What sits LEGEND Russia? About Leonid Khabarova

Why are the real criminals on the loose? Where is your conscience? Where is your mind? Where's your will? Russian people …

Leonid Khabarov

Leonid Khabarov

The film — a tribute to immense respect for the individual and the officer with a capital letter. Colonel Leonid Khabarov. 56 DSHB legendary commander, the first commandant of the Afghan Salang Pass, head of the institute of military-technical education and safety UFU (1991 — 2010), all his life and health is devoted to his homeland. In July 2011, an honorary citizen of Ekaterinburg, the Chevalier of the Order of the Red Banner, the 64 — year-old colonel Khabarova accused of treason. "The coup d'etat, with a budget of 50 thousand rubles," heroically prevented "in Yekaterinburg in the summer of 2011 joined the list of infamous episodes in Russian history … And Colonel Khabarov always was, is and will be a symbol of honor and loyalty to Russia. And no one can trample in the mud the name of the Soldier. "

"Wasserman" about Khabarova:

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