What will happen with the Polish air defense?

What's Next for the Polish air defense?

Department of National Defence (more MHO) of Poland in September 2009, was approved by the list of the 14 programs that increase combat capabilities of the armed forces of the country. Implementation of these programs is planned for the period of 2010-2018 years. The total price of all the activities that are planned in the framework of these projects amount to over 10 billion dollars U.S.. Increase in the budget of the Ministry of Defence of Poland for 2010 as a whole grew by 4 per cent compared with 2009. Despite the global crisis, the financing of aircraft remains on the RP-enacted level and will be 1.95 percent of the GDP of the country. Programm is foreseen that 22 percent of the defense budget will be focused only on the modernization of the armed forces of the country.

The bulk of the funds will be focused on the implementation of the 6 programs: the creation of armored personnel carriers "Wolverine" — 25 percent; purchase of helicopters — 20 percent; modernization of the Polish Navy — 16 percent, the development of CISR — 11 percent, modernization of the air defense system — 8 percent ( is about 856 million dollars), the purchase of training and combat aircraft — 5 percent.

In the process of modernization of the defense ministry of defense plans for Poland economical means to purchase 2018 anti-aircraft missile systems short-range acts perform upgrades 3 radar remote radius acts RAT-3 1 DL, which are acquired as part of the NATO applets.

In recent years, Poland has already been given the improvement of air defense systems. This increment resistance of air defense to the REP and improve their agility. But coupled with the fact most of the properties of them do not meet modern requirements. Command of the Armed Forces of Poland considers that the means of defense which are in service with the Polish Armed Forces, specifically the C-200 "Vega" 2Q11 "Circle" S-125 "Neva-SC», 2KJ2 «Cube" 9KZZM2 "Osa-AK" Also artkompleksy ZSU-23-4, ZU-23-2, and their modifications and MANPADS "Thunder" and "Strela-2" does not make a reliable protection not only of strategic facilities, and the infrastructure of all the armed forces of the country. Military experts believe that air defense systems, which are in service with armed forces of Poland, provide excellent opportunity to destroy the aircraft, but they can not actually destroying ballistic and cruise missiles, UAVs. Technical capacity of air defense aircraft in Poland is almost exhausted, and in the period from 2011 to 2018 meant removing them from service.

In December 2009, a contract was signed between Poland and the United States (Status of Forces Agreement-SOFA), which defines the conditions of placing U.S. troops in the country. During the negotiations, the U.S. administration has gone into meaningful concessions to the Polish side, in the hope that the frisky placement of the first battery of long-range air defense system "Patriot" in the RP will be an argument in favor of buying the same battery to strengthen the air defense system of the country. May 25, 2010 1st (teaching) the battery of the complex, and 100 U.S. troops arrived in the district. § Morag (60 km south of n. § Mamonowo, Kaliningrad Oblast). According to the schedule rotation mode implies access to the training of Polish soldiers SAM "Patriot" for a month once a quarter. In the course of negotiations with the U.S. side agreed that Poland will be able to obtain such complexes are not earlier than 2015, when the United States will produce their substitution by new systems. At the same time, no decision on what criteria SAM "Patriot" can be transferred to the Polish side. Polish Arms concern "Bumar» (Bumar Group) presented the plan to develop an advanced air defense system under the working title "Shield of Poland." "Bumar", together with the European concern MBDA (Matra BAE Dynamics Alenia) applets working on this for a couple of years. In July 2009, the parties signed a framework agreement on long-term strategic cooperation agreement, which provides for the joint development, creation, delivery and marketing of anti-aircraft missile systems, including: radar Polish scientific and production center "Radvar» (CNPEP Radwar); ASU defense of the Polish Industrial Institute of Telecommunications; MANPADS "Thunder" and "Perun"; SAM VL MICA, «Aster-30" developed by MBDA and to be produced under license in the company ZM Mesko.

It is understood that the Polish side to the project "The Shield of Poland" except concern "Bumar" perceive the role of scientific and production center "Radvar" Telecommunications and Industrial Institute. These offices have already signed a cooperation agreement. According to the control group, the price of the creation of the air defense system in the framework of programs from "The Shield of Poland" will be 5,500,000,000. U.S. dollars (15 billion. PLN). Specialists Group believe that the air defense system "Shield of Poland" can begin to work 15 years after the adoption of the decision on its development.

The implication is that the air defense system "Shield of Poland" will consist of 3 levels.

First echelon will include medium-range air defense act, using rockets "Aster-30", manufactured by concern MBDA. It is expected that the train will be able to destroy air targets at distances up to 100 km and at an altitude of 25 km. At this distance the air defenses of the first tier will be able to hit the range tactical ballistic missile offense and then BR tactical mission. The implication is that the medium-range air defense systems will be developed on the basis of which consists in service with armed forces of France and Italy set Sampa / T (SAMP / T), but with all this, and be equipped with radar-guided Polish production.

The complex air defense Sampa / T is a mobile ground-based air defense system using SAM "Aster-30." It consists of a command post, a functional radar "Arabsl," from 4 to 6 vertical launch systems with eight missiles "Aster-30" on each, and two freight-loading vehicle. Calculation of SAM 14 people. Sampo / T mounted on the chassis' Astra / Iveco "with the wheel formula 8×8 for the sun of Italy and on the chassis" Renault-TRM »for the French army.

What's Next for the Polish air defense?

Second tier will consist of close air defense actions using MICA missiles manufactured by concern MBDA. Complex means to develop on the basis of a close SAM acts VL MICA (Vertical Launch MICA) MBDA manufacturing concern with the introduction of devices manufactured in Poland.

Anti-aircraft missile system close deeds VL MICA — a means of defense land forces, air bases, command Fri and ships from cruise missile strikes, UAB, planes, helicopters and drones, and the days are applied NIGHT MODE in all weather criteria. It consists of 4 launchers (PU) command Fri and radar detection. SAM launchers can be placed on different car chassis inflated cross-carrying capacity up to 5 tons VL MICA in ground form can be used st
and-alone or integrated into a unified air defense system of the object by means of fiber-optic communication.

What's Next for the Polish air defense?

The modular design allows for MICA missiles in ammunition complex means of destruction with different systems and homing use their advantages depending on the combat situation. SAM can be equipped with an active pulse-Doppler CWG MICA-EM or thermal MICA-IR. GSN provides all-weather radar introduction of a complex and effective means of fighting against an enemy with a low infrared signature (eg ASD). Thermal imaging option is preferred when used to hit targets with a small effective surface scattering, including small high-speed surface targets. MICA missile carried by conventional aerodynamic design and is equipped with a cross of wide wing of small aspect ratio. In the forward part of the plane set destabilizer. In the middle of the solid propellant rocket placed the office Protac, Low Smoke Zero equips charge of the mix of fuel. The aft aerodynamic has handlebars unit thrust vector control motor (SUVT) and the receiver band data transmission. SUVT coupled with aerodynamic control surfaces provides maneuvering missiles with an overload of up to 50 g at a distance of 7 km and with an overload of up to 30 g at a distance of 10 km. Warhead HE fragmentation directional acts fuse active Doppler radar. The launching of rockets carried out specifically transport-launch containers (TLC), which are used for their transport and storage. Each TPC has a length of 3.7 m and a weight of 400 kg in the rigged state.

In the 3rd tier actions proposed to be used close air defense systems produced in Poland. Third-tier base make mobile MANPADS, as artillery and rocket artillery systems. They will be able to hit air targets at ranges of 5-6 km and a height of up to 4 km.

Given the difficult economic situation in the least, the required bandwidth to support the assembly of the Polish concern "Bumar", plans to release its industrial base of MANPADS "Thunder". Concern also supplied a mobile anti-aircraft defense "Cobra» (CNPEP Radwar Kobra) for NE Indonesia. It goes: radar MMSR; four launchers "Poprad" with 4 missiles "Thunder" (modified version of the license, "Needle-1") on each, two command vehicles WD-95 (WD-2001), and 12 anti-aircraft guns SAM-23-2KS reinforced SAM "Thunder".

What's Next for the Polish air defense?

In 2009, Poland received MHO 234 missiles and 41 launchers of the complex, in 2010, the planned purchase of 37 missiles and 19 launchers. Not exclude the supply of additional air defense system "Poprad" and radar.

Since 2006, the division "Quantum Electronics" Military Technical Academy (Warsaw), along with "Bumar" and ZM Mesko is developing an improved version of MANPADS "Thunder", designated "Perun". The implementation of applets completed in 2010. It is expected that new girl rocket will be put into service in 2012. Price of the "Perun" is 42 million dollars. The main objectives are to accelerate the launch applets, range and altitude defeats the purpose, security of funds REB, to safeguard the implementation of missiles against air targets with a small effective area of cross section (RCS), including unmanned aerial vehicles and ammunition distant act.

Launcher "Perun" in a combat situation would weigh 16.9 kg, which is slightly higher than performance PU "Thunder" (16.5 kg). SAM will be equipped with the new proximity fuse, which can be programmed depending on the type of target. Warhead redesigned to use a high-energy explosive of the last generation of CL-20 and ready fragmentation striking parts, which increases its weight by 10%.

The improved missile must possess ability to hit targets approaching at a speed of 400 m / s.

Implementation of the project of self-propelled SPAR "Loar" after the latest test decided to freeze. According to Polish media reports, the missile component of the ZSU "Loar" is ready for 80%. In recent years, the work was carried out on a set rate of supply of around 100 units for the Armed Forces of India.

After the removal order by the Indian side upcoming financing activities were discontinued.

According to the views of Polish professionals, built in such a makarom system Defense will allow protect against aircraft and helicopters, drones, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles. In addition, it will be compatible with NATO air defenses. It is envisaged that 60% of the weapons that make up the base of the concept will be implemented in the defense industry in Poland. Management concern "Bumar" implies that this is due not only to investments in the Polish defense industry, and with the technologies that will be available in co-operation with MBDA. According to the views of representatives of both companies, the systems that make up the "Shield of Poland", in the future could be offered as to overseas buyers.

So Makar, air defense, was in service aircraft of Poland, exhausted the potential for modernization and for the period from 2011 to 2018 year will be withdrawn from service. The air defense system based on SAM "Patriot" (USA), according to the calculations of Western professionals will be able to step up combat duty no earlier than 2015. Own system of air defense of the country can not be created before 2025, subject to sufficient funding, Poland was at the present time does not have.

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