What you could buy for one Soviet ruble …

The USSR had a small salary, but a sale. These revenues included free housing, health care, education, low prices on transport and housing, subsidized vacation.

The income of 1 ruble in Soviet times — not so small amount, and $ 100 — almost state.

Let's try to analyze and compare what you could buy for one Soviet ruble and compare it to the purchasing power of the ruble "free Russia"

1 corresponds to the Soviet ruble
you can buy today's prices (rubl.) or "exchange rate in relation to the Soviet ruble"

33 glasses of lemonade with syrup — 0.4 kg of oranges 16
1/4 bottle of vodka 18
2-3 bottles of beer; 52-75
3 jars of sea kale, 73.2 — 112.2
3 cans of canned fish 78
10 glasses of tomato juice, 80-120
10/12 Waffle 90
Five loaves of bread 90
3 glass jars of mayonnaise, 96.4 (in plastic!)
0.6 bottle of dry wine 100
5-cream ice-cream 100
5 liters of milk on tap, 100
5 bottles of "Narzan", 102-120
3 liters of milk per pack 105
6 pounds of watermelon, 108
6 loaves of white bread 108
3 bottles of lemonade, 113.4
8 liters of kvass draft 144
3 kilograms of melons, 165
2 liters of vegetable oil, 160
450 gr. doctoral sausage 176.4
10 kg of potatoes 200-390

02.01 set menu at the restaurant 189

10 rolls of thread 80-200
8 pieces of children's soap, 96
1 pail, 120
100 200 boxes of matches
50 school notebooks 250-400

2-3 flowers carnations 70-90
3.1 a rose 200-450

2 packs of Bulgarian cigarettes, 40
8 packs of cheap cigarettes 96

Public transport:
33.3 832.5 trip on the tram
25 travels in the bus 625
20 trips by bus or Metro 560
5 km by taxi (20 kopecks / km) 300-500

1/25 ticket from Moscow to Nizhnevartovsk (3.5 hours) 257
1/18 ticket Leningrad — Moscow 211

w / a ticket Leningrad — Moscow: 1/12 Coupe 114.66
w / a ticket Leningrad — Moscow: 1/10 75.4 Reserved seat
w / a ticket Leningrad — Moscow: 1/8 Sedentary 87.3 (usually) — 300 (Peregrine)
w / a ticket fifth Leningrad — Tallinn 1400
w / a ticket eighth Leningrad — Riga 577

Student ticket: divide in half

1/2500 car "Zaporozhets" — 1/5000 car "Lada" 30
1/50 bikes for adults "Ukraine" 85

25 newspapers, 400

1/30 tickets to Terskol (Elbrus) for 2 weeks 726.7
(71 rubles paid the rest union)
1/60 tickets to a sanatorium in Sochi on day 21 557.5
3 meals a day,
swimming pool, health center and mineral water treatment
(120 rubles paid the rest union)

Domestic services
7-8 times to go to the bath, 1050
Five times to go to the men's barbershop 2500

50 calls from a public phone (3 minutes), 180 (mobile)

10 morning to 2 in the movie vecher.seansov
(Preschoolers — free) 1000 morning, evening 500-700

Public services:
1/4 the cost of utilities
for a 3-bedroom apartment in 1200

The average pension 75-120 rubles, 94
some professions 178 rubles. (Excluding media. Pension 7.100 p.)

The average salary of 196 rubles 104
(1986, no dopvyplat and benefits, according to the State Statistics Service) (average salary of 20,383 p.)

Anything below these rates, depending on the level of consumption of the former Soviet Union. All that above — means unavailability of the service.

So, under the liberal regime can drink vodka, smoke cigarettes, drink beer, eat pilchards in tomato sauce and eat colonial fruit. Income limits for the already out buying milk. Nearly three times more affordable steel "Lada", thus not easily accessible communication, almost inaccessible printed information, travel in public transport, is available leisure, entertainment (instead of a movie ticket people just pressure welded), household services. Thus, all the "access privileges to a consumer paradise" — ie, "the availability of a number of goods" — in fact I vlyayutsya beautiful fairy tale, because the money is being pumped out of a population of paid medicine, education, and fabulously expensive utilities. In this house in the Soviet Union, people received free. Today, the cost of apartments to seek "exorbitant dalyam" …

By the way, the main weapon of capitalism — a personal payoff of each individual beautiful tale of personal consumption. Therefore, if you start from the principle — "self comes first," and you do not care about the overall situation in the country continues to grow detselny ratio (earnings gap mezhed 10% of bogytyh and the poorest 10%), which leads to nemiinuemo otsialnym unrest then it can calculate for himself, raised a level of your income, as compared with the socialist times, according to the following formula:

(Current earnings / 20.383) * 104 = N

A figure «N» compare with the second column of the table, or the "exchange rate". All that is above that amount, in Soviet times, you would imagine they could not afford. It is interesting that the value of public spending equaled about Soviet-era wage today should equal 245,000 rubles. Evaluate for yourself if you can get as much in the near future and whether the prospects for such income.

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