Where did the cat

Once roamed Velez, cattle god, on the ground and stopped in the evening at the haystacks night. In his knapsack he had bread, and at night a mouse-norushka bread and nibbled the whole. Velez angry, threw his glove into a mouse — and a glove-turned into a cat. Since then, and began feline race.
Cat — an animal, much loved by the people. Associate with many signs and sayings, "Who loves cats — will be a wife to love", "No cats hut", "on the mouse and the cat beast," "Cat fight — mice expanse!".

Cat curls up in a ball to frost, fast asleep belly up — to heat, scraping paws wall — to the wind nepogozhemu, washes — to the bucket (and the arrival of guests), licking the tail — the rain, the man pulls — new clothes (greed) promises. There is an ancient belief that the cat is so tenacious that only the ninth death and may kill her to death.

Thinks of the puzzle-poselshina derevenshina about this enduring such beast, for example: "Two kovyrki two podkovyrki one Vertunov two Voicu, the third poppy-head!"



A. Maskaev

Russian man gets cats to fight for him with a terrible beast
small but fierce when the mouse on a different time people had almost no
all the grain on the threshing floor so on barns eats! And even special charms, from
sorcerers, healers mouth, speaks their scarce — "from mysheyadi."

A. Maskaev

Cat among all nations was a companion of witches. Popular superstition
attributes her seeing in the dark eyes of extraordinary strength, drawn from
mysterious world. Trehsherstnaya cat, according to our ploughmen,
brings happiness to the house where he lives; semisherstny cat is still
surer guarantee of family welfare.

According to Russian folklore, a cat — perhaps the most smartest animal.
She predicts the tale and no worse than the sorcerer can take meticulous
eyes. Ivory Baiyun was granted a voice audible over seven miles, and saw a
seven miles, as purring, happened, so let loose on whom he wants,
an enchanted sleep, and which can not be distinguished, not znayuchi, from death. In
Some tales earthen cat guarding treasures.

The black cat is, according to popular word personification unexpected
Discord: "They ran across the road a black cat" — talk about enemies,
More recently, the former almost best friends. In ancient years
know everything about the people used to say that a black cat can
I traded them evil spirits invisible cap and unchangeable gold piece.

Need de her accursed, black cat hiding in her
holy-Elijah's day, when formidable to any Undead evil prophet with sprinkles
heaven with his huge arrows.

The cat needs to get a bone of invisibility — the oldest magical means.


According to the witches and warlocks should find a black cat, which
not a single hair, there would be a different color, and killing her and peeled,
cook in a pot. Then select all the bones, and laying before him, to sit
the mirror.

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Each bone ought to put it on his head while
look in the mirror. When in a bone in the mirror you will not see
— It is a bone of invisibility. With it you can go anywhere, do
anything — and no one knows about that will not happen.


Even to this day in Russia say that anyone who kills someone's favorite
cat, to seven years in what success will be. Who loves, protects cats
of this cunning beast protected against any "useless trouble."

There are many other beliefs associated with it in the rich superstitious memory of the Russian people.

A. Maskaev

Ivory Baiyun — character of Russian fairy tales, a huge cat-eater,
has a magic voice. He speaks and lulls with fairy tales
approached the travelers and those who have not enough strength to resist
his Wizardry and who was not prepared to fight with him, the cat-witch ruthlessly
kills. But the one who can get the cat to find salvation from all
diseases and ailments — Tales Baiyun healthily. By itself, the word Baiyun
means "talker, a storyteller, rhetorician," from the verb bayat —
"Talk, talk" (cf. also verbs cradle, cradle to
meaning "put to sleep").

In fairy tales, said that the Baiyun sits on a high, usually an iron pillar.

Inhabits the cat to distant lands in fairy kingdom or in a lifeless
dead forest, where there are no birds, no animals. In one of the stories about Vasilisa
Belle Cote Baiyun lived with Baba Yaga.

Iney aka AnHellica

There are a number of fairy tales, where the main
character is given an assignment to catch the cat, usually those jobs were given to
to ruin a good young man. The meeting with this fabulous monster
threatened with imminent death. To capture the magic cat
Prince Ivan puts the iron cover and iron gloves. Requisitions and
catching the animal, Prince Ivan delivers it to the palace of his father.
It defeated the cat begins to serve the king — Tales affects heal
King lulling words.

Andrew … came the arrow in fairy kingdom. For three miles was his
overcome sleep. Andrew puts down three iron cap, hand for
puts her hand, foot for foot dragging — goes, and where the roller rolls.
Somehow survived a nap and found himself at the high post.

Ivory Baiyun saw Andrew growled, Zaurkan yes jumping from the post on his
head — one cap broke and the other broke, took it for a third. Here
Andrew grabbed the arrow cat mites svolok down and let oglazhivaet
bars. S foremost, an iron rod, pieces the iron, began
treat copper — and the torn and began to beat the tin.

Ivory Baiyun

Tin rod bent, not breaking, twists around the ridge. Andrew
beats, and the cat began to Baiyun tales to tell: about priests, about the clerks of
Popov daughters. Andrew does not listen, know ohazhivat bar. Unbearable
was the cat, sees not speak, he pleaded: — Leave the
me, my good man! That is necessary, all you'll do. — And you will go with me? —
Where do you want to go. Andrew went way back and took a cat's.

— "Go there — I do not know where, bring it — I do not know what," Russian fairy tale


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