When Lukashenko of Belarus will never be able to join the EU

Mrs."As long as our economy does not receive such a development as understood in Germany, we will not get there. Germany has already talked about Greece if its economy can not cope, what is the reason she entered the European Union? "

Mr."This is yet another fantasy — under the current regime. The Prius — regime change completely. Need a gradual change of public education, the media, all of the information block. This change in the mentality of the people, strengthening economic and cultural ties with Europe and the European countries. "

Mr."We have, in Belarus there are no conditions to now join the European Union. That the country has entered there, we must not "lift" the collective farms, and build modern factories, people to work. And they themselves find shelter and rest. And that salaries were normal. Then you can join. "

Mr."At any benefits. If the supply of public resources will be on concessional terms, then, can, and will enter. "

Mr."I do not know about it and I was not thinking. And we need this union? In Russia, the Ukraine, in my opinion, is better. "

Mr."It is necessary for the economy to rise. A whole flock of three or four countries are in the candidates. We have not even candidates, and if they have become is unknown. "

Mr."Belarus may soon join the EU, but it needs to carry out democratic reforms. And it is necessary for the economy to match the requirements that exist in this area. "

Mrs."If we change the president, then maybe something will happen. Now about the European Union can not think. "

Mr."I doubt that any of Belarus has entered."

Mrs."It is unknown what else do we impose conditions and which ones we can do."

Mr."The first condition — must go Lukashenko. When Lukashenko of Belarus will never be able to join the EU. Power must be chosen, functioning local government. No sooner than ten years it will be possible. "

Mr."God knows, I have the impression that the European Union will enter only when the conversion will begin in the economy. Oh, and if there is a little more than a free press."



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