What is left of the GRU?

What is left of the GRU?My companion in the past nedavneshnem — General Military Intelligence, who gave her more than 40 years of service. His memory keeps scorching wind African bush and intolerable stuffiness Latin American jungle.

On the photo on the wall of his office staring at me with people whose biographies are now studying in schools of various states. Their are still quite young, like the general, with whom they share the images.

Behind the back of the general war — the trip, 10's covert operations. On dress uniform — Merit of the country. But he rarely gets it out of the closet.
We have long been known, but until now the general linked vow of silence. No spy stories, names, names. And even agreeing to talk about probably the most unhealthy for his subject — the fate of the Head Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Federation, he did not back down from its own rules.

— How do I apply to for you?

— It's me "comrade Raul," so they called me many years ago, Cubans …

What happens to the GRU?

To make the speed of "optimization" in 2009 has been replaced by a control of the GRU, which was trying to prevent the collapse of the Office. The new management has been more pliable, and reform has been on the GRU most tragic way. Were reduced to the minimum critical directorates, most of them were generally eliminated. Thousands of officers were fired.

On today dismissed a second officer.
Stopped all developmental and research work in special research institutes. From this terrible blow to this day we have not come to life. And today's GRU — only weak shadow of the GRU, to whom I gave a decade of his life.

Many of his abilities are now almost entirely lost.
Now one hundred percent phased training of agents, illegal immigrants, faculty, prepares them closed, reduced to the minimum critical faculty, the unit was preparing military attache, crushed analytical apparatus of the GRU, full speed transmission is initiated by external intelligence units in the SVR.

Full swing reduction of teachers and professors. From a unique ability and scale strategic tool GRU degenerated into a formless secondary structure, which is likely waiting for the upcoming "optimization".

The level of thinking "reformers" characterizes the fact that his beloved toy, which now defense minister has spared no expense or time, is derived from the authority of the GRU and the subordination of the Chief of General Staff directly center of the special mission "Senezh."

Minister personally oversees the center, manning his exotic foreign weapons and equipment, trying to make him a certain kind of American "Delta". There is also a personal and recreation minister with a dock and yachts.

Are as annoying though it may sound, this representation of the Ministry of Defence about the role of military intelligence — a hybrid of cinematic "Delta" with the recreation …

— It is here, in Russia, in the central office. What is happening overseas? It is understood that in recent years the Service outside of intelligence scandals rocked resounding: the failures of our agents in the United States, leaving the West high rank intelligence. Recognizable fact — during the existence of the USSR traitors and deserters were less than 20 years of new stories. What happens to the military intelligence?

— The largest political strategist of the twentieth century, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin in one of his own works with a jeweler's precision saw: "To live in society and be free from society."
The undisputed fact is that our society is seriously ill. His corroding corruption, organized crime, social apathy, separatism, without annoying the growing divide between rich and poor. These processes occur at all levels, from the Kremlin to the last village, at all social levels. And closed the Order of intelligence is not an exception.

To judge the state security services, rather look at the state of the most open of the security agencies — the Interior Ministry.
Bribery, protectionism, cronyism, incompetence — write about it and they say. But vtochnosti same tasks corrode and other security agencies, just information about it reaches the level of well-known.

In all this is made worse by the security services "characteristics" — constant state of war between them, constant exposure to the enemy, which finds the feeble links in the system of state security to solve their tasks in relation to the RF.

Exploration now going through a very difficult time. The main problem of the current intelligence — the erosion of motivation and belief, that faith without which it is impossible work Scouting.
People are harder to explain yourself to yourself that after all they are defending — the interests of the country or certain monetary and political groups.

Every year, more and more intelligence lured to the service and protection of the commercial interests of the fully qualified companies and concerns. And one can justify himself for a long time that you protect the interests of, in the interests of the bank or oil company, but when you know the specifics of their own work, where, on what bills go away profits from operations that you hide behind, it becomes very hard to maintain the integrity of the internal beliefs and .

Scout and so is constantly in aggressive environments. His will and beliefs are tested constantly for sturdiness. And when, in addition to the outdoor exposure and constant voltage is added, and the erosion of the once inviolable principles on which to build your office, it may become the wedge which break the human person and will push for treason.

This is all exacerbated by the criminal stupidity of the reformers, when neobmyslennye mass layoffs conducted in operational units, have led to the fact that hundreds of officers carrying out tasks away from the homeland, without any explanation and excuse suddenly faced the prospect of being just out of life without work, and coming . With all of this, many of them do not have a RF roof over their heads, their families are not arranged. This attitude to the frames differently than a betrayal of him, I can not call. And it betrayal also provokes people to cowardice.

Betrayal, obviously, there is no excuse. No matter what he ruled a traitor, he is always a fallen soul, a pariah, an outcast.

There is no "humane" traitors who defected to the enemy, not to betray his country, its secrets, do not give to the people we have worked with, who knew about the actions are heard. Weeks and months experts at using the most sophisticated techniques are "unwinding" memory defector, fishing from it all more or less valuable. It was only when the traitor remains of the empty package, he will get his pieces of silver and a ticket to the Western Paradise.

And behind him, dozens of people have to find safety in flight, and those who do not have time to escape, will be in jail for decades, while others will simply die from poison or a bullet. No exceptions. But in condemning the betrayal, we must open his premises, to be aware of its genesis.

There is a never-ending values that are independent of political considerations and bureaucratic tyranny.

It seems that they may have improved or reduced, and any land associated with the GRU, there are those people who keep themselves within its genome and that, of course, will survive these temporary worker.

Remember the words of Emperor A
lexander III that in the Russian Federation there are only two true allies — the Russian army and the Russian military Navy? This was said almost 150 years ago. And 100 years ago and 50 years ago, and now, in 50 years they will theorem. Our homeland is not possible without a strong army and navy.

A strong army and navy are not possible without a strong military intelligence — and means GRU story is not over.

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