What is happening in the Middle East and the Arab world?

What is happening in the Middle East and the Arab world?

The countries of North Africa, the Near East continues to shake the social explosions. Have been successful revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. Occur unrest in Algeria, Sudan, Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan, Libya. Tehran has beaten off the first revolutionary wave, but will not come to the second?

With each explosion of revolutionary spirit, a growing number of victims during the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia (24 December 2010 — 14 January 2011). 219 killed, the wounded 510 (UN on February 1, 2011), and during the Twitter revolution in Egypt (with 25 January to 11 February 2011), according to the UN — the deaths of nearly 300 people, injured about 5 thousand people. This is probably not the full number, because the revolutionary unrest could be extended — by Bronstein-Trotsky theory of the continuity of the revolutionary process. While the government does not seize more organized and ruthless power — Islamists.

Now a major hit Libya, where the country's favorite charismatic personality, so called. "Real colonel" — Gaddafi. The unrest in Libya began on February 15 and the actions developed at an alarming quip: rebels seize warehouses with a gun in response to military blow inflicted on them by the Air Force (the two military planes flew to Malta, refusing to obey orders), a number of Libyan officials in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs submitted resigned as head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs — urging Gaddafi to end the violence. Favourite Libya and his son said that the acts of rebels lead to war and civilian power they will not give up, because it will lead to the disintegration of the country. Evacuation of people going abroad. The bill goes to the hundreds of victims, the rebels are kept under control is a part of the country, on their side ran across the part of the police and military. Libya is one of the main suppliers of oil-EU, began to increase in prices of petroleum products.

Western countries generally supported the rebels, as French President Sarkozy claimed the sanctions to Libya since Gaddafi staged a "general strshnoe murder."

Israel took the unusual position, Europe and the U.S. too far, they Islamization of war and civilians on the ground the Arab world is not very threatening, the oil they will still sell it — is what you need. Tel Aviv — is threatened by the latest war against him, passionarnost Arabs will have to find a way out, but here on the side hated Jewish government. Israel staged pro-Western authoritarian regimes in Egypt and Libya.

Features of the Arab World

— The need for rigid control of the leader, otherwise confusion, hatred, strife.

— The almost complete lack of generating capacity of the population: the region is living the sale of natural resources, the introduction of natural beauty, smuggling (for example: the market of guns and drugs in Yemen), sales people (beautiful girls, women from Africa to the brothels of Europe) trade.

— Complete domination of Islam and traditional features, with a splash of Western culture (for example: in the Maghreb is very French influence).

— Turing and conservative thinking.


— Islamic civilization project that would put together a large region with a population of 1.5 billion dollar, with tremendous natural resources and strategic position of principle (the Suez Canal, the southern Mediterranean, the Persian Gulf, the output of the two oceans, or three — with the inclusion of Muslim Indonesia) did not created. Muhammad forgotten legacy of the thickness of a showdown local scale. And since the Islamic world would be one of the centers of power on the planet.

— There is not even a purely Arab civilization project of the project. Arab favorites are mired in local squabbles and have not developed a project that would have managed to combine tradition, especially all the Arab states.

— The Arab world today — is a raw material appendage of the West, a supplier of resources and cheap labor — the lowest of the property.

— When was destroyed by the Soviet Union, the Arab world has lost a unique working model — Arab socialism, the newest model, he failed to do.

— Arab political elite, almost entirely hedonistic type, so in 2005 they invested in their development 8,000,000,000. bucks, and external investment in recent years were 1.5 trillion (!) bucks.

Socio-economic and internal political difficulties

— The unemployed are about 15-16% of the population, with a half-timer (for example: seasonal workers hired to harvest or during the holiday season) twice.

— Little mental level, especially with the ladies and kids, the number of out of school (ie, even write, can not read) to 40%, with the ladies as well. Little scientific capacity — 1 million people in 3 times less scientists than in the rest of the world.

— A large gap between the countries with sources of income (resources, tourism, agriculture, etc.) and does not have as Somalia, Yemen — is the winning zone "hell" on earth, the best in Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, and the highest standard of living in the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, etc.

— Tremendous social stratification, the difference between the middle class and the poor 20 times.

— Clan government, its caste system, closeness, social lifts closed.

Why have undermined the Arab world?

Western clans split, part for the preservation of the United States, other believe that China is the best base of operations than the U.S. and working on "lowering" of the U.S.. The unrest in the Arab world, partly profitable "patriots", it gives them time to deal with internal problems, pereformata States into a totalitarian, fascist government, bringing together all of North America — Mexico, the United States and Canada. Plus, you can even split, crush Islamic, Arab world, with a view to the best maneuverability. Plus it's a blow to the "European clans" — hundreds of thousands of migrants, refugees, the rise in oil prices, all of this will strain the economy of Germany and France, and which is so hard to drag myself to the EU. In the end, the collapse of the Eurozone issue will become even more acute, the U.S. "Down" partner-competitor. But on the other hand, the excitement can lead to a strong pan-Arab Islamist organization with a local "Stalin" in the chapter, which will "blood and iron" connect voedinyzhdy Arabs — a threat, but this scenario is unlikely.

Rothschilds have settled in China, also profitable revolutionary wave in the Arab world. Guaranteed to eventually come to power more serious guys, ready to crush the people who are not listening to the cries for mercy, that is, the Islamists. The impact of the U.S. will weaken them can not stand for the Islamists United States — a kind of "Mordor", and China will take the vacuum, get new resources for the race of their own development. Chinese companies are already in full hosted in Africa, now their impact, even grow. Against China, the Arabs did not, China does not bombard their town. Fascinating fact, an attempt to "internet revolution" in China was immediately stopped.

Our homeland

Rf this situation is potentially profitable, because allowing time for the modernization of the economy and the rearmament of the army, on the eve of World War II. Oil prices are the highest, it would provide additional resources. If I was in power own civilization — The Russian project of globalizat
ion in Russian, we could get a huge benefit. Supporting the Iranian government in the face of controlled chaos, would become friends again Iran. Could recover its position in a number of Arab world would offer them help in the development of the Unified Arab civilization.

Everything is dependent on the government, whether it is profitable to be able to use the current situation, or sleep for an "Internet revolution" in his throwing Russian civilization in the furnace of the world revolution.

Libya and Iran wish withstand the impact of the global "p-revolutionaries", otherwise the wave will go on and be a lot more blood.

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