What was in his knapsack Red Admiral?

What was in the briefcase "Red Admiral"?In winter 1918, he was rescued by the Baltic fleet. Brought out of the port of Revel and Helsingfors 236 warships, including six battleships, five cruisers and 54 destroyers, under the noses of rapidly advancing Germans and led them through the ice to Kronstadt. "Reward" for the feat was sudden — on the personal orders of Trotsky's character was arrested and hastily executed, allegedly for "treason." It was the first penalty, officially perfect Bolsheviks.

We are talking about Alexei Shchastny — Royal Navy officer, whose name in Russian now under serious taboo. Alexis was born in the family of an artillery officer, but became a sailor — graduated from the Marine Corps in St. Petersburg, and devoted his life Navy. For bravery during the Russian-Japanese war, he was awarded the Order of St. Anne. During the First World rose to the rank of Captain 1st rank, commanded the destroyers and battleships. After the seizure of power by the Bolsheviks continued to serve the right of, protecting it from the Germans. Was officially appointed namorsi — Chief of Naval Forces of the Baltic Sea. But everyone called him simply "red admiral."

Undercover order

What was in the briefcase "Red Admiral"?After the conclusion of a "rough" Peace of Brest Shchastny hidden orders received from Trotsky and Lenin make vessels of the Baltic Fleet in an explosion. Trotsky even promised to pay "Demoman" Monetary reward, ordering deposit for this special amount in banks, knowing that another will be hard to force sailors to destroy the family for their ships. Baltic Fleet squadron was based at ports while on the ground today in Finland, which has already approached the Germans. But mine was not Shchastny warships, deciding to save them. Make it was incredibly hard, in the middle of the "revolutionary" crews, expanded promotion of the Bolsheviks and anarchists who reigned complete confusion and vacillation. With great difficulty, showing tremendous energy namorsi could find reliable sailors and officers. The way the ships through the hummocks laid icebreakers. Soon all the battleships and cruisers, and all other Baltic Fleet ships were already in Kronstadt. Thanks Shchastny only they were saved: the Black Sea fleet, as you know, has been flooded, and all the ships of the Northern and Pacific fleets got the invaders. A saved on the Baltic Sea squadron later served properly of, protecting it during the Russian war majestically. Battleship "Marat" (past the "Petropavlovsk"), for example, defending the besieged Leningrad, smashing the Nazis with his strong guns.

Why is it so afraid of Trotsky? Why hurry to kill the first "Red Admiral"? And even tried to do so, that his later she found? Exactly this we will never know. We can only guess that in the knapsack, which Shchastny arrived in Moscow, were such documents, disclosure of which mortally feared the Bolsheviks.

The Germans were furious

When the Germans came to Revel and did not find the Russian ships, they were furious. The German command here sent a note of protest Kremlin secret. Indeed, under the terms of the Brest Peace, Our homeland was to kill all kinds of weapons. In addition, modern historians believe that between the Bolsheviks and the Germans were still some hidden concluded an agreement providing for the transfer of their Russian cruisers and battleships.

Officially, Lenin and Trotsky had always denied secret communications with the German General Staff. But now it is no secret that the "sealed train", in which Lenin with accomplices drove through the entire war enveloped Europe in Petrograd, in fact been paid for Germans. On this score were discovered documents. It is clear that at one point, Hitler himself said that the most brilliant operation the German General Staff was sent to Russia of Lenin.

There is a severe reason to believe that there were such secret agreements and about the "neutralization" of the Bolsheviks combat fleet of. It is possible that some documents were in order Shchastny.

Trotsky slip

At the meeting of the Revolutionary Tribunal, which tried rescue the Baltic Fleet, Lev Davidovich said: "You know, comrades judges that Shchastny, who arrived in Moscow on our call, out of the car not on the passenger station, and beyond, in a remote location as relies conspirator. And not a single word on the slip of the tongue lying in his knapsack documents that were to testify about his secret communications Russian authorities and the German Staff. "

It also realized that slip, Trotsky said that the question of "falsification". But remember that just as the Bolsheviks constantly spoke of "libel", refuting the charges associated with the "sealed train", which were later proved conclusively documented.

Shchastny officially charged with "counter-revolution", that he was not prepared for the destruction of the ships. Protect combat navigator nobody could. Trotsky was the only witness at the trial, others just do not let him. And Shchastny sentenced to the death penalty. It was the first death sentence handed down formally by the Bolsheviks, although the death penalty at the time was canceled ..

That did not find …

Rescuer of the Baltic Fleet were executed in the courtyard of the Alexander Military School. At the same firing squad consisted of Chinese who did not care who to kill. But the commander of the Russian mercenary named Andrew. Then it was placed a shocking tale of execution: "I went up to him:" Admiral, I have a Mauser. You see, a reliable tool. Like, I'll shoot you myself? '. He took off his snow-white naval cap, wiped his forehead with a handkerchief. "No! Your hand may tremble, and you only wound me. Better to let the Chinese shot. This gloomy, I'll keep my cap to his heart, that were aiming at her. " The Chinese have loaded the gun. Came closer. Shchastny crushed his cap to the heart. Could see only the shadow of the snow-white cap … yes volley rang out. Shchastny like a bird flapped his arms, his cap flew off, and he fell heavily to the ground. "

Trotsky gave the order to bury the body so that it was not found. In the school building and shot Shchastny then placed Trotsky's study, and it was renovated. According to some reports, the body of the murdered Chinese admiral put in the bag and, without thinking twice, walled up right under the floor of this particular study. In any case, the corpse disappeared without any trace.

Petersburg filmmaker Victor Pravdyuk, which took on the disaster of the "red admiral," a documentary film, asked a couple of years back to a former Minister of Defense Rodionov (building of schools as in the past belongs to the military) to remove the flooring to check out this terrible guess, but he did not let …

Why is it so afraid of the all-powerful Trotsky? Why hurry to kill the first "Red Admiral"? Exactly this we will never know. We can only guess that in the knapsack, which Shchastny arrived
in Moscow, were such documents, disclosure of which mortally feared the Bolsheviks.

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