What will the Russian Air Force

What will the Russian Air ForceIn the coming 10 years, the Air Force RF gain of more than 1.5 thousand new aircraft and upgrade more than 400 vehicles an old building. This was announced on December 1st Deputy Air Force Commander Igor Sadofyev. These numbers have repeatedly called various media, including with reference to high-ranking military, but now the Air Force clarify the nomenclature of planned purchases.


Modernization of aging aircraft allows for relatively little money dramatically improve the combat abilities of the previous generation of machines. Such a method of renewal of the Air Force use of many countries of the world. Our homeland is planning to upgrade, first, aircraft distant and military transport aircraft.

Prolong the service life of the strategic bomber Tu-160 and Tu-95 bombers as far Tu-22M3. The modernization will air tankers IL-78 and "flying radars" A-50. Update planned park and military transport vehicles: first, it concerns the AN-124 "Ruslan" and IL-76.

The modernization will affect the front-line aircraft, where the emphasis has shifted. So, apparently, will stop upgrading fighters Sou-27 CM option — instead of in 2011, the Air Force will receive 12 new aircraft of this type. In addition, in the same year will be supplied to the Air Force serial Su-35S — the last day of this model on the platform meringue Su-27.

But activated modernization of Su-25, Su-24 bombers and MiG-31 interceptors. These machines, along with transporters and far bomber base will be modernized fleet of Russian Air Force.

What's new?

Greatest interest is the statement zamglavkoma Air Force plans to buy 1.5 million new airplanes and helicopters for 10 years. Given the fact that until now the yearly purchase of aircraft did not exceed 30-40 aircraft of all classes, these plans represent a repeated increase in orders for the latest equipment. How realistic are they?

"In this number, 1,500 cars are likely to include not only aircraft and helicopters, and unmanned vehicles. The grand total is more impressive — explains RIA Announcements one of the leading Russian military professionals, the director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST) Ruslan Pukhov. — A similar increase is often practiced in many countries, for example, when submitting information to the UN register of conventional arms. "

In fact, among those "more than 1,500 machines," is likely to be 350-400 new combat aircraft, about 100 military transport aircraft of various types, 120-140 trainer aircraft Yak-130. The remaining units will be presented 800-900 helicopters and UAVs.

Speaking about the specific types of aircraft purchased, you can call these numbers. The Ministry of Defence has already entered into contracts for the purchase of 32 Sukhoi Su-34 (up to 2013), 48 Su-35 (2015), 12 Su-27SM (up to 2011), 4 Su-30M2 (up to 2011) , 12 Su-25UBM. This year should be signed for the supply of up to 2015 26 MiG-29K.

Expected to be followed by additional contracts for the supply of Su-34 (80 aircraft) and Sou-35 (24-48 aircraft), for a total of about 240-260 aircraft data types.

Contracts for the purchase of another 100-110 cars are likely to recede Sukhoi (on fighter Fifth-generation T-50 and other machines of the company). Likely to purchase the MiG-35.

Known and range of helicopters. First, it's combat Mi-28N and Ka-52 — their number in 2020 is likely to be 200-250 and 50-60, respectively cars. The base of the park military transport helicopters as before will be the Mi-8 different options. Their batch creation, which began in 1960 years, will last for at least another two years, the 10-ka. But the fleet of light helicopters, which were previously presented a model of the Mi-2, will be updated. To replace the Mi-2 will light training "ANSAT" and multipurpose Ka-60 "Killer Whale".

Mysterious drones and the overall result

The biggest mystery is a range of UAVs, which must be purchased for the Russian Air Force.
Air Force now almost imply receive cars, which would not even like or at best are on the end with a step design. Earlier it was reported that the Russian UAV tests for the Air Force to begin in 2011. New year begins quite soon, and there is only place that in the coming 12 months we will hear more or less detailed information on the new unmanned vehicles.

Speaking about the total number of Russian Air Force One can only repeat earlier this assessment. By 2020, the Russian Air Force will have about 800 combat aircraft, capable of solving real tasks. The total number of Air Force fleet of approximately 1.5-1.7 thousand aircraft and helicopters. With planes and helicopters of the Navy, in the Russian military aircraft will be around 1.8-1.9 million, excluding aircraft drones.

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