What is forbidden in the sentry post?

What is forbidden in the sentry post?The story happened in the year 95. I was trained in military schools (who knows — there are a lot of jokes …). We soared on guard, while about 3 in the morning, people zadolbalas posts, awake shifts, lack of sleep and other nonsense. And that happens to another dregs — the duty on the part of (the second day of the tank with tears, oak, oak, forgive me, tankers), pyanyuschy in the trash pinned inspect guard.

Fuck head, his anointed, diluent and all those who are able to behold through the alcoholic haze. I decided to test the knowledge of the statutes at fighters resting shifts. Woke us lined up in the hallway with ruzhishkom in two rows and let izgalyatsya. One of the questions was, "What is forbidden sentry on duty?" Total Sat there for about 7 (I do not remember after so many years).

Stand, znachittsa all sleepy, waiting for the end "exam." And sets Dej. this question to my friend. He raises his eyes to the very uchumevshie Ofer and muttered sleepily, "No need reforwarded cartridge in the chamber, "Dej cheers, say young man, more. youth as well monotonous again" Without need shall be sent to the cartridge in the chamber "(well, he did not know all these fad, what to do).

Someone chuckled. Dej nothing prosekaet, current, cheers. Again, the exact same phrase pytaetsya people laugh. On the fifth time, a healthy neigh heard from all slots in the dryer beating someone in hysterics.

But here, my friend falls silent, apparently trying to count how many times he repeated the phrase sow. And the silence with a half-minute.

Next Dej. subsequent issues, "Well, that forgotten?, all named, one point forgot. Which? Do not you remember? Oh, you — no need reforwarded cartridge in the chamber. "

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