products, you can see and in Southeast Asia, and yuzhnolatinskom market. We also partner with China on military-technical cooperation. And if African countries are willing to take the Chinese technique — it is their choice, it's their right. We are not afraid of competition, we worthily represent our equipment, are ready to tell about the advantages and benefits of their own weapons. Yes, he has, perhaps, as, in general, and the Chinese, there are also shortcomings in comparison with the products of some European companies. But it is the buyer's choice, it is his right — it is the market. Here everyone is promoting their own product. And generally "cost plus efficiency" has not been canceled. You just need to find and search for new forms of cooperation nezaezzhennoy.

What and why Russia is looking for on the continentPartners on the "BrahMos" — a Russian sovereign and Indian sovereign Dergachov Agnihotri.

The color of dark-skinned with a rotary wing

The fact that non-traditional forms of cooperation Russian companies are finding Saharan Africa, suggesting the signing of an agreement between "Helicopters of Russia" and the African company Denel Aviation to develop a service center for maintenance of our helicopters. According to the CEO of the company "Helicopters of Russia" Dmitry Petrov, on the mainland now has more than 500 Russian "rotorcraft". And leave them without our attention would nekompitentno.

The regional service center for Russian military and civilian helicopters will be created during the year in Johannesburg (South Africa), he said. This will be the first such center, which will be in Africa. The agreement was concluded for five years. Referred to as helicopters 60s and modern. According to the emperor Petrova creation of such a center will help to promote Russian helicopters for the African market.

South African company "Denel" has to do all the facilities and logistics to a year center started its work. "This equipment will be delivered right Russian production, there will be Russian experts at work. In turn, the experts at "Denel" from October this year begin training programs when the company "Helicopters of Russia" in Novosibirsk, "- said Petrov. He stressed that in this center may soon appear and such new Russian helicopters as "ANSAT" and Ka-62.

According to the interviewed professionals, the African aviation market is very attractive to manufacturers Helicopter him struggling European Eurocopter and AgustaWestland, South American Bell Helicopter, Robinson Helicopter and Sikorsky Aircraft. And it would be unwise to leave this continent rivals. After all, Russian helicopter market in Africa has long been a regular. There are well aware time-tested Russian helicopters "Mi" brand. African airlines and international humanitarian organizations are widely used machine MI-8/17. To replace them is an upgraded modification of the Mi-171A2, which inherited the best features of this family, providing carriers with new technology and extensive transportation capabilities, coupled with the highest level of safety and comfort.

In addition, the commercial market demonstrates the ability of the new multi-purpose light civilian helicopter "ANSAT", as proposed operating companies in adapted for local use test version. The helicopter — a response to the gr
owing need for the African market in light multi-purpose machines. Various modifications of this model can be used as a transport and cargo companies, and medical and rescue services, the police and special departments. The main advantages of "Ansat" are as easy operation and easy maintenance.

Southern Africa "Helicopters of Russia" offer as the average multi-purpose helicopter Ka-32A11VS (two helicopters of this type are already working in the north of the continent). The car is certified in 2009 by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and is available to all the continents. The coaxial scheme carrier system Ka-32A11VS gives him an advantage in precision hovering and maneuverability you need when performing assembly operations highest difficulty (for example, in the construction of transmission lines in difficult terrain). Another advantage of the Ka-32A11VS — the ability to put out the fire using horizontal water cannon. And at the exhibition in Pretoria he was introduced just in fireproof version.

But he was, like our other rotorcraft, promotion at the local market or not depends including the successful operation of the joint venture — service center in Johannesburg, maintenance and modernization of Russian helicopters.

Tanks are not afraid BUSH

Another such center, but the maintenance and modernization of armored vehicles, is about to open in Africa "Uralvagonzavod". About how much weight is assigned to the mainland nizhnetagiltsy promote their own products can be judged not only by what they brought to Pretoria real tank and a real tank support combat vehicle. Yes, and the fact that talks about this technique led to his interlocutors Advisor to the Director General of Uralvagonzavod, past Commander of the Land Forces and the representative of the unchangeable past of in the NATO Army General Alexei Maslov. He promised us a couple of times encounter and tell us about the prospects of cooperation with local firms, but did not find the time. This time, there was a near head of the military-technical cooperation enterprise Igor Kulikov. The first question I asked him, was a natural.

— You drove in Africa for thousands of kilometers, its own tank T-72 and BMPT. For what?

— We have presented here at the show two full-scale reference — upgraded T-72 tanks and combat vehicle fire support BMPT. Presented as the exhibition in Pretoria is naikrupneyshey on the mainland and there are delegations of virtually all African countries, which are including our prospective customers. Here, in the African market, there are many T-72 tanks.

— And how many you can name?

— If we talk about the whole of Africa, it is difficult — it is of the order of several hundred.

— A hundred or thousand?

— If we take, for example, Libya, and there were several thousand such tanks (I later discovered was not lazy and noble British handbook The Military Balance. Naturally, it is — is not it a last resort, but, according to him, was in Libya 800 tanks of their T-72 — 200 pieces, other T-62 and T-55). How many are left today, it is difficult to read. But in Central Africa have a car T-72 and there is a need for its modernization. This tank has proven to be excellent. First, self-reliability.

— Can you read it as a Kalashnikov, in the midst of tanks?

— This comparison is difficult to make us. But it can be said that the modernization of the T-72 brings his own performance to the T-90. But it is at the maximum configuration. But we are talking about the complete set which will need a possible customer. Since the equipment is dependent on the conditions of operation of the challenges posed by the customer before the tank. Because, if the operation is in the desert area, for example in the African bush, where a lot of open space is one thing. If in a wooded, it is another. And we are ready to meet at least what the wishes of our customer.

We demonstrate the ability of the company Uralvagonzavod our design, technological capability and pin our hopes that potential customers will appreciate it.

— Who do you consider to be your main rival in the market modernization? After all, the T-72 makes the Poles and Czechs.

— Upgrade options may be very many. The Poles have made T-72, the company Bumar. At present, they continue to create them and offer their own versions of modernization, although we are in talks with them about the protection of intellectual affiliation. Produced and create a T-72 tanks Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, plus most of these tanks remained in the countries of Eastern Europe, most of the set, and in Africa. At present, we believe that the upgrade option offered by us, is the equilibrium and profitable. First, as the company Uralvagonzavod is the ancestor of the tank. She tracks down and its history, and the process of technological improvements. We can bring and the new technologies that are used in the development of modern technology. And those companies that simply upgrading previously delivered by us under license technology, such technologies do not possess. They only upgrade the tanks and not always cherished and superbly.

-Buy a new tank costs about two million bucks? And how much is upgrading relative newcomer to the tank — 10-15%?

— This is a very difficult question. It is clear that modernization is significantly cheaper than buying the newest machines. But it depends on the extent of modernization. In some places, it may be required to upgrade crawler belt, and it will be one value elsewhere — quite avionics upgrade towers or change the barrel, automatic loader, and the cost of a descent will differ significantly already.

There is no point talk about the cost of not knowing the workload. We need to realize that on the African continent tanks T-72 is already in place, and we're talking about the modernization of existing machines. But to calculate how much it will cost, very hard. Some portion of these machines Polga repair requests, only some modernization. We used to have the delegation of South Africa, which is very developed its own defense industry. They were interested in our new technology.

— Do not you want to do right center for maintenance, repair and modernization of its own tanks, so no need to carry them in Nizhny Tagil?

— We are certainly interested in the development of such center. This is the real strategy of our company. We want to find the volume of the market that there is, its prospects. We municipal company and we are very important to know what resources and what we can invest in this project, what we get from it. We are a commercial company and should be considered agents. Though, and we believe this market is very promising.

If we are talking about South Africa, then there is a spice here is logistics, and we do not rule out the ability, among other countries, to make a similar center here. We want to offer a wide selection of vehicles, but realize that there is not enough money is not enough, so take the latest technology and modernization — the most effective method. We are licensed to repair and upgrade. A sale — it is the prerogative of "Rosoboronexport".

— Why do BMPT in Africa? These machines because there is no?

— We already have the prospect of upgrading BMPT, have suggestions on different versions of this machine. Client — Ministry of Defense — it is not interested, even though the machine was created by order of the Ministry of Defense. We offer it at an outdoor market. Some of the foreign customer is willing to establish their communication systems, their management systems and fire-fight at the tactical level. We had a commander of the Land Forces of Angola (she has 300 tanks, about 200 of their T-72. — VL), he became acquainted with our modernization projects. And there were the highest representatives of India, Sudan, Benin (18 PT-76), Angola, Kenya (110 tanks T-72), South Africa, Botswana. We have more than 2-10-s states with which w
e are in talks about modernization. Among them are not only African. Although in Africa today the main task — to establish a service center for repair and modernization of the T-72. We absolutely need to close those segments that are there to make up mistakes of the USSR, who fussed about bad service delivered on the export of military products. And at the moment — that's our perspective.

"BrahMos" for an example

Another perspective was the creation of joint ventures. And while on the ground in Africa until there are none, in front of the shield of "Rosoboronexport" has settled the Russian-Indian company "BrahMos", which, according to the director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Alexander Fomin, has become a real breakthrough in our relations with foreign countries. And this is an example of military-technical cooperation of the Russian Federation and African states. We could not talk about it with a representative of our country in this company — the first deputy general director, deputy general designer of the MIC "NPO engineering", the general designer of tactical missile systems for the Navy, a medical technical sciences Alexander Dolgachev.

— Russian-Indian company brought to the exhibition Africa Aerospace and Defence 2012 three versions of its missiles — land, sea and air. But aviation is not there yet. How soon will he appear?

That's what we said about Alexander Dolgacev:

— Supersonic anti-ship missile "BrahMos" — brand product of the same company. As for his version of the aviation, the result of various events was a very long preparation for its implementation. At the moment, the project is developing quite rapidly. Air-launched rocket is ready at this point in the process of adapting the aircraft under this item. Due to the fact that there is a great cooperation on the plane, including international, took a lot of coordination and time until everything was settled. But at the moment everything has settled in principle. In this issue has played a very positive role "Rosoboronexport", because the aircraft will be modified through them. And I hope that next year we will come to the throwing tests. Rocket, I repeat, is actually ready. We were only problem with the adaptation of the aircraft. The complexity here in what? The missile is very large. On the aircraft itself such a big load class had never been hung, and the developers of aircraft, which is understandable, are cautious.

— They say that the Sukhoi designers with great skepticism about this idea.

— They do not actually worked with such weights. There needs to be reinforced and the airframe, and suspension assemblies, and electronic circuits too … needs to be reinforced. Rocket on a half-ton lighter, but still — 2.5 tonnes — a lot. It is easier due to the fact that there are other start-booster stage is not required such great tension, as in land and maritime start. Now I am satisfied with the progress of the project, I think that we will succeed. There is a refinement of the Su-30MKI. Russian rocket is responsible for the party responsible for the development of the aircraft Indians. The rocket was set ground tests, and there is a need to conduct air tests.

— A will create a rocket in the suburban village Reutovo?

— Now, if you talk about the Russian part, the company — a huge number of companies involved in the production of missiles. If we talk about the Tactical Missiles, there are two companies involved — altimeters makes Stone-Ural and warhead — Dzerzhinsk. They are a classic of our partners, members of the expansion valve, the glider and the engine is marching in Orenburg, the starting stage in Perm, Smolensk region, we plant. Gyro — Miass in the Urals. We have a wide geography. And in India, we have a huge number of plants involved. This plant Godridzh and Sea Boyce in Mumbai, and in the same place — the next plant, assembly creation in Hyderabad, snaryazhatelnoe establishment Naypure. So a very large enough for industrial cooperation.

What and why Russia is looking for on the continentCBI deputy director general Yuri Savenkov model antiaircraft missile and gun complex "Armour-C1."

— A sea and land, too, there is going?

— This is actually the same. Between sea and land package bundle is not a very big difference. Ground only outfitted with satellite navigation. In the main it is the same missile. Very highest level of unification. We loaded up with orders in 2018, and there are prospects for receipt of the order and a more distant years. The project is now recognized by all it took.

There is a contract on the regime of the missile technology control, we do not go over the limit of 300 km. At least some have a rocket control system — above-ground or naval part. As on the plane, it must be integrated into the instrument control, otherwise it can not work.

— "BrahMos" is set on the Indian frigates under construction?

— Yes, it is a project 11356 "tag." One is in India, he was handed over to the crew in a festive atmosphere. There remained ends with part — shooting a missile telemetry. Lately, I think it will happen. Second "Tarkash" sea trials. Now located in Kaliningrad, the third — on completion. The first three are built with a "Club" at the Baltic Shipyard.

— There are discussions that the Indians want to build three more ships?

— Their very wide shipbuilding programm. At present, "BrahMos" is located at 10 ships. This project 61ME, he rearmed to the "BrahMos" on it previously stood, "Termites." It's three ships, which you mentioned, the project is 11365, and the three ships that are built on Mazagondoke. And then — huge plans to build the Navy and upon all the ships they want to put the "BrahMos".

— You mentioned about submarines?

— Yes, this year they were going to make a start with pritaplivaemogo board out of the water to confirm the possibility of such start-up, then there is an order for such a boat.

Rocket-gun REBUFF

But apart from full-scale models of military equipment, as the T-72 and BMPT, an exhibition in Pretoria our companies traditionally have brought their products and layouts, numerous video clips on its application. Often held presentations of their own projects. One of those that took advantage of great popularity among professionals and military control of many states, there was a presentation of Russian anti-aircraft missile and gun complex "Armour-C1." Why Africa, and of the Russian Federation, too, "Armour", I explained to the Deputy Director General of the Tula Instrument Design Bureau, where did this car, Yuri Savenkov.

— We do not hide the fact that passionate about the promotion of the African market of our promising anti-aircraft missile and gun complex "Armour-C1" — said to me sir Savenkov. — This is our second trip to the African continent, in South Africa. The first was part of the intergovernmental commission, where we held a presentation ZRPK. Today's visit was aimed to meet a wide range of people — our future customers and forced to announce that I did not expect that to our system will show such great enthusiasm.

— Why do you talk about the system, not on a set?

— We call a complex war machine, and the system — a regimental set that we offer to our prospective buyers. There is a command post and a battery connected between themselves in one system. This is really an anti-aircraft missile and gun system of short-range actions. Because it was very interesting that the countries in th
e African region are showing such great interest in our complex. I will not name the number of delegations, but they were all at the level of Defence Ministers, including the Minister of Defence of South Africa. Interestingly, in our adresok not received a 1st observations, although in the media, particularly Russian, very often criticism for the our the address (hint, perhaps, to "HBO» № 33. — VL), lists some fabulous flaws. Typically, this occurs at the time of our abroad. Abroad, however, we only ask such questions as: "When you give us will be able to put these machines, and in what quantities." Quantity for us — a question, we will think over it, because the market is not same thing happens, it needs to rapidly learn and stuff. A value for us has been and will be a private Russian army.

— And in what countries you have already put their cars?

— I can not talk about the countries, I can only read about the regions. This region of the Persian Gulf, North Africa and the Middle East. (From the public domain it is clear that the contracts for the supply of "armor-S1" signed with Algeria, Syria, UAE and Iraq. — VL).

— Why, in your opinion, the press criticism for the address in your?

— I think there is an internal struggle Competitive and you should see that we've never released any of the 1st rebuttal. First, as we believe that our Russian weapon always has to be the best. A control of the army and navy will choose what it is more appropriate. Apparently, the reason for our criticism of the address that the armed forces in the near future are increasingly choosing our complexes, and that some of our competitors do not like it. We do not get offended. But the press will not argue.

— Do you think that your package has the undeniable advantage. What is it?

— First, the fact that in modern warfare front edge may not actually be. Now, the whole country can suddenly become the front edge. In this case, the combined arms, which we possess, rocket and cannon, where the value given to a rocket, not a gun, as it was in the "Tunguska", love the customers. Second, brand new highly integrated mental information system that uses all the radio spectrum and the optical spectrum, in combination with missile weapons — is decimeters, it cm, this is a different spectrum of communication — makes our range of very powerful tool. What very Like the customer? The fact that this system is highly protected. Even for one car, and when we talk about the system, the battery, or division, in fact it can not be suppressed by means of electronic warfare. Turns off one machine — are beginning to work more. The entire system is unreal silence. This justify the tests at all sites of. In general, not only at blocked. We litsezreem and during combat operations abroad. We litsezreem that our course is true, and we have made are not going to stop.

And when they say to us that we are in someone else's niche, we are with that strongly disagree. Niches should not be complex to be that on the front edge of that in the rear, highly mobile and efficient and have a low price for both the customer and the manufacturer. Ammunition used in the current raid has the highest density of prime importance. I believe that in the short-range actions should be a single complex. In systems of middle and far distance to look for aspects and proposals. Of course, to make a single system for all ranges unrealistic, but on the front edge, in the zone of operations from platoon to division should be one set with some ammunition, with a control system. At the depth of the front edge — 30-40 km, so that was a single ammunition, a unified system of training and management.

— You talk about the digital control systems.

— We have in the complex are several types of missiles foreseen. We are working with 2 types. In the future, there will be others. But with all with all this car — the one that is the most expensive element of the complex, will not be remade, just right for the coming upgraded weapons. Will improve its capacity, the software, in terms of detection and tracking — it all depends on the availability of components.

— Your package is now on wheels. It was in this form and on the Red Square. But to fight for the terrain wheels — not the most comfortable chassis.

— The wheels are optional for us. We have developed a variant on the tracks, we showed it to the last edition of the Land Forces. It was a real standard, in my opinion, is the best. It meets all the requirements of unification. We are, in principle anyway, on what basis have its own set. It can be on a wheelbase, track, on the basis of "KAMAZ", "Ural", even zabugornogo "Manna".

— Now the army crosses on three platforms — languid, medium and light. Combat actions are conducted in a complex, the role of the Army, Navy, Air Force, air defense and assault. In this sense, is willing to participate in their "armor"?

— Wheelbase does not limit us. We can stand up to any base, even for overseas. Utter put on a ship — put.

I should like to note that all of these are under the control of production of the Hero of Socialist Labor Academician IG Shipunova Arcadia. Thanks to him we have such success, and on the outside, and on the domestic market.

The exhibition … in Pretoria were with us and other notable meetings and discussions. All, unfortunately, does not come out to tell. They will be the basis for other publications.

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