Whats happening under the Israeli dome?

What's happening under the Israeli "dome"?

Missile defense settlement of the Promised Land, adjacent to the Gaza Strip, can be and will not be created, although it has already spent a lot of money.

In the Jewish state, a big scandal is brewing. Promising project local defense "Kipat Barzel" ("Iron Dome"), established for the protection of the urban districts of homemade rockets short-range actions "Qassam", runs the risk of becoming one of the most illustrative examples in the history of Israel's inefficient use of budget funds.

ABM regional scale

The first intifada, the introduction of a new instrument — "Qassam" took place in autumn 2001. From now they are more or less often fly towards the Israeli population pt. Under attack Hamas priemuschestvenno were two of the town, located near Gaza — Sderot and Ashkelon. Firing rockets were going and in areas adjacent to the border with Lebanon, it "worked" units "of Hezbollah."

Though in some degree reduce the intensity of rocket terror was only the beginning of 2009, after "Operation Cast Lead" — stripping bases of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Israel has cost the mass of nerves and significantly impair a foreign style of Tel Aviv. But the missile system solution of the problem was not followed. She, by the way, try to anticipate in advance. Since 1995, Israel has implemented the project Nautilus, creating a set of mobile devices for laser defeat short-range missiles. The system was brought to the experimental standard in 2008.

Tests this laser, to put it mildly, failed — the ability to hit a target in immaculate criteria atmospheric penetration does not exceed 35 percent. In addition, the Israeli military was not impressed awkwardness and vulnerability scanning systems, its power consumption, the inability to intense work in the criteria of non-simultaneous massive fire attack. Total costs of the Israeli budget for this very typical, defiantly put it, "cut" exceeded 400 million dollars.

After the failure of "laser" Israeli project engineers went back to the idea of interception. Thus was born the idea of making the "Iron dome"- Complex capable of using air defense radar target and accompany her to storm the interceptor missile," Tamir ". One battery of radar and 3 launchers with 2 dozen missiles at each area should cover an area of one hundred and fifty square miles, destroying the "Qassams", launched from a distance of 15 km. The accompanying R & D was spent 240 million dollars, mostly acquired from a package of U.S. military aid.
Economics of Middle East war

Zagadanoe embodied in life quite intensively, and in 2010 it was planned to deploy the first battery. But the project has moved down without "right" timing is actually not the case, was no exception and the "Iron dome. " That's only reason for this delay have proved to be quite sudden.

It was assumed that the price of the 1st "Tamir" does not exceed 45 thousand dollars. Now, according to reports in the Israeli press, the intended amount is exceeded by more than half and have gained a fundamental psychological milestone of 100 thousand. Specifically, the cost of the interceptor missile has now become one of the most criticized as the "Iron Dome."

Recall that the Palestinian "Qassams" made from scraps of iron pipes, stuffed consistency of ordinary sugar and potassium nitrate as the "rocket fuel" cost the militants 150-200 bucks apiece, and 122-mm MLRS rockets for BM-21 "Grad "received by militants since 2008, flat packed from Iran — no more than $ 1,000.

Against this background, reports that for the interception handicraft tanned "glands" is used a one-time sverhtehnologichny set the price of a few hundred times greater than their price, caused a very bad reaction of the Jewish community of the country. Even the awkward laser failed "Nautilus" and he looked from the economic point of view, more impressive: according to estimates, the price of the 1st beam gun shot would cost the about three or four thousand dollars.

In November 2010, the Israeli government has postponed the deployment of the system in the first quarter of 2011. The fate of the project has been brewing crisis.
Cover with whom?

In December, it became clear one more announcements about the "Iron Dome", which is guaranteed to add fuel to the fire of discontent inflaming applets. An anonymous source in the Israeli Air Force told the press that the system will not be used to protect the innocent people of the Jewish country.

The fact that a small time operation of the complex battle to capture and tracking of targets with the following missile launch and its management varies from 15 to 30 seconds. But when he saw the source, to a range of border communities near the Gaza Strip "Qassams" fly the same 15-30 seconds. As can be seen, the "Iron dome"- Not a panacea for the dangers.

And if so, how he would not need it. That's why the system should be put in the hot reserve with the possibility of deploying a frisky in a period of threat. At the same constant alert should be cast only to cover the important objects of the IDF — IDF.

It seems that a similar step has matured, so as joint statements of the Israeli military rained down from the horn of abundance. Northern Command Maj.-Gen Gadi Ayzenkot expressed very straightforward: "The Israelites should have no illusions — no one will reveal a protective umbrella over the head of each of them. Missile defense system designed for the defense of our major air and naval units are also bases for defense mobilization. So in the first days of the subsequent armed conflict, residents of some areas will have to live under enemy rocket attacks, but there's nothing you can do about it. "

The newspaper "Haaretz", commenting on the scandal, said that according to the information available to it at the disposal of disk imaging, "Iron dome"And did not have to take care of the population of Sderot and other communities Fri, located near the Strip. He initially thought of as a local system IDF missile defense infrastructure, and all statements of concern for the safety of civilian populations were less than comfortable PR-software for pulling through R & D spending through parliament.

Taking advantage of a surge of anxiety mood after the so-called second Lebanon war in 2006, noted in the Israeli press, Defense Minister Amir Peretz has pressed the financing of the "Iron Dome", referring to the bleakness rears and their vulnerability to home-made rockets "Hezbollah", which in the course of the campaign was produced more than 4 thousand.

Now it turns out that system, the creation of which spent a quarter billion dollars (and claimed the same amount for the deployment of the first stage) is not able to solve the puzzle stated. In general, it is possible that the "Iron dome"And is not intended to address it …

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