Where did the diaries Maxim Tank?


Michas Scoble"Svetlana, together with Vladimir Marhel you were the originator 9 and 10 volumes of the Collected Works of Maxim Tank. 1,500 pages of diaries … This is a label for a memory or records were made with the expectation of publication? "

Svetlana Kolyadko"It seems that the author is still counting on the fact that the reader is acquainted with his diary. Recall and famous tankavskiya "Pages Calendar" also had a similar genre. This journalistic writing, eseistychnaga, the nature of art criticism. Tank Why not publish all of their diaries in life — is unknown. "

Scoble"It is believed that the diaries — it posthumously genre."

Kolyadko"In general, since. But remember those "Leaves of a calendar." This, too, diaries, and they were printed during the life of Maxim Tank. And why others hid? Perhaps he was guided by the history of Russian literature, Slavic literature, where, indeed, as you say, the diaries are usually published after the author's death. "

Scoble"We know Tank-poet. And how he appears in the pages of the diary? "

Kolyadko"Different. This is a politician and philosopher, and cultural studies. This is a man who seeks to present the Belarusian literature in the wider world, building relationships between writers and artists. Tank concentrating only on literary issues, so it will be interesting not only literary critics. The tank held responsible for what was happening in the country as a whole.

The tank held responsible for what was happening in the country as a whole.

Moreover, this responsibility he felt for a long period. He was the deputy head of the Union of Belarusian Writers. In this regard, he was often in Russia, Poland, Lithuania, established relations, and not just at the level of transfers and exchanges of delegations that were to come writers from abroad. And it's all done. It is a pity that the inherent Tank tradition today lost. He traveled the world and are constantly worried that journey taken so long that he does not have time to read, do not have time to get acquainted with what is written in Polish, Lithuanian, Russian writers. The tank has translated hundreds of authors! Tom transfers will not lower the volume of the diaries. But worried … "The day passed, and again I did not write anything …" This phrase now and then found in his diaries. "

Scoble"Alexander Blok wrote in his diaries, even trivial events. More recorded the life Larissa Heniyush (though not in the diaries, and letters). How regularly kept diaries Maxim Tank? "

Kolyadko"Tank Diaries conducted from 1941 to 1994 inclusive. He stopped the printing of diaries in September-October 1994. Regularly he led his record? There are two years old, who dropped out of the diaries — 1940 and 1947. In 1940, under the repression hit many writers, the same family and Maxim Tank razglyadalsya as a "kulak-well-off" — as stated in the certificate, which was published by the family. It is not known what would have been the fate of the Tank, if the prosecution does not have repelled … And 1947 was quite difficult in political terms, the problems of political and ideological enough. I must say that the tank belonged to the people sober, he did not rush definitive assessments about those events or people. The diaries of such estimates do not. "

Scoble"Personally, my diary Tank struck his caring attitude to Larissa Heniyush, striving at something to help her: print, to drugs … March 22, 1990, when the poet was no longer alive, Tank writes: "I read the" Confessions "Larissa Heniyush that impressed me more than the" Gulag Archipelago "Solzhenitsyn." Confession "- a work of enormous explosive force." Tank-reader — is also very tsikavavya topic. "

Kolyadko"Yes, he read a lot. A carefully he referred not only to Larissa Heniyush. The tank was involved in the fate of Ales Ryazanov, did not understand why so emphatically negative attitude to his work, denying his talent. The tank was an exemplary family man, a husband wanted to have a modern woman. He was a friend of the family, counselor, which solves many family problems, to really care about the children, the grandchildren, the fact that the family was a twist. All this is even more gently and beautifully evident in his correspondence.

The tank was involved in the fate of Ales Ryazanov, did not understand why so emphatically negative attitude to his work.

Letters will be placed in the volume 12. Unfortunately, it's not all correspondence classic. Some of the letters home simply lost or destroyed. The son of the poet for some reason until the last days did not send correspondence to the archives. "

Scoble"Through her" Leaves Calendar "in 1970, Maxim Tank ruefully admitted that pazabyvavsya who owns a particular kryptanim. And all you have been able to decipher? "

Kolyadko"I had a chance to work with Arsene Sergeyevich Fox. They have worked hard to identify those who were hiding behind cryptonyms. Dr. Fox is very well aware of the pre-war period, Belarus, Wednesday, writers, which at that time could work with Maxim Tank or have any relationship with him. Of course, to decipher all so far failed. I think it's an honorable thing to researchers — all this gradually to understand. "

Scoble"In the comments to the 9 that you report the sensational news of the missing manuscripts tankavskih diaries. Where did they go? "

Kolyadko"Recently, he worked with the texts of the diaries Vladimir Kazbyaruk. According to statements son Maksim Tank, home archive of the poet, too, no manuscripts, no typing. "

Scoble"Who was involved in the tankavskih texts when preparing their publication in the" flame "?

Kolyadko"Anatoly and Sergei Storozheva Zakonnikau. I talked to them and they assured me that after the publication of diaries of their eye did not come across. Where have they gone — hard to say, quite a lot of time has passed. I also appealed to researchers tankaznavtsav — to Nicholas Mikulic, to Vyacheslav Ragoyshi. No one knows anything. Therefore, the problem of finding the diaries Maxim Tank today is very important. The texts of the classics of Belarusian literature should not be wasted.

What could be guided by a man who left a manuscript of the classic itself as a special material. For what — for use, for the sake of lyubavannya?

Let us take care of the source — they do not regenerate. It's hard to judge what could be guided by a man who left a manuscript of the classic itself as a special material. For what — for use, for the sake of lyubavannya? You can use such a word as "appropriated".

Scoble"We still hope that the manuscript will be found. Last year I had the opportunity to visit the homeland of the tank — the farm Pilkavshchyna Myadzel district. Solid house stands on the edge of the forest. And will stand for another hundred years. But inside … A stack of books on the floor, on the wall — swollen from moisture pattern Peter Sergievich … Is the national poet, Hero of Socialist Labor did not deserve a better attitude to his memory? "

Kolyadko"I think that Myadzel executive committee should think about keeping the estate Maxim Tank. And it turns out, as t
he homestead Vasily Bykov in steers. Please wait a while rot and fall apart, and then in an emergency order a new house built … As far as I know, the Tank House is in excellent condition. A family lives near his brother Maxim Tank — Fedor Skurko that could deal with this estate. I think that there would be among relatives interested tour guide, someone would help reconstruct the history of the genus. Let's not wait for the time when the estate will decline, when it will be impossible to restore it, restore. We need to save what can still be saved. "



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