What is the House Plan?

March 2, 1917 the Government of the Russian Empire Nicholas II signed the act of abdication, he transferred the burden of imperial power majestically own brother Prince Misha Alexandrovich. Nicholas thought that this would be the best way, if the attempt to suppress the revolt in Petrograd by force. He was exhausted, Misha was popular, the government passed legitimately, the Municipal Duma supports, it seemed that everything will be for the best.

Guchkov and Miliukov were pleased that so simply fooled by the ruler, who legitimized his signature the Government was not discussed and was not offered the State Duma, and made a narrow group of conspirators. Their dreams come true, they got the full power and the ability to rebuild the empire on the model of the UK so beloved by them, creating a constitutional monarchy. They did not know that they are only pawns in the Great Game that they also fooled and that the empire is not waiting for a respectable future of the European powers, and the blood, death and chaos.

Threads komplota against the Russian Empire stretched from St. Petersburg to the capital of the great European powers — Berlin, Paris, London and beyond, across the ocean to the United States. The overthrow of the autocracy was only just one of the links in the chain of global komplota against the empire and its peoples.

What is the "House Plan"?

Edward Mandell House.

"House Plan"

Confirm that the anti-Russian Empire was a global komplot, and that the revolution was the result of the operation not only of internal opposition (faster, it was only just inventory in experienced hands), began to emerge even during the civilian war.

Revolution in the Russian empire planned in February 1916, in komplote participated bankers and financiers — Jacob Schiff, Felix Warburg, Mortimer Schiff, Otto Kahn, Guggenheim, Jerome Hanauer and others. This plan received the title of "House Plan" about Colonel House in textbooks is not a word, but to no avail.

Reference: "Colonel" House, Edward Mandell House (from time to time write House) — Advisor to the South American President Woodrow Wilson is associated with the financial community the United States. He is famous because of the huge impact on Woodrow Wilson, with its naming and the associated role of the States in the First world War. He was one of the most ardent opponents of the Russian Federation: "… the rest of the world will be safer if instead of in the big world will be four of. One — Siberia, and others — agreed on by European part of the country "(1918). Participated in the development of the League of Nations and the Paris Conference — to solve problems postwar Europe.

It all started with the fact that in 1912 the financial circles of the United States put in place the president Woodrow Wilson (the main sponsor of the presidential campaign was B. Baruch) — it was a professor of history, a particular Protestant, almost convinced of his mission to save the United States and whole world. Another assistant, who played a huge role in the victory of Wilson, was a financier from Texas — Mandell House. House has promoted not only defeat in the presidential election, and the other was the coming president, becoming a real "gray eminence" of the U.S., the subjugation of the municipal department, the unit white houses. He stated: "I — the power behind the throne." And he, in turn, was conductor of money moguls United States, Wilson called "a puppet of the Rothschilds."

House was formally advisor, calling himself "Colonel", although the army had affairs — in the southern states of the title belonging to the forefathers, passed on the heritage, he was "a Texas farmer." He quietly spinning in the ruling circles of Britain, France, Italy, Austria-Hungary and Germany. Russia House considered the main competitor of the U.S. in the struggle for world domination, and therefore could not stand.

When the first global War, House was concerned about the collapse of the European powers in the two camps. He believed that the victory of the Russian Empire in the Entente would give her dominance over Europe — getting the Bosporus and the Dardanelles, Galicia, the Polish lands from the German Empire, for the U.S. it was unacceptable. The victory of the German unit was also unnecessary for the United States, because they think the defeat to the Allies, but not Russia.

The first global war was very profitable U.S., its main rivals in the race for world domination weaken each other, the U.S. out of the world of the debtor (3 billion. Duty before the war) became the world's lender (they should have been 2 billion. Dollars). The industry has grown stronger in the United States military contracts, increased population, the people fled from Europe, from the horrors of war, trying to start the latest life.

"House Plan" — a very conventional title, he was not the sole creator of world reconstruction plan, well, there is no document with the title, but there are diaries, letters House, which set out his vision. Americanist Utkin calls the plan "a strategy House." His goal was to establish the world dominance of the U.S., but not by military means, but by political, financial, economic, information.

The base plan

— Taking advantage of the fruits of neutrality, it was necessary to start by the war, to enjoy the fruits of victory. The signal for the U.S. entry into the war was a revolution in the Russian Empire and the overthrow of the king.

— After the collapse of the monarchy, Our homeland has been defeated and the war, out of her. After that Germany got the opportunity to focus instead on the Western Front, English, French, Italian troops had to lay on a U.S. aid. Washington received more leverage on them.

— Victory over Germany and its allies are not going to provide much by military means, and more information. For this it was necessary to separate the warring nations of the ruling regime, to find support in the internal opposition, to encourage them, promising them the power to initiate inside of revolutionary processes.

— After the war, to review the system of international relations, to cancel the contract time of the "secret diplomacy".

— The main strategic partner of the United States were to become the British, United States, along with Britain could dictate peace terms to all other countries. Coupled with England were going to dismember Russia, to weaken the position of France, Italy, the land of the rising sun. And, eventually becoming the youngest UK, subordinate partner.

— The result of all permutations became a "New World Order", the formation of a "world government", where the U.S. will dominate. With the promotion of "democratic values" were going to make them worth the whole world politics. The first global war has created the right conditions for such transfer, it explained angrily, "absolutism" shortcoming "democracy" in Europe. The statement of "true democracy" Tipo save the world from future wars. USA also received the role of the judges who could get into at least some conflict, the role of the teacher of the world democracy.

— Our homeland fell into the camp of the defeated in the war, it was planned to divide into four areas. They are subject to political, financial and economic impact of the United States, becoming almost its supplier of raw materials and the market for products, having lost all poss
ible influence in the world. Orthodox Christianity also did not like the House, he thought that it must hurt to change religion and the type of Protestantism.

The plan was eventually implemented, not absolutely, but to a large extent, it completed the U.S. intelligence services and the UK, the U.S. and European financiers, European and South American politics, "fifth column" inside the Russian Federation and Germany. Of course, not enough of them who knew the depth of the plan and its importance.

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