What to expect from a leap in 2012 dragon

November 1, 2011 10:23

Year of the Dragon will come January 23, 2012 and will run until February 9, 2013

Astrological forecast and beliefs.
An extra day in the year is a lot of rumors and prejudices that reason often outweighed the negative side. The strength to change the calendar, given the earth's rotation around the sun? No. But reconsider their own attitudes to the near future — in our hands. The more that the coming year in the Chinese calendar — the year of the dragon, and this figure in China is always open carnival!

The history of leap year

The first to introduce a leap year in 45 BC Julius Caesar. The main differences between the "new" had been — the multiplicity of four and an extra day in the year. Just two years after the introduction of innovations in the calendar Caesar was killed and a second leap year began after his death. The priests who were apparently at odds with the astronomers, and did not fully understand the essence of the innovations, the next 36 years leap administered every third year. Restored order Emperor Augustine, who at the time of the arrival canceled leap years to remove accumulated extra shift, and streamlined calendar.

In our chronology leap year brought Pope Gregory XIII. Under his rule, was a clear shift podnakopiv: for centuries the vernal equinox occurs 10 days earlier. This imprecision leads to confusion in the church calendar: day of Easter and other holidays. And in 1582, Pope reintroduced to the calendar year, with an additional day. In contrast to the Julian calendar to the Gregorian year with two zeros considered a leap year if a multiple of 400. So, for example, 1600 and 2000 — viskosnye years, and in 1700 or 2100 are not leap years.

Astronomical events in 2012

On average, there were 2-3 and 2-3 solar lunar eclipse and each of them has an impact on people. Next year will be no exception, and will give us more space and a couple of surprises:

May 20 annular solar eclipse (duration of 5 min. 36 sec.)
June 4 partial lunar eclipse
June 6 transit of Venus across the solar disk. This is a rare astronomical phenomenon predictable. Previous passage occurred in December 1874 and 1882. And the last transit of Venus occurred June 8, 2004 and lasted for 6 hours. After June 6, 2012 passage repeated in December 2117 and 2125, respectively.
November 13 penumbral eclipse (duration of 4 min. 2 sec.)
November 28 annular lunar eclipse
December 21 Parade of planets — are arranged in a line Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. A distinctive feature of this event is that line up in a straight line not only the planets, but planets of other star systems, forming a line from the center of the galaxy. This is comparable to the effect of clock hands, when both show on twelve. That will cause this event? New discoveries in physics and astronomy, the transition to a different system of measurement? We learn at the end of 2012.
2012 — Apocalypse on the Mayan calendar

According to the Mayan calendar, our civilization is the fifth attempt to birth a new man — this attempt is called the age of "Fifth Sun" or "Movement of the Sun." According to calculations of the Mayan this cycle lasts 5126 years and at the end of it (in 2012) will occur a movement of the Earth, and that will lead to the destruction of civilization.

According to the Mayan calendar to us there were other times:

Civilization of the "First Sun" (duration 4008 years) was destroyed by earthquakes (earth element). The era of "Second Sun" (4010 years) ended its existence because of severe storms (air element). The era of "Third Sun" (4081 years) was destroyed rain of fire, struck from the craters of volcanoes (fire element), and the era of the "Fourth Sun" (5026 years) was destroyed by the flood (water element) — as tell legends of old worlds of our civilization.

Either way, every process has its logical conclusion, but that come at the end point, depends upon the person. The child can not always go to school and do not go to college, and then to be the eternal student — after a certain time are beginning to enjoy the money earned by his labor and intelligence. Perhaps the Maya wanted to show that 2012 will be a year of summarizing the "old life" and began rethinking its interesting new way of life? And each of us will be the personal transition to a new dimension.


Year of the Dragon will come January 23, 2012 and will run until February 9, 2013. Dragon element of this year — the water and to better understand what to expect, it is necessary to recall the elements and characteristics of the water dragon.

Water creates life out of the chaos and represents the feminine. In nature, water likes to certain limits: the mouth, canyons, mountain rapids, but if she put on a hedge, she podnakopiv forces will carry it, and continue on his way. Water movement has its specific law, because the river can not be reversed. Even the falling drop by drop on the stone, water can, after a certain time, make it a deep pothole. His constant water movement can grind even the stone corners. Water likes to move, otherwise stagnate and die.

Dragon — a fusion of the two opposites: heaven and earth (as his body is like a reptile, and the ability to hover in the sky belongs to the birds), water and fire (as the dragon to live prefers ponds, but breathing fire). The legends and tales dragon soaring in the clouds on a par with the gods, knows where the hidden untold riches and treasures, and truly protects them, and able to help the common man to achieve his goal, because Dragon sees the truth and honors the brave.

According to the Chinese dragon — a reliable protector, but humorous and cunning with it should not be — a fiery breath or burn up the earth will beat powerful tail. And to do so in 2012, is to honestly and openly, boldly, but first "look before you leap." Of course, the year of the Dragon will be filled with great energy, which will show the essence of all actions in the bud: get ready to see this year hosting this! Dragon and show itself in all its glory, so keep, places to not be bored.

Is advised in the year of the dragon?

Greet the new year in a brilliant (personification Dragon Scale) and the whole New Year's night to shine their best qualities: humor, dance, etc. This symbolizes the multiplication of wealth that you own.

Appease the Dragon statue is gaining a strong fantasy creatures. You can certainly get and lizard-lizard — for luck certainly accompany you the whole year. But what to do with the rabbit that you started at the beginning of the outgoing 2011 already, and really need to buy a boa constrictor snake or first 2013?

Interesting Facts

It is believed that in ancient times a leap year gave the right girl to choose her groom itself, and he could not deny its proposal (if you did not enlist before.) In Scotland and Ireland, this is true on the day of February 29.

Since the one-year cycle of animals is a multiple of 12, it can only leap years, pigs, monkeys and dragons.

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