What do they need from Syria?

What do they need from Syria?

On this topic is given a lot of answers. If your printer to print all the materials Syria yes add newspaper articles over the past 2 years are incomplete, then they can cover the whole of this long-suffering country, and before you know it, and Lebanon and Israel remain. What did they need from the poor Arabs?

Syria — an ally of Iran. Exactly! That's why clung to Assad. But then it could b start with Sudan, the Africans also friends with the Persians. Their army, unlike in Syria, no. Also in Sudan string bag full of minerals collected, operation demokratiaztsii strayed to 100 percent, also remained in positive territory.

Qatar was going to pull the gas pipeline to Europe, with all the conditions, all signed, Italian and French housewife tired of waiting for the gas from the sheiks, and Syria do not let go. Yeah, that's it!

But there are questions. Neuzh then on "mutually agreed terms" could not agree with Mr. Assad used, or it is the principle of nemnogovektorny.

Here's to all the countries of the world need a transit, and Assad is better to let half of the country smash, than from Tehran not see. Syria does not agree that Paris and other sheikhs in Londons own intestinal tract gas will be wearing? Qatar gas pipeline — Europe can bypass Syria that the right to the left. To the east of Syria otdemokratizovanny Iraq, the western part of the main sunnitskaya in Tehran does not happen, quite hungry and so completely convinced. Turkey and beyond — hello, Europe. You can pull up to the Mediterranean Sea, and there at the bottom, the bottom of the Gazprom Either all professionals in underwater laying bought? What Israel that Egypt with pleasure pray thee transit.

If Had all democratic thugs came out and came to a bloody chaos after how many decades (!) will pull the pipe can be. Afghanistan does not go through, and after an apocalyptic Syria out? Imagine last man in the so-CAP 2040-m, which crawled to the NIGHT MODE stroyuschemusya pipeline. It is this tube if opponents on all the mines izderzhal just razgryzet teeth. Insure that a hypothetical pipeline will not come cheap, but very expensive.

Another likely reason — Syria arming Hezbollah and Hamas and therefore, they say, and it decided to "clean up". This version does not hold water. Do you think that it is easier: to kill Napolovinuvoennoe malehankih education in the country or topple the regime large enough populous country. For those who wish to say that Syria mottled etnokonfesialnoe government to give a hint — Lebanon is the same if However, the quilt.

There are, of course, is another version of events — sectarian Alawite regime of Bashar al-Assad specifically destroys democratically minded majority of the Syrian people, but let it parses CNN, they lie in, like a fish in water.

So, the question of the title is not disclosed. To realize that wish to Syria, try to figure out who needs to kill Syria. I like the village people say that if a cow had been poisoned, then most likely it is to the 1st neighbor broke the fence. Either the cake on another porch put. In other words, let's make out neighbors Syria.

Turkey is a rapidly growing power of ourselves, from myself fascinated and stunned, and against the background of some skinny neighbors fully muscled. Each real-Turk on the wall hangs a map of the Ottoman Empire since the dawn (probably I'm not kidding), while Erdogan during trips zabugornyh it under the pillow is. But with all this quarter areas inhabited by Kurds, and these guys are able to tweak the map of Turkey in the strongest terms. Their apart eraser desperate guys and determination to build their own government, plus support for some hidden forces. On the strength of these I will try to write in a future article. Measured life Kurds the Turks will not give. In Ankara understands this, but doggedly seek out problems for themselves. This glorious town not so long ago, such talk was about:
"Hello, you care about the Western world. And one of the — room — do not — they say. "
"No, no, west Turkey does not care. Moreover, we look forward to when we come to the part of you, you will become. "
"Okay, then destroy Syria."
"But we have not taken in the east …"
"What? So you are, in the west or east? "
"We, uh-m. What do you want? ""
"Then listen to what needs to be done …"

Then, unfortunately, I did not hear the conversation, but in the following events is clear.

Jordan to keep the peace inside the country between local and refugees from Palestine. Where are they to severe adventures? Lebanon vtochnosti the same — a big discrepancy. Iraq is in general not country, and otdemokrachennaya area where the population is desperately fighting for his life (just a Darwinian, or both in 90 — e). In general, all of these countries, in principle, are not capable of independent policy. They were at one time with high permission allowed shown on a map if you misbehaved — painfully punished and so far forced to dance to their tune.

There is still a government company in the Middle East — Israel. Seems to me specifically to them, as my nephew says, "something bad from the bad should not." Let's take some features of this country make out details.

I relocate to hit it not at all. It's not even Slavic appearance, and in one pt questionnaire for applicants in the "earthly paradise." This is a point of faith, things are intimate and very personal for everyone. But representatives of the "best nation" insist that these may only join a Jew or an atheist and Christians and worshipers of Allah admitted. What you want is not much to be exceptional, here some skull must be the correct form, the other a real religion, or, at the thin end, generally should not be. Imagine what would howl obschecheloveki raised. If FMS asking whether you believe, the applicant Said Abdulrashid / Ho Chi Minh City in the Holy Trinity. And here are silent in a rag. Maybe the chief editor of newspapers and magazines pile * eye slides, and therefore not visible.

On New Year's Eve in some towns of Israel can not put a Christmas tree, circle dances, and January 1, ordinary working day. The word Christmas in general in this tolerant country virtually banned. Would you like to eat — buy kosher food, want to sell food — make it kosher. No shops or restaurants do not dare to utter a word. Let him try to McDonald's in Moscow on Holy Week Orthodox priest to come and claim not to sell a cheeseburger. Noise "echo" (pardon the pun) until Christmas will suffice.

It turns out iudeskie clerics have a tremendous impact on all spheres of national life in Israel, and, unfortunately, many other countries around the world. Their real theocracy. Theocracy — a political system in which religious leaders have a critical impact on the country's politics (wiki).

Well, what's itself, will deliver the reader and will not be right. Type in yandex'e "Map of Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates." Inquisitive figures popping up, and even more interesting comments to them. They say that God promised us this land, what — what their prophets uttered that this whole area will be Jewish.

What goes: Egypt on the brink of a large-scale civilian war, trying to occupy Syria, Iraq is already under control. The situation in Jordan is relatively easy to swing. Ingeniously invented — the Arabs are killing Arabs and Jews will come later, all the Strip and will
be there to live a long and happy life, as the land they are guaranteed. In foreign policy, too theocracy.

Israel therefore Iran fought that ancient promise to predict the death of the Jews from the Persians. Translated into a modern and accessible language — such as a nuclear attack should get from Tehran. This is the main reason for opposition to Iran's nuclear programs from. The fact that other Islamic country has a nuclear weapon, they are not worried. Predictions about Pakistan in a word — no one in Israel is not excited.

I am here reminded of Terminator saga — Schwartz wants to kill Sarah Connor, to her son beduschy not beat the machine, but specifically Terminator pushes the poor lady in the arms of a brave Kyle Reese and actually is a birth and the future victory of John Conner. So here — if Iran ever attack Israel, it is only because of the insistence arrogant Jews.

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