What is a trust?

This publication is dedicated to the description of the 1st of the methods of investing, namely asset management.

You probably heard about the fabulous incomes who receive the holders of the securities. Naturally, at first glance it may seem that no expert in matters of investment securities is a lost cause. But in fact not necessarily be spices. For a start will be just enough to know basis vkladyvatelnoy science.

What is a trust?

For those who have funds to investment and their desire to invest but do not want to teach all of science investment, there is a transfer in trust management.

This method of investing is to transfer the equity investor to the Trustee. It manages the funds entrusted to him for one purpose only, and the growth of your own income. In other words, trust management-is regulated in the contract and the time-limited management depositors' funds. These funds may be funds and real estate, securities and other property.

Like all vkladyvatelnye instruments, the fiduciary has its own distinctive features:
-Only a legal entity may be a trustee;
-at the expense of investments can not be verbovaniya kreditirovat third parties;
-payment of their own debts are not likely due to the use of trusted contributor of assets;
-All management staff must be qualified and have the proper spices certificates;
-investments for each depositor is provided only personal approach that is each depositor funds are kept separate and are not a "common pot", as it is in banks or mutual funds.

As for the ability to withdraw their funds everything is quite easy. In at least some comfort to you while you are quite relaxed able to pick up their investments in all of this without losing and profit from them. Because of this trust management looks much more beautiful than the same mutual funds or bank deposits, where premature withdrawal would lead to the loss of profit.

As with all methods investment, trust management not insured against loss of deposit or at least a low income. But here, as in the case of managed mutual funds, mutual funds or commercial banks will depend on the organization of their experience, the professionalism of staff, etc.

But not looking at that aspect of the appeal of the main principal is profitability. The amplitude of the vibrations of the month will be about 5 to 15%, and in the year to turn out about 60 to 180%.

From this value is to take away the income tax and fees of the Trustee. But then again it all depends on the particular organization you trust your savings.

Be careful in your choice, fortune and success for you!

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