What does the film for a modern audience?

What does a film for a modern audience?In comparison with the last 20 years of the last century a very changed not only the films, shows viewers very much changed and the ratio of the average of the viewer to the shows on television, in cinemas, on the Web. If you look the statistics, the vast majority of people interested in scans of different works and transmission, do not betray yourself watching absolutely no value, while only a dozen years ago, hike, for example, in cinema hall planned well in advance — like going to the theater, an exhibition or a museum.

If you look the statistics, we get about follow-up picture:

— most of the people who love look movies constantly in cinemas never actually look — all these people prefer to look online movies, and there are several circumstances immediately (they will be described later)

— on the contrary, those people who stare movies rarely, and a couple of times a month (note this refers to the feature-length films, and no advertisements, TV series and other periodicals), stroll to the movies more often an order of magnitude than those providing the front of the TV a few hours time per day

But the percentage of people in the first group constantly grows, while hiking in the cinema becomes less — this group is, in fact, is now only the youth. Because for young people campaign in the flick is a great method to gather together with friends and relax, what is really real interest in one way or another painting.

How much love to delineate and assess the current situation, experts in the field, a passive interest in the film in the main due to the fact that at the moment virtually all people want to look online movies. When man looking at different pictures actually times a day, and enthusiasm to the most viewing is reduced to virtually zero, even if the picture viewer had never seen before. And then it becomes clear why all these people trek to the cinema, with all its costs, both in time and in the media, it is actually absolutely irrelevant, useless and uninteresting occupation.

It should also be seen that the cooling of enthusiasm similar to the average viewer cinemas was seen about 10-15 years ago when they started quite a cheap DVD players, CDs, on the fact they have appeared in every home. Even then forgotten all about the actual movie, buying pirated CDs at a cost of about $ 100 per day with a family gathering at a TV for watching movies that were previously virtually inaccessible.

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