What will the Belarusian economy participation in the Customs Union?

At the summit of the Eurasian Economic Community signed the declaration on the entry into force of the Customs Code of the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. On July 1, it operates between the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan, July 6, the Customs Union of Belarus joins. What will the Belarusian economy participation in the Customs Union?

Since the inception of the Customs Code does not affect the Belarusian economy. His influence will be noticeable in the long term, says economist Michael Zaleski:

Michael Zaleski

"On July 6, it will not change anything, as in Russia, and we do not have instructions. Therefore, in terms of technology everything will remain the same. But in economic terms, we will have to move a little bit, because giants such as Russia and Kazakhstan will want to use the power of this corridor to the West, we have a market and investment field as us. And this is where our businessmen and the "commander" will have to move, because there are these structures are stronger than us. "

Term negative impact on the Belarusian economy on the part of the Customs Union sees economist and politician Yanukevich:


"For the Belarusian economy that the Customs Union does not have any objective benefits and advantages, as it was adopted under pressure from Russia. Therefore, in the short term there is not any advantages. In the long run cons, so our first priority should be the entry into the World Trade Organization . stay in this union actually negates opportunity for Belarus to even negotiate on this topic . "

In the beginning of the Customs Code will have a positive impact on the Belarusian economy, but in the future — no, the economist and politician Lev Margolin:

Lev Margolin

"In the short term this will be positive for the Belarusian economy. For now, our exports by 80-90% were sent to Russia. But in the long run it will not be a very good effect, as it does not contribute to our entry into the World Trade Organization . This does not help our integration with Europe. Indeed, if we enter into the Customs Union, we unify our standards with the standards of Russia and Kazakhstan. And we needed would pay more attention to the unification of standards with Europe, because our future — together with Europe. "

Will give his assessment of the Belarusian economy, participation in the Customs Union and in the press service of the State Customs Committee refused to answer.

According to the press service of the Belarusian President, the agreements enforceable save up to July 1, 2011 effective rates of customs duties on cars for individuals. Also during the year in Belarus will remain under national control of trade with third countries.


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