What is the automatic barriers

What is the automatic barriers

In the current criteria for restricting the passage use a special device — barriers. These devices fall into automatic and mechanical structures.

In reality, these products do the same function as the gate. Together with the fact there is among them a number of significant differences. For example, sliding gates do shut out the possibility of continuous travel, and barriers define a line that must not be crossed.

In the past, automatic barriers installed at the main crossing on Fri companies and railway crossings. Modern systems have improved the design and own more immense area of implementation.

Advantages these devices are obvious. Management is carried out by remote control. It may be remote, magnetic card, key chain, key, etc. This fact is very comfortable for drivers as riding up to the barrier, they are without the help of others can lift the boom, using one of the previously listed devices.

Work also similar devices is actually running smoothly. Even if the power supply is turned off, it can operate in manual mode. It is seen that automatic barrier operates at a voltage of 24 volts, which is not dangerous to the health and lives of people.

Itself design Product is not much room. Materials to use in manufacturing, allow working in at least some time the day and in different weather criteria. With all of this promised reliable performance.

When the saturated traffic use high-speed system. They are equipped as concrete hemisphere and parking columns, next places:

— Parking lot;

— Industrial enterprises, organizations;

— Airports, train stations;

— Municipal facilities;

— Areas where the need to ensure the safety of people.

Another advantage these devices time their work. Time to open from 1.5 to 8 seconds, depending on the model. This allows you to work in a crowded actually fail.

Automatic barriers are ordinary really in control. Quite to press the button on the key fob or to raise the boom.

Of the terrain will allow such devices to provide the desired order. It will also free from unnecessary contact with the object of transport.

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